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A: Hurry, (Angelica demands in a rush and huff of excitement)  We’re late.
Z: Late for a very important date? As in white rabbit kind of late?  (He shines his top hat)  Hey, Ang, how do you find a unique rabbit?
A: Unique up on it.
Z: You know the joke, no fair. 
A: They’re waiting for us.
Z: Who?
A: Not Owls.
Z: (Notes the looney in her)  Full moon already?  (Despite not having the slightest idea where they are going, he jumps to his feet and does seven steps of a river dance)  There's lunacy in a full moon.
A: Oh, Zi, m' grandiloquent bud, you do think of the nuttiest things.
Z: Nutty like a shrewd shrew.  (He peers over his glasses)
A: It’s time to leap over the moon or just… Moon? (She laces up her above the ankle high heels)
Z: Au contraire, m’Dear, thought we were visiting a Werewolf Lair.
A: (She double-bows her shoes, flips the ruffle of her petticoat, and giggles)  Not Werewolves but where wolves are.  The two legged kind.  (She wiggles saucy brows)
Z: (After a moment of ponder) A rogue or two.  Alright!  Don't need these silver bullets. 
A: So do you still have nuts like a shrew? (She jabs him with her eyes.)
Z: You tart.  (He then hands her a Streamlight PolyTac C4 Tactical handheld flashlight) Hold that for a second.  He switches hats, adjusts his Fedora, glances in a nearby mirror to made certain it has that perfect rakish angle and then takes the flashlight back. 
A: (She looks puzzled.)  Why do we need… (She pins a boutonniere to his lapel)
Z: Trust me.  (He takes her hand and initiates an imaginative leap)
A&Z: Finally all spiffy, they open the doors to their office and walk out one behind the other  onto the balcony.
A: (Throws her arms out to address the cyber crowd even if it consists of a crowd of one)  We are about to tell all a bit about the tale of STAG NATION: A VEXED Heart. 

War spills over the moons of Ynthia. The possibility of peace emerges in the hope of an alliance through marriage between Amal and Adras, the two strongest realms. Many oppose the marriage, especially Mash, k'Dom of Thebe and his cruel, evil seer, Proph iCue.

They instruct a squad of Panthera, cat-like assassins, to slay Tiesa, the rix of Adras, before the cooing between Tiesa and Arcen, k'Dom of Amal, can end in a proposal.

Nearly a son to Arcen, First Puissant A'kin would die for his k'Dom. A warrior of unmatched skill, he refuses to disappoint Arcen who trusts A’kin’s judgment and diplomacy.  Arcen is sent, as First Puissant of Amal and Conciliator, to facilitate the possible joining of the two households. 

A’kin meets Tiesa before knowing she is bound to Arcen, and she quickly captures his heart.  Refusing to jeopardize his k’Dom’s happiness and the peace of all the moons, he ignores his feelings and intends to put distance between himself and Tiesa. 

Tiesa, a tough, willful beauty has trained with brothers and has combatant skills that equals Arcen’s.  Though she detests the thought of giving up her independence, she knows her duty.  Unaware of her own beauty, her main concern is not being pleasing to Arcen.  Upon meeting him, she feels a kinship.  However, it is A’kin that kindles the fires of her heart.  For the sake of peace, she knows she must shield her heart. 

However, when the assassins attack the Bastion, Arcen commands A'kin to protect Tiesa by seeking safety on the furthest, most isolated moons. A'kin would rather face a battalion of Panthera alone than resist the sensuous appeal of the tempestuous and spirited Tiesa.

It is on those moons that the two face the true battle, not giving into passion and love. 
            A’Kin is the warrior who would die for his K’Dom. 
Tiesa is swore by duty to marry the one, and tormented for loving the other. 

And the Tyra, Ernan, plots the doom of all. 

A:  At every turn we find treachery and deceit, and we live the peril, the pain, the betrayals and the love. 

Z:  It is the way of a writer’s heart.  This book is now on a back shelf, written many years ago, thought of often as one of those that could be reinvented, revisited.  But can you actually go back?

A:  Characters and stories stay with a writer forever.  The characters become real and part of their family.  They often talk about them to others, until spouses and children and friends speak that way as well. 

Z:  A door opens between two worlds, and at the end of the book, when all is over, you don’t wish to give it up.  You want to bring them back to life.  Then again, other worlds call, other characters needing to be flashed out and given breath.

A:  This is our heart, our alternate world that sometimes blends so deeply with reality we forget to come back.

Z:  If you feel this way, too, then tell us.  Should back shelf books be given new life?  Write to with LIFE in the subject line. 

We'd love to hear from anyone interested in what we do. Anyone who writes us at (Write - Blog Dawn - in subject line) and leaves an s-mail address, we will send you a gift and add you to any future mailings.

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