Monday, April 13, 2015

Book Review- The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

The only way to survive is to become the thing she despises the most- a vampire. So begins the story of one girl's fight to not become a demon bent on human destruction but one that can live among them peacefully. Get ready for the Blood of Eden Trilogy!

My rating for The Immortal Rules- 5 Stars

Allison Sekemoto is trying to stay off the radar of the vampires as an unregistered human. She saw what being registered meant before her mother died and she left to be an unregistered human on the fringe of New Covington. Some days all that drives her is her hatred of vampires while on other days she just wants to survive to see the next day. She and others like her scavenge the city and beyond the walls to find food, things to barter and try to keep out of the paths of rival gangs, vampire pets and the rabids that stalk the world outside the walls. But when Allison is turned into the one creature she hates more than anything else, she finds her life has changed in a heartbeat. Now she has to leave all she has known, go out among the ruined world and try to pass herself off as a human while trying to navigate a world gone to hell and in the process try to stay alive. The problem is she has to decide…how far of a demon do you have to be and still have some of your humanity left? Get ready for an adventure in blood, tears and most of all, love.

I got to admit this author knows how to create a world so creepy and populated with characters that literally steal your heart. THE IMMORTAL RULES is a fast paced action adventure story set after a major apocalyptic event that forever changed the way the world is now. I stayed up till the early hours of the night just to see if I can figure things out and frankly, I could not put this down. It was moving, engrossing and quite a few twists left me gasping as I turned the pages. The world building was phenomenal. This is an author who knows how to create an amazing world filled with intriguing characters and then turn it on its ear. This is an author who knows how to tell a story and get her readers so involved in the story that life literally stops until they can look up from the book and breathe again. The writing was tight, the characters multi-dimensional and interesting as well as the storyline that left me breathless for more.

Meet Allison ‘Allie’ Sekemoto. She only knew what the world was like after the Red Lung virus wiped out most of the humans or turned them into things that would tear you apart. Vampires roam after dark, searching for humans to enjoy, rival gangs, and lack of food, shelter and more are just the tip of the iceberg that makes up Allie’s world. I loved Allison. She was one of those characters that just blew you away from her loyalty to the family she has with a few other unregistered kids to trying to stay one step ahead of t he vampires as she looks for food and survive to live another day. She was feisty; take no prisoners kind of heroine that left me eager to see what happens next for her when I turned the last page of THE IMMORTAL RULES. The secondary characters are just as entertaining and diverse. You got a band of humans searching for Eden, a place where there are no vampires and food is plenty. Then add in rabids, vampires and a world gone mad…well you get the idea that the world as we know it would be a dark and twisted place. What drew me in were the characters as well as the world building. Ms. Kagawa just has a voice that can spin a story in a genre that has seen everything under the sun written about it yet she turned it on its head and made it fresh, exciting and downright spooky to read.

THE IMMORTAL RULES is a dark tale filled with vampires, danger and more amid the pages. This is an author who knows how to tell a story that will draw her readers in and leave them clamoring for more. I know I was this morning when I finally put the book down. Now all I can say is I need to know more about this dark and twisted world where vampires are the rulers and the humans are the minority. Can one girl, newly made vampire, find a way to save not just for herself but the whole world as well? Get ready for the Blood of Eden to charm you, thrill you and leave you breathless. All I can say is more please!

The Blood of Eden Trilogy in order:

1- The Immortal Rules
2- The Eternity Cure
3- The Forever Song

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