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Book Blitz & Giveaway~ Until You by Denise Grover Swank

UNTIL YOU by Denise Grover Swank (May 30, 2017; Forever Mass Market Paperback; $7.99; Bachelor Brotherhood Book 2)

"Swank's fluffy, feel-good storytelling proclaims the primacy of love as a force to which everyone should surrender-the bachelors destined to star in future installments haven't got a chance." --- Publishers Weekly (starred review) on Only You

Never settle down. Ever.

Workaholic Lanie Rogers lives a completely nomadic lifestyle. Her job keeps her on the move, and relationships are a complication she doesn't need. That is, until she meets Mr. Tall, Dark, and Hotness at a pre-wedding party. Complicated? Maybe. But lately, Lanie's life has been missing a little something---and sexy playboy Tyler Norris offers something she definitely can't refuse.

Tyler has always been a little too popular with women for his own good. Ever since he and his buddies vowed to remain bachelors, Tyler figured he was safe from temptation. Lanie and her gorgeous brown eyes are about to prove him so, so wrong. With one kiss, the heat is intense. After one night, it's pure combustion. It was supposed to be a no-strings fling---until these two commitment-phobes each discover the one undeniable exception to their rule.

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About the Author

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Denise Grover Swank was born in Kansas City, Missouri and lived in the area until she was nineteen. Then she became a nomadic gypsy, living in five cities, four states and ten houses over the course of ten years before she moved back to her roots. She speaks English and smattering of Spanish and Chinese, which she learned through an intensive Nick Jr. immersion period. Her hobbies include witty (in her own mind) Facebook comments and dancing in her kitchen with her children. (Quite badly if you believe her offspring.) Hidden talents include the gift of justification and the ability to drink massive amounts of caffeine and still fall asleep within two minutes. Her lack of the sense of smell allows her to perform many unspeakable tasks. She has six children and hasn't lost her sanity. Or so she leads you to believe

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Discover Margie Church's One Night in Minneapolis and Enter the Giveaway

Get ready for a sexy tale from author Margie Church and make sure to enter the giveaway at the end of the post for a chance to win a $15 Amazon/BN Gift Card. The tour is sponsored by Goddess Fish Promotions.

Now let's sit down with the author and see what is going on with them.

Dawn, it's such a pleasure to be back here. Thank you for squeezing me in! On to the questions!

How did you start writing erotic romances? It evolved from writing fan fiction. At first I was anxious about explicit love scenes but I learned quickly that purple prose is unacceptable for most publishers. I finally gave myself permission to just write what the characters were thinking and feeling. It's not me doing these things; it's them. Most readers think authors are writing about their personal lives and while some might, we have to remember it's fiction. FICTION. And please don't use my books for sex education. That's another thing that just cracks me up.

Plotter or pantster?  Plotter. Some parts of the story write themselves, and I've occasionally sat back and said, "I didn't see that coming." However, I always have the characters defined with their motivations and the story arc defined enough to know where those emotional triggers are going to be met or dashed. I hate huge revisions and if I just wing it, I'm bound to write myself into a corner.

What are three things you have on your writing desk? A Sure Thing by E.H. Ward, an agate from my husband, and an autographed 8x10 photo of sexy James Scott (EJ Dimera from Days of Our Lives).

Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you? One Night in Minneapolis is part of Tirgearr Publishing's City Nights series. The premise is that characters meet in a city anywhere in the world and spend no more than 24 hours together. And there has to be plenty of very hot sex. LOL So, Vince Andersen has always regretted never having a chance to really get to know Skylar Landis. The book is written mostly in his point of view because of that.  Skylar asks him to plan the weekend and he does. It's his chance to either get over her or crash and burn. You'll have to read the story to learn which it is. And by the way, Skylar is a Marine Major but that doesn't mean she's made of titanium either.

Finish this sentence:
I write because I was born to.

What is your favorite type of character to write about? I like writing dangerous, twisted criminal minds. My last name is Church. No one really believes my mind is that devious…but it is!

What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote? Gosh, I've written so many really hot scenes between two men, between a man and a woman, two women, threesomes, and kinky BDSM situations. Sheesh, that's a tough call. Maybe the most beautiful love scene I ever wrote was in The Poet's Wife between Lily and her ghostly husband, Gabe in their last encounter. There's no graphic sex in this book at all but this scene will bring you to tears. It's that touching. If you loved the movie, Ghost Story, The Poet's Wife is a must-read for you.

What is next on your writerly horizon? A collection of historical short stories that are somewhat biographical. I'm deliberately being evasive here because I don't want people to pressure me to finish. This isn't a romance, and I've never written anything that isn't set in modern times. I'm kind of a research slug that way. I've also thought that Vince and Skylar are a very interesting couple and I might write more with those two. We'll see!

I hope your readers have a question or two for me. One lucky person will win a $15 Amazon gift card for commenting or asking a question during this tour. Thanks again, Dawn, for hosting me. It's just like old times! I'll be back later!

GENRE:   contemporary erotic romance

Marine Major Skylar Landis doesn’t resemble the demure Catholic high school girl Vince Andersen once knew. They’d dated briefly until she patched things up with his nemesis, Ethan Standfeld. After school, she joined the Marines and they’d lost touch.

Their ten year class reunion in Minneapolis brings Skylar face-to-face with Vince, awakening her memories of the past. She asks him to plan a hot, no-strings-attached hook-up to sustain her sexual fantasies while her intelligence unit is deployed to the Middle East. As their adventure unfolds, and he gives her exactly what she needs, Skylar wonders whether she can forget the man who put her desires first and asked for nothing in return.


“When are you being deployed?”

“A week from Thursday. I’ll spend the week with my parents up north, then fly out
of Minneapolis Sunday night. I’ve got to be back on the base a week from Monday.”

Vince knew better than to ask her to sacrifice some of her precious time with her
family in order to explore their relationship. Is that what this is? A relationship? The idea startled him. He hadn’t thought about it that way until that second. They’d spent a lot of time exchanging emails and texts, building anticipation for this weekend, but Marine Major Skylar Landis had made it clear that this weekend was intended to be
a send-off party she’d never forget. And that was all.

He merged into southbound traffic. “It’s got to be tough to say goodbye.”

“Yes, especially when I’m going somewhere so notorious for danger. It’s hard to
make civilians understand the job we do.” She drew a deep breath and smiled. “Anyway, let’s make the most of the time we’ve got together. I’m looking forward to
seeing a few classmates and, of course, spending some more quality time with you.”

The last remark boosted his ego. “Having hot sex in one of the premier
department stores in the metro is up there on the quality scale as far as I can tell.”

“It was definitely a naughty way to start.” She caressed his thigh. “I think it would
have been perfect if that young clerk had had the nerve to ask what you were doing
in the dressing room with me.”

“She didn’t quiz you at the cash register?”

“Not exactly. She just reminded me that dressing rooms are for trying on clothes.
Then she gave me a look like she knew what we’d been up to and showed me the

He flashed a smile at her. “I would have told her the truth.”

Feminine laughter filled the car. “Oh you would, huh? And what would your
brand of the truth have been, Vince?”

“I was helping a ravishing redhead with her stuck zipper.”

Buy link for One Night in Minneapolis:

About the Author and Where to find them

Margie Church writes erotic romance novels with a strong suspense element, in keeping with her moniker: Romance with SASS (Suspense Angst Seductive Sizzle). Never expect the same thing twice in one of her books. She tackles subjects and conflicts that aren't typical in romances. Life is complicated. People are, too. Marrying those concepts makes her work fascinating to read. Margie was 2011 GLBT Author of the Year, and her book, Hard as Teak, was named 2011 GLBT Book of the Year at Loves Romances Café. She is well-known for her BDSM erotic romances as well.
Margie lives in Minnesota, is married, and has two children. Some of her passions are music, poetry, walking on moonlit nights, fishing, and making people laugh.

Keep up with Margie:

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Discover KC Wells & Parker Williams New Book~ Before You Break

Length: 115,247 words

Cover Design: Reece Dante

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press


Six years ago Ellis walked into his first briefing as the newest member of London’s Specialist Firearms unit. He was partnered with Wayne and they became fast friends. When Wayne begins to notice changes—Ellis’s erratic temper, the effects of sleep deprivation—he knows he has to act before Ellis reaches his breaking point. He invites Ellis to the opening of the new BDSM club, Secrets, where Wayne has a membership. His purpose? He wants Ellis to glimpse the lifestyle before Wayne approaches him with a proposition. He wants to take Ellis in hand, to control his life because he wants his friend back, and he figures this is the only way to do it.

There are a few issues, however. Ellis is straight. Stubborn. And sexy. Wayne knows he has to put his own feelings aside to be what Ellis needs. What surprises the hell out of him is finding out what Ellis actually requires.

Author Bio's

Born and raised in the north-west of England, K.C. WELLS always loved writing. Words were important. Full stop. However, when childhood gave way to adulthood, the writing ceased, as life got in the way. K.C. discovered erotic fiction in 2009, when the purchase of a ménage storyline led to the startling discovery that reading about men in love was damn hot. In 2012, arriving at a really low point in life led to the desperate need to do something creative. An even bigger discovery waited in the wings—writing about men in love was even hotter….

K.C. now writes full-time and is loving every minute of her new career. The laptop still has no idea of what hit it… it only knows that it wants a rest, please. And it now has to get used to the idea that where K.C goes, it goes.

And as for those men in love that she writes about? The list of stories just waiting to be written is getting longer… and longer….

K.C. loves to hear from readers.
Twitter: @K_C_Wells

Happily Ever After Comes With A Pricetag. Parker Williams began to write as a teen, but never showed his work to anyone. As he grew older, he drifted away from writing, but his love of the written word moved him to reading. A chance encounter with an author changed the course of his life as she encouraged him to never give up on a dream. With the help of some amazing friends, he rediscovered the joy of writing, thanks to a community of writers who have become his family. Parker firmly believes in love, but is also of the opinion that anything worth having requires work and sacrifice (plus a little hurt and angst, too). The course of love is never a smooth one, and Happily Ever After always has a price tag.

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Discover The Darkest Corner

The Darkest Corner (Gravediggers Book 1) by Liliana Hart

Date of Publication: May 23, 2017


New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Liliana Hart's first book in her suspenseful Gravediggers series, featuring an elite group of mysterious men who might be dead to the world, but are also tasked with saving it—and no one can ever know.

The Gravediggers aren't exactly what they seem. They're the most elite of the world's fighting forces—and all they have in common is that they've been betrayed by the countries they've died for. Because they are dead. To their country, their military, and their families.

Sometimes the dead do rise...

Deacon Tucker is a dead man walking. A former black ops agent, he was disavowed and stripped of all honor before being recruited as a Gravedigger. But his honor and good name no longer matter, because no one knows he's alive, and he'll never get the recognition he deserves. His mission is simple: save the world or die trying. And for God's sake, don't ever fall in love. That's a rule punishable by death. The kind of death a man can't be brought back from.

Tess Sherman is the only mortician in Last Stop, Texas. She has no idea how Deacon Tucker ended up in her funeral home, but she'll eat her hat if he's only a funeral home assistant. Deacon is dangerous, deadly, and gorgeous. And she knows her attraction to him can only end in heartache.

Deacon is on a mission to stop the most fatal terror attack the world has ever known—what's known as The Day of Destiny—a terrorist's dream. But when he discovers Tess has skills he can use to stop them, he has to decide if he can trust her with secrets worth dying for. And, most important, he has to decide if he can trust her with his heart.


Available From

About Liliana Hart

Liliana Hart is a New York Times, USA Today, and Publisher's Weekly Bestselling Author of more than 40 titles. After starting her first novel her freshman year of college, she immediately became addicted to writing and knew she'd found what she was meant to do with her life. She has no idea why she majored in music.

Since self-publishing in June of 2011, Liliana has sold more than 3 million ebooks and been translated into eight languages. She's appeared at #1 on lists all over the world and all three of her series have appeared on the New York Times list. Liliana is a sought after speaker and she's given keynote speeches and self-publishing workshops to standing-room-only crowds from California to New York to London.

Liliana can almost always be found at her computer writing or on the road giving workshops for SilverHart International, a company she founded with her partner, Scott Silverii, where they provide law enforcement, military, and fire resources for writers so they can write it right. Liliana is a recent transplant to Southern Louisiana, where she's getting used to the humidity and hurricane season, and plotting murders (for her books, of course).

Find Liliana Hart Online

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Discover Harlequin's Deception!

Harlequin's Deception
The Naked Truth Series
By Candi Fox

Candi will be awarding 1 $10 Amazon GC, 2 Eooks of Harlequin's Deception and 1 Print Copy of Harlequin's Deception to randomly drawn winners via rafflecopter during the tour. Please use the RaffleCopter below to enter. Remember you may increase your chances of winning by visiting the other tour stops. You may find those locations here.

Talking with author Candi Fox.....

Thanks for stopping by to talk a little about your writing! Let's jump right in. When did you begin writing and why?
I’ve been writing stories most of my life. If I wasn’t writing them down in a notebook I was telling them out loud to whomever would listen. I was born with a vivid imagination. It just needed an outlet.

Do you have a favorite genre? Is it the same genre you prefer to write?
Fantasy, Sci-fi Fantasy, All things Paranormal. Paranormal is my preferred genre to write in. I love all the possibilities.

Do certain themes and ideas tend to capture your writer’s imagination and fascinate you?
I love writing about strong women. In The Naked Truth series Harley has already been through the fire, she came out forged and sure of herself. I love the things I can do with her. In my first series, The Killing Chronicles, Emma has just come out of the fire and is still moldable. She is not sure of herself. With her I get to write these wonderful emotionally raw scenes.

Anything can spark my imagination. A bridge, part of an over-heard conversation. I tend to people watch.

How do you balance long-term thinking vs. being nimble in today's market?
I read a lot. I do have books planned, several titles ahead for one series. I find that reading keeps me nimble, so I can change the contents in some ways to reflect the market.

How do you find readers in today's market?
The market is voracious. There are more readers than there ever have been before. It’s tough market out there with more writers as well. You have to do your best with every book.

Do you come up with the hook first, or do you create characters first and then dig through until you find a hook?
This is a tough question. I had to really stop and think. The characters speak to me first. It’s always the lead female. Once I have her developed in my mind she draws the story and the other characters to her.

How do you create your characters?
I use a 3D chat to create the vision in my head. Putting them together physically gives me ideas on personality. Then I hit the Pinterest boards. The more I can develop the character in this way the more they are developed when I write them.

What's on the top of your TBR pile right now?
I’m reading all the books from the Tulsa Immortal series. It will be my next writing project. I want to immerse myself in the world.

Tell me a little about the characters in Harlequin’s Deception. Harlowe Lake Kelly, Harley is the bomb. LOL. She’s strong, feisty, and passionate. She loves being a witch. She’s confident, says what she means. She has wicked sword skills.

Cowboy is complicated. He’s a beast, a sexy, sexy beast who wants to own Harley in every way possible.

Luciano, Luc is an ancient vampire. He has his own reasons for wanting Harley.

Aiden is a pawn. At least we think he is. As a jester, he comes with his own issues, all jesters have some measure of insanity. His intentions are murky at best.

Where’s the story set? How much influence did the setting have on the atmosphere/characters/development of the story?
White Horse, Oklahoma. A small town I made up. It’s half way in between Tulsa and Dallas. I made the town fit the story arc. Ten years ago, when the paranormal world collided with the normal world everything changed. It was the perfect place for Harley’s business.

If you had to write your memoir in five words, what would you write?
She loved.

How often does your muse distract you from day to day minutiae?
I stop at the craziest times to take down notes in my memo app. I was at a Faith Hill and Tim McGraw concert. One of the songs Tim did created a whole new character. It never stops.

What do readers have to look forward to in the future from you? This summer I will have a novella with 10 other authors come out in July. My first book collaborating with Audra Heart for the Tulsa Immortal series. The third book of The Killing Chronicles will also be out by the end of the year.


Ten years ago, the world as we know it changed. The shift is what it became known as. Overnight, paranormal beings came out of the proverbial closet. Something in reality had shifted. Those who had no idea they were paranormal were awakened to a new reality. Ten years in and Harlowe Lake Kelly, Harley to her friends, is back in her small Oklahoma town, widowed and striking out in a new career, namely, a successful magic agency. Her uncanny abilities at using potions, spells, and other means at solving supernatural crimes, thrust her into a partnership with local law enforcement. Things would be great if it wasn’t for the three sexy, but deadly, men who stand at all corners of her new life. Lucien, the ancient, alluring Vampire who has made it clear he wants more than Harley’s luscious curves. Cowboy, who wants to possess her in every way imaginable, and Aiden. The newcomer who has strict orders from his Vampire boss... but she senses has his own agenda. But in a world where things and beings are never what they seem, life isn’t promised and love comes with many strings. So what’s a girl to do to untangle those strings?

About the Author:

Candi Fox, co-host of the wildly popular radio show Candi and Company with over 900 thousand listeners began her venture in the paranormal at the tender age of two, when she witnessed her first apparition. From that moment on the paranormal seemed to follow her. No matter where she moved, the house she lived in the house next door, or the house down the street always seemed to be haunted.

She often wondered if she drew the spirits to her. Little did she know that she was indeed a magnet of sorts. It wasn't until she was in her late twenties that she found people who could not only explain her gifts, but would also help her hone them. Armed with this new knowledge she began to openly explore hauntings and other paranormal phenomena.

Growing up in Indiana lent her the opportunity to explore many famous haunted places including the Hannah House, which was once part of the Underground Railroad. A little over two years ago she moved to Tulsa, OK and has began to explore the haunted landscape in a new state.

Candi lives with her husband, and furry children in Tulsa. She is passionate about the occult, saving and rehabilitating horses, horseback riding, magic, all things mystical and has her Reiki Mastery.

She uses her own paranormal experiences as well as her own life traumas to write from a grounded and realistic perspective about subjects that are hard to talk about and even harder to feel for yourself.

Social Links:

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Book Review: Mary Burton's The Hangman

Mary Burton continues her suspenseful The Forgotten Files series with another chilling read in The Hangman.

My Rating for The Hangman: 4 Stars

For Julia Vargas, she is a cop on a mission to clear her father’s name and solve a case that has stymied the police and public alike. Even as she takes down the bad guys in her job, she is determined to get to the bottom of the Hangman Serial killer case that caused her father to kill himself three decades before. But the truth she is hunting down is elusive and can be deadly if she gets close enough to it. But when women’s bones show up in an empty house with a picture of Julia and her father when she was younger cause Julia to team up with homicide detective Tobias Novak, a man she has a complicated yet passionate history with. But as danger looms, Julia will have to confront her past in order to see where the truth is because the Hangman is determined to silence her once and for all.

Wow is all I can say after finishing the third book in the Forgotten Files series by author Mary Burton. I love this series so much. It’s a fast paced, police procedural series that has intriguing characters, captivating storylines and a few twists that you do not see coming. This author does an amazing job keeping the reader on the edge of their seat till the very last page is read with THE HANGMAN. I loved the first two books in the series (book 1-The Shark & book 2- The Dollmaker) and was eager to delve into this next book. I was not disappointed at all. The author delivers some pulse pounding, edge of the seat twists in the story that left me reeling, gave some former characters from past two books some time to shine in this third book and introduced a killer that chilled me to the bones.

Meet Julia Vargas. A cop like her father before her, she is determined to get to the truth of his suicide thirty years before as she delves into the one unsolved case from her father’s time, The Hangman serial killer. Entrusting the Shield Security to use their advance technology to help in getting her answers, Julia finds herself racing against the clock with detective Tobias Novak as the hangman comes back to play…this time Julia is in his crosshairs and the killer won’t settle until she is dead. I loved Julia. She was tough, independent and willing to ask for help from others. She was a strong woman in a male dominated job that had me rooting for her right from the beginning. She is paired with Tobias and man you can feel the sparks fly between these two. Past history between them come into play and I loved how gentle he is with her even as she races head long into danger. All the characters are well written and engaging, the secondary characters from the past two books appear and help move the story along nicely and the author does a top notch job in keeping the suspense at high flame until the climatic ending.

If you enjoy suspense/thriller story that leaves you gasping for air, flipping the pages until the end page is read then you will definitely want to grab Ms. Burton’s The Forgotten Files series. Each book is stand alone story but loosely interconnect with some of the characters. I would definitely start with The Shark and read the books in order to get the best handle on the series. I am eager to see where this author goes next in this series and hope she continues in the future with more interesting cases and characters for her readers to enjoy and fall in love with.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement.

The Forgotten Files Series:

Book 1: The Shark
Book 2: The Dollmaker
Book 3: The Hangman

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Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing excerpts of the angelic characters from a work in progress, THE DARKNESS WITHIN, Book Three by Angelica Hart and Zi.


Aether - Camael's joy

May the Angels of Magic and Miracles help you find the joy and passion in life again. If you need them, just call... ~ (not Ghostbusters)

Camael: Angel of joy.

Camael raced over the waterway like a skipping stone, which was reasonably significant considering he had paws rather than feet. Though as upright as any human, he had the appearance of a full-furred tiger. Only, Camael rather than colored tawny like most, his fleece held shades of ivory, beiges, browns with emerald highlights as if stroked by a master artist. His dark, ebony-hued stripes outlined through the thick coat, a well-defined muscular chest and stomach as well as chiseled biceps. He towered over nine feet tall, but had cat like grace and elegance. His eyes were white wells that shimmered, his ears twitched with alertness and his wings were perpetually upright and as soft as feathers. Though they, too, were pelt covered.

Did Camael fly? No. Why not? The image of power was displayed by his gaits of muscular grace.

Camael did everything in a rush as if racing against something or someone. In actuality, it was his exuberance that charged his being and sent him whooshing across the both Aether and Earthly dimensions, seeking to spread beauty, joy, and contentment. His name was loosely translated as one who saw God, so, Camael shared his astonishment with every world. God was good.

He belonged to the order of the Powers, and was known as the Angel of Joy. His listened open-heartedly and intently for those who called upon him. If bliss didn't accentuate his entire essence, he would have been disheartened at how many choose to seep in misery when all they had to do was utter a request. He was there, begging to be heralded by any in need. He was there when people were in agony. He was there with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, leeching away Jesus' agony.

He was very aware of the mischief created by his fallen brethren. He refused to be judgmental. Every fallen angel had a back story. So he relished the bedevilment they brought.

He knew to think their heinous crimes mischief belied the severity of their destruction, but Camael was joy infested, and also understood these moments in that other sphere were but a speck compared to eternity. It would pass, and only the Almighty truly understood the hearts of all. Every angel of the light held fragments of His glory, so how much more forgiving and caring and endlessly healing would his love be to those broken by the wayward angels. Sure there were Tabris and Rameil who were hard-liners, so as a balance Camael existed.

Camael's legs took the full impact as he landed on the ground on the other side of the river. He had places to be and things to do and all quickly. He was in this Holy War and intent on drowning out as much despair as possible. Whose despair? Glorious question. Anyone's caught his attention and his service, thus, he did not take sides.

The ovation of a pomp of trumpets announced a known entity. "Ah, where are you off to now, brother?" the familiarity of brother, was said with a sneer.

Camael spun about and found himself confronted by Murmur, the Earl of Hell.  "Brother! How grand to see you!"

Murmur did an eye roll. "Must you be relentlessly... cheerful." The ducal crowned Murmur sat on his Griffin who spun with anxiousness.

A booming laugh erupted with such force the air seemed to quiver. "You surely jest."

"Jest? Really? Who uses words like jest?" Murmur though himself a philosopher and teacher, oft deceiving the weak-minded.

"Come, come, what is it that you seek?"

"A favor."

"It would give me pleasure."

"There is a human." The demon knew Camael would instantly recognize lies and misdirection so didn't brother to attempt manipulation. "Leave him be." The Griffin bounded upward, extending its wings then glided back to solid ground.

"Who?" As do large cats, Camael, circled the Griffin, eye-balling it as if prey, though the mystical creature was not to be a feast but a frolic.

"You know who... Fred Housermeyer, the nerd, the dork, perhaps the oldest virgin at his college."

"Everyone knows Fred Fred Housermeyer dunderhead." The cat's face sniggered. "You wish to use him?" The smirk flashed to a serious glare.

"No, just let him continue unhampered." Actually, Murmur did have plans for Fred, simple plans but ones that would ripple outward to many others. Camael had to back-off. Fred did not need to grow a personality. Left alone, Fred would always be too introverted to get laid, which in turn would make him even more introverted and inevitably depressed. If Camael granted him humor, even gamely sorts got the girl. Murmur would nudge him toward teaching, and Fred's gloom would spread to his students. His unrealistic and time consuming homework assignments would make those same students angry, and they'd take it out on others. There was an apt place in the universe for unhappy virgins. Those others would spread the dark mood, and so on, and so on. It was glorious. Inspired. Crafty to the butt slap of the Great Minotaur. Fred just needed to be left to be Fred. Unlovable Fred. Murmur muttered the word, "Simple."


"I meant simply leave him alone. Do nothing."

"I see."

"Said the carpenter as he picked up his hammer and saw. Here's my advice. Bound off and leave Fred to his own devices. Go chase an wildebeest. Lick your fur. Have some kid find a thorn in your paw. Just go and get lost in the Aether." He muttered, it will help my cause.

"I value Fred. Poor unfucked Fred. Someone needs to help him find some social lubrication."

Wanted to power his point. "My cause is to block Medan from progressing. Not about the joviality of dicking. Medan is trying to move past me on the hierarchy. Trying to assert inordinately cruel policy. You wouldn't want that would you? He is not congenial like me. Yes, watercolor me a nice demon." Murmur couldn't resist a tad of misdirection.

"Not my concern, but my immediate business was not with Fred." He double winked, the first at Murmur and second at the Griffin.

"Rumor suggests differently."

"I have no reason to lie."

Murmur looked lost for a moment, and then waved his hand as if swatting an annoying insect. "Then I owe you nothing." With that he vanished in a swamp-reeking vapor.

"Hmmm," muttered Camael, and then laughed before disappearing from the Aether as well.

continued next week

About the Story: The Darkness Within is a fast-paced supernatural thriller involving, kidnapping, romance, gypsies, and supernatural beings. The tale revolves around private detective Brie (Gabriella) Tyler's investigation of several missing young women believed to be runaways. Somehow, it connects to a past she cannot remember.   While trying to find his missing niece, Jake Marlo, the owner of prestigious private detective agency, crosses path with Brie. Independent and feisty, Tyler resists Marlo's help and romantic attention. The two collide as heinous henchmen and supernatural forces threaten to destroy their lives.

We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at (Write - Blog Dawn - in subject line) and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a free ebook (choose erotic or romantic thriller) and add you to any future mailings.

Angelica Hart and Zi ~ Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane - -

Welcome Kelli A. Wilkins today

Please give a warm welcome to Sam Hixton , the hero from Lies, Love & Redemption by Kelli A. Wilkins . T oday we sit down and see ...