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Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing excerpts of the angelic characters from a work in progress, THE DARKNESS WITHIN, Book Three by Angelica Hart and Zi.



Fremont, Nebraska - the Ariel and Barchiel tale

What appears today to be a sacrifice will prove instead to be the greatest investment that you will ever make. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

 In the face of the wild waters of the Platte River, the two brothers found a small cove where the fishes had taken sanctuary. They were abundant.

“That makes three fish today,” Evan said, the older by a year of the teenaged brothers. “Catch up little brother.”

Toby cast out his line, adding fresh bait, after throwing back his last catch. This was catch-and-release gamesmanship. “Overall, I’m still ahead by at least a two.”

The brothers, both tall, both with an athletic built, both with features that displayed their partial Native American heritage were in a consistent competition. Each kept trying to top the other, but always good naturedly. They saw it more as challenging the other to achieve their highest potential rather than being the winner. Their grades showed that rivalry. They ran cross-country and were both highly ranked. Their fellowship was obvious, seen through their volunteering often.

“Yeah, right.”

“I think I feel a nibble.”

Evan snorted, about to retort when he narrowed his gaze and frowned. “Shit!”


Evan didn’t answer only began to run and then suddenly plunge into the cold, turbulent whorl and flow of water. There were those who ran towards danger, first responders and then there were many who fled. Evan shouldered an apt heroism.

Toby followed, at first just reacting, being the sort to follow his brother into any situation without consideration. He quickly realized that a faun had fallen into the river and was in trouble.  They were strong swimmers, yet, it would have been extraordinarily easy for the treacherous waters to overwhelm them. The flow of water made it difficult to close the distance between animal and humans. With each passing moment, the potential of death grew.

These athletic males forced every muscle to propel them. The acute danger magnified, especially once they reached the faun and attempted to guide it toward the shore. Panicked, its fear had the faun thrashing and kicking. A hoof to the head would cause serious injury to either boy.

Country boys who soothed sheep, cows, horses, they comforted with soft words and strong arms.

Other students began to notice as the brothers were swept downstream. One ran for a chaperone, another grabbed a cell phone, who immediately called for help. Many began running in the direction of the boys, but none risked the peril of following the boys into the water.

There it was the difference between heroes and cowardly tripidation.

In the river, neither brother could hear the other as they attempted to work cooperatively, hoping to save the faun. Though fear swirled in their gut, more for their sibling and the faun then for their own safety, they didn’t surrender to that fear.

Their fathers words guided them. Fear is not real. Danger is real. Know the difference and respect each. 

Their compassion for the terrified creature swelled inside them, somehow giving them greater strength. Simultaneously and miraculously, a powerful current shoved the trio toward shallow water, enough for them to plant their feet into the mucky bottom. Toby hopped up on the faun’s back, using his heels to guide him to terra firma, Evan pushed at its rump. Soon the quadruped scampered up onto the shore, bucked Toby off, and braying ran towards the woods.

The brothers made their way to the bank and collapsed next to each other.

“That was exciting,” said Evan.

“Naw, Dad finding out we ate the entire pecan pie this morning is gonna be exciting.”

Evan grinned. “I’m still a fish ahead, peepsqueak.”

Toby got to his feet. “Not for long.”

That event was taken in stride by the brothers, not granted the pomp of braggadocio. Yet, the school group fawned (pun intended).

News of their heroism swelled, bringing new life to the school spirit, which spread through the community and beyond. Their example was celebrated and others followed discovering their own bravery. Students pushed back at bullying. Seniors at the high school applied for scholarships. And the budding workforce recognized that hard work was a staple for success.

Both Evan and Toby won scholarships for track. Graduated. Returned to their community and became teachers, coaches and eventually Principals. Did they marry? Yes. Raised strong and grounded children.



Aether - the Ariel and Barchiel tale

In the race between lion and deer, many times the deer wins because lions run for food and deer for life, thus proving that purpose is more important than need. ~ Delaware

“And that’s how we do it in the heavenlies!” enthused Barchiel.

“We do make a good team,” Ariel agreed as the two hip bumped.

The sound of approaching hooves alerted them to the faun approaching. Both angels smiled.

“Couldn’t have done it without you,” said Ariel, hugging the creature’s neck. This was heavenly faun. Why? Ariel would have never risked a real creature to provide a lesson. Angel Deer and Angels were often conflated as one energy for good, united with innocence, blended as a great humanity.

About the Story: The Darkness Within is a fast-paced supernatural thriller involving, kidnapping, romance, gypsies, and supernatural beings. The tale revolves around private detective Brie (Gabriella) Tyler's investigation of several missing young women believed to be runaways. Somehow, it connects to a past she cannot remember.   While trying to find his missing niece, Jake Marlo, the owner of prestigious private detective agency, crosses path with Brie. Independent and feisty, Tyler resists Marlo's help and romantic attention. The two collide as heinous henchmen and supernatural forces threaten to destroy their lives.

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