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WRITERS WRITE... WRITING PARTNERS FEUD ~ Perceptions Armidillo and Fleas?

“Fleas know not whether they are upon the body of a giant or upon one of ordinary stature,” wrote the poet Landor. As a flea in the world of writing, I know that Angelica is giantesque.

A: (Tosses a stuffed elephant at Zi) “Where are you going with this? Is this about my weight?”

Z: “Weight? You’ve weight?” (he smiles)

A: I am zaftig...pleasingly curvy...Rubenesque-like. (Stands and holds herself proudly imitating the statue of liberty)

Z: Ah, perception...perception...perception! I was talking about your creativity.

A: Oh...errrr...never mind.

Z: However, since we are on the subject....

There is that fantasy world that often portrays perfection and is also quite appealing, sometimes that has to be honored and if the story dedicates such perfection we respond to that truth. Oscar Wilde said, "The truth is rarely pure and never simple." Therein lies the complexity, especially when it comes to writing. We hope to always give an extra dimension to our stories. We, of course, will describe our character but we rarely comment on a particular size. A heroine can be curvy or athletically built or soft and feminine or whatever, but we downplay any homage to the media phenomena of being a size minus two.

A: Getting philosophical are we?

Z: (Tosses a stuffed armadillo at Angelica, wishing to give equally opportunity tossing to all stuffed creatures)

A: (Cuddles the wee beasty and grins at it) Whacky is also a perception.

Z: Are you calling me whacky?

A: According to the dictionary, whacky is an adjective that describes odd or crazy. Our problem is deciding which of us is odd and who is crazy?

Z: You're over-analyzing.

A: Am not. Z: You always do that.

A: I'm intellectualizing.

Z: You're so strange.

A: Hmmm, then I guess that makes me odd and YOU crazy.
Margaret Hungerford wrote, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." She was an Irish novelist in the 19th century who wrote light romantic fiction. However, this saying first appeared in the 3rd century BC in Greek. And, as all know, what was considered beautiful differed from each era. Beauty from our parents' day differs from the perception of beauty today. That is why we try to make the beauty of our heroines are unique, special, brushed an unusual hue.

Z: Something we fully agree upon.

A: Have you ever considered that the literary gods have a sense of humor by putting us together as writers?

Z: I think they wanted to see what would happen if they mixed two independent writers with 1 part logic, 1 part zany, and 2 parts stubborn.
A: Am not stubborn!

Z: Did I say it was you?

A: Oh... (thinks) No, but if you meant me, I'm not stubborn just... well... just usually right.

Z: (Opens his mouth to speak, and then just keeps quite, shaking his head)  
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