Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Book Review: Robyn Carr's The Best of Us

Return to Sullivan's Crossing and take a journey with two people who find that love can open many doors that is if they take a chance.

My Rating for The Best of Us: 3.5 Stars

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Dr. Leigh Culver enjoys helping people as a doctor in Timberlake, Colorado. It’s a slower pace of life she is enjoying after the stressful life she led in Chicago. But the only downside is she doesn’t have as much time with her Aunt Helen, whose her best friend. Leigh is determined that her aunt come visit her as much as possible, so she can show off the beauty that is Timberlake and the friends she is making in the community.

Helen Culver is an independent woman who raised Leigh after her sister died. An accomplished author, Helen is determined to enjoy life now that Leigh is living her life now. When she visits Leigh, Helen finds that Leigh needs her especially as Legh finds herself falling in love. As Helen enjoys Leigh’s new home and the friends around that she has made, can these two independent ladies accept that life is determined to show them the possibility that love can give them if they only open their heart to it?

THE BEST OF US returns readers to Sullivan’s Crossings and the many delightful residents there. Robyn Carr is my go-to when I need a sweet story that will keep me entertained as well leave me in a happy mood. This is the fourth book in the series and introduces some new characters in Helen and Leigh to the readers. I really like Helen a lot and enjoyed her scenes with several characters including with Sully and with her niece, Leigh. I enjoyed how Helen helped Leigh and help her become the person she needed to be. There were just a few scenes with Leigh that had me wondering if she needed a quick shake at times. I did enjoy learning more about Rob who we met in The Family Gathering and seeing his relationship with Leigh evolve into something that left a smile on my face. The story flows swiftly and kept me highly entertained till the very end.

Robyn Carr delivers a sweet story that will keep the reader enthralled till the very end. THE BEST OF US is a story of love in all its forms be it friendship, romantic, family, friendship. This is a wonderful addition into the Sullivan’s Crossing series. The setting is delightful and the way this author captures the beauty on the pages just astounds me. It made me want to go visit the area and see where the author got her inspiration from. If you are looking for a sweet story to pass time away on a winter afternoon, then grab this whole series and enjoy yourself immensely. I know I can’t wait to see if the author drops back into this wonderful picturesque part of the country. I highly recommend you starting with book one, What We Find and go from there. You won’t be disappointed.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

Sullivan's Crossing Series:

Book One: What We Find

Book 2: Any Day Now

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