Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Book Review- Breaking Point by Allison Brennan

A taut thriller that will leave you breathless, Lucy Kincaid is back!

My Rating for Breaking Point: 4.5 Stars and a Series Recommended Read

Bella Caruso sis a survivor. She survived a nightmare of abuse and betrayal as a teenager and is determined to help those young women who are facing the same thing now. Deep undercover, Bella is determined to find this one child, Hope, who has been missing for eighteen months. Now Bella is deeper than she ever has been but time is running out.

J.T. Caruso is determined to help Bella but when he finds out she is so deep undercover in a sex trafficking ring, he brings in an expert on such things, FBI agent Lucy Kincaid for help. But even with Lucy’s experience in sex trafficking rings, Bella is hard to find because for Bella, finding Hope is goal and she will not rest until she does.

BREAKING POINT is a taut thriller that leaves you on the edge of the seat and refuses to let you go. Ms. Brennan delivers a powerful story that is at times so tough to read I had to put the book down for a few minutes to get myself under control. I am in awe over this author and how she does a marvelous job in capturing the ins and outs of a sex trafficking ring, the nitty gritty details and the evil it does to a person’s soul/body. With the right amount of suspense, the reader is thrust alongside Lucy, JT and the gang as they race to find Bella, who doesn’t want to be found. Bella is a new character to the series and one I enjoyed immensely. She is tough, determined to save as many girls as she can and isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty for it. I love Bella and felt she had a lot in common with Lucy. There was a side plot involving Lucy and her new FBI boss that intrigued me as well.

If you haven’t read one of the Lucy Kincaid books, then I highly recommend them. They are taut thrillers that will leave you breathless from all the twists and turns this author delivers within the pages of each book. I couldn’t put BREAKING POINT down. It was so good, and I loved how much Lucy has grown as a person and how she is determined to do her job even if that means running afoul to her new boss. With some great characters helping Lucy and J.T., I found BREAKING POINT to be one of Ms. Brennan’s best works yet.

BREAKING POINT is a story that will leave you running for more by this author and I highly recommend her to anyone who loves the crime/police procedural stories as much as I do or even a good thriller with an amazing cast of characters to enjoy. With the right amount of tension, suspense and more, Ms. Brennan delivers a shot out of the park with this one and I am eager to see where she goes in the next Lucy Kincaid book, Too Far Gone, coming later in 2018.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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