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Talking Fairy Tales with author Jamieson Wolf

For the Love of Fairy Tales

I’ve always loved fairy tales.

They were the stuff that my childhood was built on. Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm were my favourites. They managed to teach something in the story, hold a gem of knowledge within them that you could pluck out and hold to your heart, should you be brave enough.

The stories contained in When Love Blooms started in a peculiar way. I had only meant to write one short story and leave it at that. I wrote it when my marriage was failing.

We had grown so far apart and I was convinced that love didn’t exist anymore. So, doing what writers do, I turned to the written word to bring myself comfort. The story that came out

During the break up of my marriage, my ex had convinced me that I was ugly, that I was inhuman and not deserving of love. So when I wrote that first story, I wrote about a maiden that hid a powerful secret, one that she was ashamed of and wanted to hide.

I felt like that maiden, wanting to hide from the world instead of engaging with it. After that story was written, I felt better, more at peace with myself and who I was. I figured that if one story could help, more could help even further.

So I resolved to write about all different kinds of love: self-love, interracial love, love from afar, gay and lesbian love. Even the love of someone departed that stayed with you.

The collection was further shaped by two men I had dated throughout the writing of it. I thought it was done three years ago when I put out the first edition but this year, I wrote three new short stories set in the small village of Inglewood Hamlet rounding out the collection to fourteen stories. I wanted to put out a second edition of When Love Blooms so that people could read the entire collection.

It was a joy to be back and to finish off the collection with the love that I have found with my partner Michael. He taught me what real love was and I’m forever grateful to him

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Here’s that first fairy tale, titled The Maiden’s Secret. It was the one that started it all…  

Once upon a time, there was young maiden. She was very astute young maiden who had lots of things to say about everyone that lived in the small village of Inglewood Hamlet, which was nestled inside the walls of a great kingdom.

Every day on her way to market, she would run into Mafalda Hopplekirk, who was sleeping with the baker while already wed to the candle stick maker. Ickabod Ingleberry was sleeping with one of the scullery maids and even though he was betrothed to Paxton Plumwood, who was the daughter of the richest family in town.

Everyone had secrets, the Maiden thought. However, it took a special person to keep these secrets. She knew a lot about the people in her small hamlet, but she thought of herself as a keeper of secrets.

She would gather her knowledge of other people as if she was collecting trinkets or stamps. Secrets held power. She knew this more than anyone else in the village, for she had the most difficult secret of all.

Every morning, before the sun would rise above the stone walls of the kingdom’s barriers, she would wander out of her small cottage and go to the water’s edge that ran along her property line. Every house and cottage was close to a body of water; water brought life.

The Maiden knew this better than anyone. Each morning she would slip off her shift and slid slowly into the water. Once inside the waters depth’s, she would only have to wait for a moment before the change began. It was no different today as she slipped into the water, letting its coldness wake her.

It always pained her when the change came; no matter how many times her body transformed itself. Closing her eyes she tried to will the pain away as her legs began to fuse together, as scales began to grow on her skin.

Soon, the water was filled with sparkling light, the magic that changed her creating a physical manifestation. Though her change filled her body with pain, it never failed to fill her with awe. -  it was beautiful as well.
When the pain left her, she looked down into the water. The light of her magic was gone now. The only evidence that remained was the long tail of a fish, its scales winking at her from underneath the water.

She laid on her back in the water and let her tail splash about. She always felt more whole when she was her true self. She did not mind walking on two legs like the rest of the mortals, but always felt freer in the water.
Closing her eyes, the Maiden made a deep dive and came back up, the water splashing like diamonds around her. When she opened her eyes, she spotted a man looking at her, standing on the water’s edge.
The Maiden experienced a moment of panic. She had been so busy keeping everyone else’s secret that she hadn’t done enough to protect her own. She stared at the man with eyes that were wide with fear. She knew that he recognized her, that he knew who she was.

“It’s you.” He said.

She recognized him too; he was the blacksmith’s son and his name was James Ingleton. She knew that he had a kind heart and a bright spirit.

The Maiden watched with growing panic as James began to undress. Once he was completely unclothed, he walked into the water towards her. “No,” she said. “Stay back please.” She swam a little further out into the water. “Please stay away.”

“I know what you are.” James said.

The Maiden’s eyes widened when lights began to bubble under the water where his feet were. As he made his way further into the water, the light around him intensified. When he was finally in front of her, the light faded. She looked down at the curving, graceful tail topped with fluttering fins.

“You’re like me,” the Maiden whispered. Her heart beat loudly in her chest and she wondered whether its vibrations could be felt by all of the other creatures that lived in the water.
“I am.”
“I thought I was the only one.” She looked into his deep greenish blue eyes and found herself looking into the sea. Instead of being turbulent, the sea that moved inside of him was calm and serene.

“So did I,” he said, “Until I saw you change.”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m hideous.”

“That’s not true,” James replied. He moved closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. “I think that every part of you is beautiful.” He kissed her softly on her lips and the Maiden experienced a rush of heat that ran along her skin.

“I’ve been waiting my whole life for you,” he said.

When he kissed her again, she gave in this time, letting the pleasure run through her body. As they kissed, neither of them was aware of the light that began to bloom around them underneath the water.

They were both completely unaware of the transformation that was coming over their bodies, as their fish tails and scales faded away, leaving only mortal legs.

Instead, the Maiden had a random thought. ‘Let other people keep their secrets,’ she thought. ‘I will take love over secrets any day.’

Still wrapped in James’ embrace, the Maiden gave in completely to the power of love and let go of all of the secrets that she had held.

Taking a deep breath, she released them into the water -  like a dream where they would flow away from her into the great beyond.

So the story goes…

About the Author

Jamieson is an award winning, Number One Best Selling Author of over sixty books.

Jamieson is also an accomplished artist. He works in mixed media, charcoal, pastels and oil paints. He is also something of an amateur photographer, a poet, perfume designer and graphic designer. 

He currently lives in Ottawa Ontario Canada with his cat, Tula, who is fearless.

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