Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Release Day Review: Mary Burton's Cut and Run

A suspense that will chill you the bones and a heroine determined to solve the mystery before the killer gets their hands on her sister.

My Rating for Cut and Run: 4 Stars

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For medical examiner Faith McIntyre, seeing trauma cases is nothing new. But when one has her face, well things go from strange to down right dangerous. FBI agent is in town for her father’s murder and when she is seriously hurt in a hit and run, Faith, Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden find out that the past has come calling and it will take Faith and Hayden all that they have to solve the case because there is a killer out there determined to silence Macy, Faith and anyone else that was part of what happened decades ago.

Wowsers, I was just blown away by CUT AND RUN. This is pure entertainment and I loved every minute of it. It’s a fast-paced story that held my interest till the very end. I had no idea who the bad guys were, and the surprise reveal left me with my jaw open to the floor. Mary Burton is one of my go to authors when I need a romantic suspense book to read (among others of course) and CUT AND RUN is by far one of her best works to date. I had issues with Her Last Word (last standalone book) and found this new release is better than I anticipated. It has romance, action and a mystery to keep you guessing. This book just ticked all my love buttons!!

Meet Faith and Macy. Two very different people who find they are long lost twin sisters when Macy comes to Texas to claim her father’s body after he is viscously murdered. Faith is shaken as she finds out that Macy looks like her. As the Texas Rangers close in and Faith tries to figure it all out, the past finds a way to make itself known. The question is, can Faith figure out what happened all those years ago and try to stay a step ahead of a killer determined to silence all those involved long ago? Man I just loved Faith. She is determined and kept me glued to the pages of the book as she raced after clues with the Texas Ranger Mitchell Hayden. The scenes with Faith and Hayden were at times sweet, sexy and I enjoyed the sparks that flew between these two. I would have loved to see more of Macy within the storyline but felt it helped move the story along a little better with her minor part in CUT AND RUN. The author does a great job in keeping the mastermind behind the killings secret until the very end of the book and I can honestly say I had no idea who that person was so when the big reveal was happening, my jaw fell to the ground in shock. The characters are exceptional and diverse. They were very well written, and I liked how Ms. Burton kept the focus on a select few characters with a lot of others keeping the storyline moving along nicely.

CUT AND RUN is by far one of this author’s better books and I am hoping she returns to the Texas Rangers again as I enjoyed seeing them in action in CUT AND RUN. If you enjoy a pulse pounding, action packed mystery that will keep you glued to the pages than you need to check Mary Burton’s CUT AND RUN and settle in for one wild ride.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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