Thursday, November 15, 2018

Book Review- Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane by JoAnn Ross

Welcome back to Honeymoon Harbor and watch as two people get a second chance at love in the second installment in this heartwarming series by JoAnn Ross.

My Rating for Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane: 4.5 Stars and a series recommended read.

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Jolene Wells knows what its like to grow up without all the cool things in life. Being on the wrong side of the tracks has that effect on people but with a hard-working mom encouraging her to reach for her dreams, Jolene left Honeymoon Harbor and made her way to the bright lights of Los Angeles. She hasn’t really been back to her hometown in years, preferring her mom come visit her in LA. But when her mom faces a cancer scare, there is nothing Jolene will do than run back home and help her in any way she can. But that means running into Aiden Mannion, the one guy she fell in love with as a teenager and never really forgot.

Aiden was the black sheep as a kid. Getting into trouble, doing stupid teenager stuff that had him join the marines. But with everything he has endured while serving in the military has left their mark on him and he is back in Honeymoon Harbor to heal and see where he should go next now that he is done with the military. Running into Jolene was a surprise, but the sparks fly between these two and as they grow close once again, can the past be put to bed for the future to open for them? Can Jolene and Aiden give their romance one more chance this time?

I just loved the first book, Herons Landing, when I read it and this second book in the series, SNOWFALL ON LIGHTHOUSE LANE, is just as good. I loved meeting some new faces as well as some old friends from book one. Ms. Ross delivers another heartfelt and at times, emotional story that will leave you spellbound and flipping the pages on a cold snowy night while rooting for these two people to find their own happy ever after. The story is full of amazing well written characters that are vibrant, diverse and just down right enjoyable to read about. I really enjoyed meeting some new faces in the Mannion family as well as catching up with other residents of this wonderful town. I love small town stories, and this is by far becoming one of my favorites to read now.

Ms. Ross does a great job in capturing the heart of Honeymoon Harbor as well as the residents there. The story flows smoothly, keeps the reader glued to the pages and leaves you with a smile on your face when the last page is read. This is a story of second chances, of forgiveness, of secrets coming out and being upfront with someone. Its also about love in all its forms-from parental to friendship to romance. Ms. Ross delivers a story that readers will enjoy for the ages and one I couldn’t put down. If you enjoy small town stories with engaging characters and storylines that will just grab your heart and not let go, then grab this series and get ready for the feels when you read the Honeymoon Harbor books. I can’t wait to see who is next to find their own happy ever after in this unique and romantic town in book three.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

The Honeymoon Harbor Series:

Prequel: Home to Honeymoon Harbor (novella)

Book 1: Heron's Landing

Book 1.5: Once Upon a Wedding (novella)

Book 2: Snowfall on Lighthouse Lane

Book 3: Summer on Mirror Lake (Coming in 2019)

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