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Come join us in our expose' on Cassi from BEYOND THE THRESHOLD.  She is a fun-loving, full-bodied hottie, who has her own unique look and style.  We thought it would be fun to expose, with emphasis on the word expose some of her outfits over the next several weeks.


Earlier in the day.

Cassi sat, almost posed, on one of the hardback chairs.  Her long slinky red hair hung straight, draping on the large shelf her tits created.  The spaghetti strapped royal blue dress was astonishingly short, hemmed with frilly lace and was extraordinarily low cut, stretching and cupping her outlandish abundance as if offering a prideful display.  Both straps had fallen from her shoulders, hanging around her upper arms, which availed the scoop top the capacity to wander as she moved, and wander it did, downward, providing the consistently puckered nipples a line of sight to the outworld.  From time-to-time she had to hitch the bust line up to become more appropriate. Usually saying, "Did I do that?"  A telling giggle was the answer.

When she stood her abundant buttock's Gluteal Crease, the turn from leg to butt, could be seen, sneaking a peek below the lace.   If she bent slightly, more cheek and cleft would come into view.   This day she wore panties and when she sat her mound of venus could be seen almost in its entirety.  The silk panties were pastel yellow, tight and depicted a full-grown camel toe.

The British Union Jack symbol at her bosom was being stretched into disproportionality by her jumbo boobs.  The cleavage was every bit of six plus inches in length, the gap tight.  Her tits were adorned with silver-blue glitter, which caught the sunlight and pixilated the underside of her chin. 

Cassi always had a coy smile, suggesting she knew something others did not know.  Her eyes were large pixie eyes, adorned by mascara blackened lashes and always purveyors of fun.

"Hey," greeted a man, his extensive shadow swallowing her and nearly obliterating the rest of the room.

"Is for horses, straw is cheaper."  Her quip passed lips, luscious and well-glossed.

"I'm Beef.  Beef Planter."

"You a porn actor?"

"No.  I get it; the name." He paused and gave her a ho-hum grin. "My football coach gave it to me."

"I'm Cassi."  Her name came out smooth and sweet like honey, without a trace of being well-practiced, though it was.

"I like your dress."

"Why wouldn't you.  You are getting to see all my goodies."  Jiggling her boobs to offer visual enhancement as one nipple popped winking.

"They are sweet."

"So what can I do for you Beef?"

"We can get a drink."

"To what end?"

"To get to know each other."

"To what end?"


"To what end?"

"Maybe like each other."

"To what end?"

"Maybe have sex."

"Ah-ha... the end."

He canted his head and said, "Your point?"

"We can cut to the end.  Go to your place.  Get naked and get our dick on."  She was beginning to push out of her chair, aware of the usual response.

"Wow!  I was hoping to get to know you."



"Sit and we can talk."  A genuine smile appeared and she settled back, and fully looked at him, especially his eyes.


"So why did your coach call you Beef?"

"Saw me shower."

"You sure you don't want to go back to your place?"  She laughed.

It didn-t shock Sheriff Adam McGreggor to discover the owner of the local seaside nightclub was once part of a sect. Hannah Holt-s entire appearance and attitude just didn-t fit her profession. Her reluctance to press charges against an assailant that left her battered and drugged, however, did shock Adam to his core. Even more jolting was his instantaneous attraction to this woman who fought his every advance.
But Hannah has a secret he cannot begin to fathom ... she is from a parallel world....
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