Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Series Spotlight~ Erin M. Leaf's Blue's Boys

Book One: Thief
Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Romance on the Go, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 13,000
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing

When you’re a thief, your dating options are limited. When you’re a cop, it’s even worse. So what happens when a burglar and two lawmen are trapped together during a heist gone wrong?
Blue has been a thief for years, but she’s never been in a situation quite like this. When you’re crammed into a tiny space with two sexy detectives, things can get very dicey. Shockingly, instead of arresting her, Matt and Liam ask for a kiss. Blue is happy to oblige. Anything to keep the handcuffs off, right?
Matt and Liam never expect to end up cornered with a gorgeous thief. Liam has sworn off women and Matt can’t find anyone he likes better than his partner, so their love lives are nonexistent. When they meet a woman who keeps the same crazy hours as cops do, maybe her criminal career choice isn’t the deal breaker it should be?
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Book Two: Cops
Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Romance on the Go, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 12,685
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing
When you’re a thief and you’re dating two cops, life can be tricky—especially when you stumble across your boys in the middle of a heist. When you’re a cop and you’re dating a sexy thief, life isn’t just weird. It’s dangerous.
Blue is falling for her two new boyfriends, but they’re having trouble finding time to be together. Being a thief is crazy. And a cop’s work is never done. When you don’t have time to date, you steal any kind of alone time that you can. So what if Liam and Matt are tied up in the middle of a murder investigation?
Matt and Liam never expected to find themselves bound together in a basement. When Blue stumbles over them, she offers them something much more risky than freedom: herself. Because she’s not a saint. She’s a very, very naughty thief, and when her boys neglect her, they must pay her price if they want to win her heart.
Be warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, bondage
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Book Three: Beloved
Erotic Romance, Menage (MMF), Romance on the Go, Romantic Suspense
Word Count: 14,000
Heat Level: 3
Published By: Evernight Publishing
Blue thinks her life is pretty awesome—after all, she has two sexy boyfriends and an exciting career scaling walls and breaking open safes. What more could a woman ask for? So what if her boys are cops and she’s a thief? They haven’t arrested her yet, right?
Matt and Liam love Blue to distraction, but when one of her throwing blades turns up sticking out of a dead thug’s body, their acceptance of her lifestyle faces its biggest threat. They think she’s been framed, and saving her life is more important than arresting her for murder, but old habits die hard. And unfortunately, Blue isn’t the kind of girl to let someone else take the heat for her problems.
Can their love survive murder, an unexpected surprise, and a dirty cop bent on silencing the thief who can expose all of his despicable plans?
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About the Series:
Blue: Feisty yet vulnerable, the thief thinks she’s perfectly fine facing the world alone, and then she meets Liam and Matt. Thieves and cops mix like oil and water, but she’s never been one for following the rules.
Liam: He’s sworn off women because he’s a cop and he’s been hurt before, but when he meets Blue, he may have to rethink his strategy.
Matt: He can’t find a woman he likes more than his partner, so he’s stopped looking, but when Blue shows up in the middle of a dangerous shootout, what’s a good cop supposed to do?
Menage (mmf) has never been so hot!
About the Author
Erin M. Leaf is an erotic romance devotee, the steamier the better. Ménage is her favorite flavor of sultry because nothing is more smoking than two gorgeous men loving one lucky woman. After years of devouring romance novels,Erin tried out technical writing, editing, and proofreading before turning her fingertips to writing, mostly because she loves a happily-ever-after ending every time.

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