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Welcome Author LM Brown

Welcome author L.M. Brown to the Reading Nook and check out their awesome mermen series. 

How did you start writing male/male romances?

I am one of the many who started with fan fiction. I was, and still am, a huge Harry Potter fan and was a member of a forum where a group of us started re-write various scenes from the books from the point of view of other characters besides Harry.  From there, I moved on to writing my own stories set in that world.  I wasn’t really into the ‘slash’ fic side of things at first, but I had a policy where, if a reader who was also a fan fiction writer, read and reviewed one of my stories I would go and return the favour. This was back in the days when I had a lot more spare time on my hands. Since some of those readers only wrote ‘slash’ I started reading the male/male pairings, and while a lot of it was a PWP there were some gems there.  

It wasn’t long before I started to write my own slash fics, the first being a Dumbledore/Grindelwald story, shortly after JK Rowling outed Dumbledore.  I then moved onto other pairings and wrote one epically long story that featured Remus Lupin and Sirius Black in an alternate universe.  It is still, by far, the most popular thing I have ever written in both fan fiction or original fiction and is still available online for those who want to read it. 

When that 400,000 word story was finally completed it occurred to me that I had written something longer than many of the books I had read.  If I could do it with fan fiction, why not original stories too?

So I moved onto original stories, though I do still occasionally dip my toes back into the world of fan fiction. 

Plotter or pantster?

It very much depends on the story.  For my shorter stories I tend to just sit and write them without much in the way of plotting.  For longer stories I plot things out very carefully.  Of course, my characters sometimes have things to say about my plots and they are frequently known to ignore my careful planning and go off on their own merry tangents.  

The longer the story, the more likely it is that I will be planning it and the plan with go awry within a few chapters. 

So, I guess that makes me a pantser, though I would really rather be a plotter. 

What are three things you have on your writing desk?

I don’t actually have a writing desk.  Well, technically I do have a desktop computer, which sits on a desk, but it has a few technical issues that I can’t be bothered trying to fix when I use my laptop 99% of the time.  The only time I switch on the desktop computer is if I need to use the scanner or printer, which generally involves lots of error messages on start up, followed by lots of swearing from me.  Three things on the desk – printer, scanner, mouse.  Really boring but, as I said, I don’t really use it. 

I stick to my laptop which has nothing on it except the occasional cat, who seems to think it is her bed.  

Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?

My newest book is Shifting Currents, the fourth book in my Mermen & Magic series. In this latest story, we return to the sunken city of Atlantis.  Thanks to Delwyn and his power to see into history we get to see Atlantis of the past, when the Atlanteans were still resident in the underwater city.  We also get our first real look at the Isle of the Gods, the place where the Atlantean immortals make their home.  The battle for the sunken city is about to begin, and the city that has been a sanctuary for the merpeople for so many centuries is no longer the safe haven it once was. 

It was the youngest Oracle, merman Delwyn who really spoke to me and demanded a story of his own.  He has been a secondary character in the series since the first book and is one of the sweetest mermen you will ever meet. He does have a naughty voyeuristic side too, and it took me a while to find his perfect match.  He had to have someone really special, open-minded, and loyal, and Fabian is all of those and more.

Finish this sentence: I write because ____...

The voices in my head demand their stories be told. 

What is your favorite type of character to write about?

I like to write about the sweet characters like Delwyn from Shifting Currents and Runt from Destiny & Dragons.  They are the ones who tend to behave themselves and stick to the story I have planned for them. 

What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?

Probably the four way MMMF scenes in Falling into Darkness.  I am actually really surprised I haven’t had any complaints about that one, because I have seen a lot of other stories where there is - horror of horrors - girl parts in them getting really bashed. I deliberately did precious little to warn people about the MMMF scene in this MM story, although anyone who had read the Heavenly Sins trilogy would have known in advance it would be there. 

I don’t think it gets much hotter than when you throw the archangel Michael, Lucifer, and the two leaders of the sex demons into bed together.  

What is next on your writerly horizon?

I am currently in the middle of Camp NaNoWriMo where I am writing a futuristic thriller/suspense story which isn’t a romance.  Or at least it isn’t supposed to be.  Fingers crossed the main character of this story sticks to the script. 

In the romance genre, I need to finish off Hidden Depths, the fifth Mermen & Magic story, which is mostly done, but needs a couple of tricky scenes doing that I have been putting off.  

I also have a recently finished short story that I am hoping to self-publish later in the year, if I could just come up with a title for it.  This one is a light-hearted futuristic story about a new virtual assistant that takes apps and technology to a whole new level.  

Title: Shifting Currents 
Author: L.M. Brown
Series: Mermen & Magic # 4 
Publisher: Pride Publishing
Genre: Erotic Romance; Gay; Fantasy; Paranormal

Can a merman and an Atlantean, separated by centuries and prejudices, find love together?

Merman Delwyn is an Oracle of the past. He loves nothing better than observing the comings and goings of those who lived centuries before he was born. His favorite time period to visit is when both Atlantean and mer inhabited the sunken city of Atlantis, and his guilty pleasure is watching lovers come together in passion. Secure in the knowledge that no one can see him when he’s viewing the past, nothing can prepare Delwyn for the moment Fabian, an Atlantean living in the past, speaks to him.

Fabian is a man with divided loyalties. The demi-god son of the Goddess of Sea Creatures has sworn to serve the Goddess of Prophecy as her Oracle of the present. His unique status gives him the power to see anything in the present, including the mysterious merman voyeur from the distant future.

Despite the centuries that separate them, Delwyn and Fabian find they have a lot in common and quickly form a friendship that both hope one day will become something more. But before they can be together in the present, Delwyn and Fabian must unravel the mysteries of the past.

Only time will tell if truth about the long-since vanished Atlanteans will bring them together or tear them apart, as the battle for the sunken city of Atlantis begins.


“Are you coming to the ceremony this evening?” Isander asked.
Fabian shook his head. “I have duties to my own goddess tonight.”
“Your mother would wish you to attend her temple.”
“No doubt, but she’ll be disappointed once again. She’s used to that when it comes to me.” The bitterness in Fabian’s voice took Delwyn by surprise. It was a stark contrast to the playfulness of earlier. 
Isander rose from the bed and picked up his robe. “Come bathe with me?”
Fabian leaned up on his elbow. “You go ahead. I’ll follow in a moment.”
Isander raised an eyebrow.
“You exhausted me,” Fabian added. 
Isander chuckled as he wandered from the room. 
Delwyn watched him go. The view of his pert backside was as delectable as the rest of him.
“Enjoying the view?” Fabian asked.
Delwyn tore his eyes from the retreating man to glance about the room, wondering who might have entered. There was no one there. When he faced Fabian once more the man appeared to be studying him. 
“Yes, I’m talking to you,” Fabian said with a laugh. “Did you enjoy the show?”
Delwyn squeaked and looked behind him. No, they were alone. But what was happening was impossible. Fabian couldn’t be speaking to him. 
The moment he realized Fabian had indeed spoken to him, the shock yanked him right out of his vision, plunging him back into darkness.
What? How? That’s not even…
Delwyn tried to calm down and gather his thoughts. It wasn’t possible. It simply couldn’t be. The past was over and done with. All he could do was observe events that had already happened. 
He tried to stop his racing heart. 
Finally, he managed to convince himself he had imagined the last few moments of his vision. There must have been someone else there who Delwyn hadn’t noticed. It was the only explanation for what he had seen and heard. 
Next time he went into the past, he would find Fabian as oblivious to his presence as everyone else. The fact that he was already determined to visit Fabian again didn’t worry him even half as much as he knew it probably should. 

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L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances.  She believes that there is nothing hotter or sweeter than two men in love with each other… unless it is three.

When L.M. Brown isn’t bribing her fur babies for control of the laptop, she can usually be found with her nose in a book.


Where to find L.M. Brown
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Twitter - @LMBrownAuthor

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