Saturday, May 12, 2018

Book Review- The Last Chance Matinee

A story about family secrets, siblings and the bond that ca grow between you.

My Rating for The Last Chance Matinee- 5 Stars and a Recommended Read

When Hollywood agent Fritz Hudson passes away he leaves behind secrets that come out of hiding. For Fritz left behind two families on opposite coasts who had no idea that the other existed and the three daughters he leaves behind find out about one another in a lawyer’s office. Allie and Des Hudson were products of his first marriage to an actress, Honora, a relationship that ended in tragedy. As his relationship with Honora was unraveling, Fritz was falling in love with Susa, a New Age Hippie that brought him such peace and gave him a daughter named Cara. But now with Fritz gone, he has the three sisters come together to hear what his terms are for their inheritance. The terms are clear- the sisters are to move to Fritz’s hometown in the Pocono Mountains and restore an old theater there that Fritz was obsessed about. All three must show up or else the inheritance is forfeit. Can Des, Allie and Cara find a way to turn their father’s dream into a reality or will they walk away from it all?

I absolutely adored this book. THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE had everything I love in a book-Captivating characters, a well thought out storyline that left me eager for more and some twists I sure did not see coming. With each page I flipped, I was drawn more and more into the story about three different sisters that had to work through a lot of shock and more when they find out about one another. I love Ms. Stewart’s writing and her books are always a winner with me. In her new series, we are introduced to the Hudson sisters, three siblings who had no idea about the other. Allie and Des are products of Fritz’s first marriage and have issues that they are dealing with. Cara is a woman who is trying to expand her business and try to move ahead in life after the shock of her marriage dissolving so suddenly. All three main characters are as different as can be, but they work so well together. Add in some surprise characters that helped flesh out the backstory of Fritz’s youth well, you get a well-rounded story that will leave you breathless.

Ms. Stewart delivers a great story that is based in part about a story that ran through her family as a child about two families who didn’t know about one another. That connection made the book so much more to me in my opinion and I enjoyed how she weaves that plot monkey in a way that leaves the reader clamoring for more. The characters are well written, so much so I enjoyed all three sisters immensely as each has their own strengths they bring to the renovation. There are a few twists that I thoroughly enjoyed and didn’t see coming.

THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE is a fun, enjoyable story that you will not be able to put down. I loved how the author captures all the differences in the sisters and it meshes wonderfully together in this book. I read this in two days and I am eager to see where the author goes next in the series and which sister is up next. THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE is a story not just of sisters, but also of family or working through things that may have knocked you down, but you still got some fight left in you. If you haven’t read Ms. Stewarts books before, this is a perfect introduction to her writing. I highly recommend this authors books and hope you can grab THE LAST CHANCE MATINEE as it is fabulous. I am sure you will enjoy it just as I did.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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Book 2, The Sugarhouse Blues will be out on May 15th, 2018 

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