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Wrye is startled by the flying apple aimed at him. “Catch!” Tattle says.  “This is aperfect month for making apple pies and celebrating a new Champagne Books Group review."

Nabbing the apple from the air as if it's a football, he sneezes as if allergic. "Don’t we need more than one for baking?”

"We’re stopping at the bakery for the pie. That’s just for a snack during our Love of Literature Leap Review!”

 He shrugs and quips, “How do you make an apple turnover?”


“Push it downhill.”

He hoots at his lame joke as they take off.

NEW PRINTS IN OLD CALICO by Jennifer Lynn, a paranormal time travel romance

“What does a modern day librarian do when she finds herself suddenly transported from New York City to a small 1880ish western town?” asks Wrye as they stroll over boardwalks and peek into a saloon.

“I’d think, looney bin here I come,” says Tattle, “but not Amanda Bradshaw. She immediately recognizes her predicament and slips into her new role as a school teacher as if born to it. Somehow she feels at home in both the time period and place. It doesn’t stop her, though, from trying to figure out just how she ended up in the stagecoach that had brought her to the town.” Tattle looks pensive as thoughts swirl. “Talk about being coooonnnfused! The town’s people were expecting a new teacher. They had a room already rented for her at Dory’s, and Amanda had arrived with a trunk full of perfectly fitting clothes.”

“It was as if someone had planned it out deliberate-like,” Wrye says with an elaborate drawl. “But who? Why? Not having any answers, Amanda begins her new life. Befriended by the saloon owner Lil, she is quickly clued into the everyday world of the old west.”

“But it’s the handsome, ever smiling Sheriff Austen Riley who seems devoted to her, even warning her about the villainous Matt Mallory. Only Matt has a roughish charm she can’t deny, and a way of making her knees knock and heart pound. He seems equally smitten by her but there is something mysterious about him. Plus, she needs to figure out the source of his dark reputation, especially considering the entire town believes it.” Tattle fans herself and applies a twang to her speech. “Poor thing, how’s she gonna tell the plum mean ole villain from the simple folks with hearts of gold.”

Wrye examines the plot. “Matt manipulates circumstances which brings Amanda to his ranch, where he nurses her sprained ankle and where she gets to meet his five year old daughter, Molly. Through flirting and fights and sentimental moments, Amanda finds herself falling for Matt. Only, nothing is as it appears and lethal danger soon stalks them both.”

“Will any of them survive or will fate once again whisk her to another time and place?”

“Wow! Talk about a compelling story,” Wrye offers. “Jennifer Lynn takes the reader on a heart-pounding ride of intrigue and romance. Her writing style is clean and addictive while her plot turns keep you wanting more and more.”

“I adore her characters,” adds Tattle. “They are complex and alluring. The true rogue turns out to be darker than tar, the secondary characters utterly colorful and intriguing, while Amanda is sophisticated yet fits easily into the homespun backdrop. I, also, especially like the dialogue that is quick, snappy and realistic. This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Jennifer Lynn and it won’t be the last. She is a prolific talent I look forward to following in the years to come.”

As an aside, we apologize for being gone for a few months, but we’re back and ready to gobble up more CBG books.

Until next time, keep reading!

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