Monday, May 2, 2016

Guest Author Day with Willa Edwards

Interview with Two Heroes

Since much of my newest release, Sensual Sabotage, is focused on the heroine McKenna. Her actions, her reasons and her interests. I thought it would be nice to give her heroes, Chris Brewer and Sawyer Hamilton, a little time in the spotlight, and let the readers get to know these two amazing guys better. For all those readers that have already enjoyed the book, Chris and Sawyer will get more time to express themselves in the other books in the series. (Coming Soon) But for now, I hope this little taste of these two fantastic heroes will be enough, until those books are ready.

Willa: Sawyer, Chris, Thank you so much for coming. Let’s start with an easy question. What do you do for a living?

Chris: We own our own engineering firm.
Sawyer: We focus mostly on green and energy sustaining designs.

Willa: Is that how you met McKenna?

Chris: Yes. She was hired to be our office receptionist.

Willa: Why did you hire McKenna, over all the other candidates for the job?

Sawyer: To be honest, we didn’t. A temp agency sent her. We didn’t even meet her before her first day of work. It now appears she might have greased some palms to get the job. We definitely won’t be hiring from that agency again.
Chris: Turns to his best friend. It worked out pretty good in the end.
Sawyer: Smirking. Yes, it did. But do you really think McKenna will let us hire from that place again. Now that she knows how easy they are to manipulate.
Chris: Shakes head. No Way.

Willa: Speaking of McKenna, what did you both think of her when you first met her?

Chris: When I first saw her I thought she looked like trouble. With that red hair and those smoky eyes, I just knew there was a wildcat under those white blouses and drape pencil skirts. Turns out I was right. Though I’d be lying if I said she didn’t fool us for a little while.
Sawyer: Honestly, my first thought when I saw her was that she had really great ass. Rough and full. Just the kind I like. My next thought was that I better stay away from her. If I didn’t want to get in trouble. I was worried I might end up spanking the receptionist the first week. Which is just asking for a lawsuit.

Willa: Smiling. Turns out you were right too.

Sawyer: Yeah. Crooks eyebrow. But I wasn’t the one who manufactured the situation.

Willa: No. You weren’t. After everything that you’ve gone through, what do you think of McKenna now?

Chris: I think she’s one of the most amazing people I know. She doesn’t show it to many people, but she’s got a giant heart.
Sawyer: I still think she has an amazing ass. But she has just as amazing of a soul. And bratty streak that we both really enjoy.
Chris: nods enthusiastically.

Willa: If there was one thing you wanted readers to take from your story, what would it be?

Chris: That there is always more to someone than meets the eye. Even if you only ever see one side of them. There is always more.
Sawyer: I would say it was to give people a chance. Even people you think are your enemies may end up surprising you.

Willa: Thank you guys so much for being here.

Chris: You’re welcome
Sawyer: No problem, sweetheart.

If you want to find out more about Chris and Sawyer and the trials their receptionist puts them through. Pick up your copy of Sensual Sabotage today. Now available with Siren Publishing.


McKenna James came to work for Hamilton and Brewer Associates with only one thing on her mind. And it isn't a long lasting career. She's after a copy of their plans for a waste-less oil refinery that a rival company will pay her six figures to take. But, when Sawyer and Chris catch her in the act, she learns a lot more about her bosses as they handcuff her to a chair and torture the truth out of her.
When Sawyer Hamilton and Chris Brewer stumble upon their receptionist trying to fleece their newest designs, the dominant in both of them comes raging to the surface. They intend to protect what is theirs. No matter what. But when their interrogation turns sexy, they are both in danger of losing more than just their plans. Luckily they both have experience with bound women who have smart mouths.
Can two nerdy doms tame a thief bent on stealing from them? Or will the harlot take their hearts along with their plans?


Janice Seagraves said...

Great interview, Willa.

Good luck with your release.


Willa Edwards said...

Thanks Janice

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