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Come join us in our interview with Shiela Stewart. No, she's not a vampire, just writes about them.  As an aside, she also writes other genres, so don't forget to visit her website for the full experience of this author!

“Blood?” asks Angelica as she offers a seat at a table in the shade. “Oh, wait, you’re the author not a vamp.” Raises a brow. “Or both? Or would you wanna be?”

S: There are pros and cons to being a vampire. It would be cool to have the powers Basil and Trinity have. I wouldn’t want to be an average vampire who only drinks blood and lives forever. That would be a boring existence.  I would be alive long after all my loved ones would die. Unless they became a vampire, I don’t think I would want to be. Plus, drinking blood…not my cup of tea. LOL

Zi hands Shiela Steward an ice tea. “M’literary inquisitor get confused sometimes. Age, you know.” Ignores Angelica’s huffery-n-puffery. “So, Shelia, if you discovered your cats were really aliens, would you suspect a cat invasion any time soon?”

S: Good one with the tea. Great minds and all. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were aliens. I swear sometimes they are planning something big. They certainly know how to control their owners. And the way they observe their new surrounding when they’re first brought into a home, says a lot. I believe their antics, like tripping us, or in my case, one of my cats likes to lay on my throat when I sleep, are ways to kill us or knock us out so they can take us to their planet and observe us.  I think at one time they may have tried to invade, but so many people are neutering and spaying them which probably foiled their plans. Not as many to take over the world.

“Do you live in Jacobs Cove or just visit on occasion?” Angelica asks, offering chocolate kisses.

S: Wow, I should come here more often. Chocolate and Iced Tea are my favorites. I don’t live there, but I’ve spent a great deal of time in Jacobs Cove. It used to be an average small city, until the ritual took away the sun.  Its been incredibly hard to find a place to hide that the vampires won’t find you. Basil’s mansion is a good place. His alarm systems, thanks to Jonah, are kick ass.

“If you had a choice between attending a Halloween party or dinner at a five star restaurant, which would you prefer and why?”

S: That’s an easy question. Halloween Party. I’m not a five-star restaurant person. As far back as I can remember I’ve been fascinated by spooky, creepy and scary stuff. Halloween has always been my favorite time of year. I like the adrenaline of being scared It’s an incredible feeling. Its like a drug for me.  And what’s not fun about dressing up as something unusual. Each year, everyone on our block waits to see how we will decorate our house for Halloween. It’s a great feeling to know others enjoy what we’ve created.

“Are you a matching socks type or a different one, for a different foot?”

S: Bare foot. My feet are always hot. Even in the winter I’ll walk around my house in bare feet. When I go out, however, I do wear socks. I like colorful ones, animals, and decorative ones. And they always match. Mismatched socks drive me crazy.

“If “Scotty” could beam you up, where would up be? Different time? Different realm? Different planet? Or would you tell Scotty to go fly a beam and stay where you are?

S: Well, actually, Scotty only beams people up who are on a different planet, or ship…etc.
So theoretically I would be on a planet, whether it be earth or another planet when I ask Scotty to beam me up. I think it would be fascinating to be on another world. So if I needed Scotty to beam me up, I would like it to be on a different planet. Current time would be fine.

Z: It has been a joy to spend the last few weeks with Shiela, and we look forward to reading her stories.


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