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Writing Short Stories by Marianne Stephens

I came to a point in my writing where I just couldn’t seem to see my way through creating a romance book of 40,000 – 50,000 words. The thought of doing this seemed beyond my time and desire.

When an opportunity came along to do a short story in an anthology, I decided to try it. I’d done some short stories before, and this seemed like the way for me to still write, but not overtax my creative ability. I’d had lots of practice in “tightening” long novels (mine and others), so why not aim for fewer than 7,000 or 8,000 words to begin with?

I found a new interest in writing, one that could be done in a month. A not perfect story then went through my edit, a freelance editor, and more edits through those in my anthology group. Comfortable in this new path in my writing career, I’ll be in another anthology group and will once again write a short story.

Is this direction for every romance author? No. Everyone needs to find what they’re most comfortable writing. Maybe it’s my age (HA!), but I no longer feel the need to write a novel. Joining a group of authors in an anthology is my new writing niche!

My first anthology was Naughty List. The second one, releasing in February, is titled Naughty Hearts. The Naughty Literati Group will publish another “Naughty” anthology in May. My next anthology group is made up of author from Romance Books ‘4’ Us. Our first anthology, Entice Me, will publish in the Spring.

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My story: Cupid’s Curious Case (paranormal/fantasy/contemporary/highly sensual

Alan’s last job as Cupid 84 involves neighbor Amy and a special box of candy. Both secretly desire the other. Can they find true love?

Alan raked a hand through his hair. “Is it me, or is it hot in here?”
A stinging rush of heat coursed through her, settling in her cheeks. “It must be the champagne.” She fanned her face with her hand. “It does feel warmer than before.”
“Why don’t we open your window a little? Cool us off.”
Both stood, and walked to the window. Amy cranked it open and a rush of cooler air flowed inside. For a moment she shivered, and then felt warmer as Alan, wrapped his arms around her.
“You’re cold. Maybe this wasn’t a great idea.”
Amy clasped his arms, hugging them tighter. “No. I mean, we can close the window, but I’m enjoying standing here with you.”
Alan pulled her back towards him. Amy couldn’t stop her hormones from racing into overdrive at the sensation of rubbing against the bulge in his jeans. “Turn around, Amy. I want to see you while I hold you in my arms. Please.”
She quickly turned to face him, never losing contact. Heat radiated between them, satisfying her passionate lust now controlling her every thought. “I want to be held by you—touch you.” She rested her head on his chest. “We’ve missed out on being with each other all this time. I feel a need now. And no, it’s not the champagne talking. It’s me. I’ve always hoped for more between us.”
Alan lifted her head, lowered his mouth to hers, and began with a slow, gentle kiss. He pulled his head away and said, “We’re together now. I want this. I want you. No, like the note said, I desire you.”
His next kiss was more urgent as he rubbed his hands down her back and lifted her rear end closer. “Tell me now if you want me to stop and I’ll leave. I’ll go, but I don’t want to.”
“No. Please stay. I want you,” she moaned, consumed in a need to have Alan make love to her.
The next series of kisses were more frantic, with tongues slipping between teeth to thrust into each other’s mouth. Amy ran her hands down his chest and pressed against the zipper of his jeans. She noted the catch in his breathing as she undid his belt and lowered his zipper.
Then, she slipped her hand inside and touched the torrid flesh of his penis. Alan had circled her breasts with his hands. With every brush across each nipple, Amy’s breathing raced. Her nipples ached to have him hold, squeeze, lave them.
She stepped back, holding her lust in check, for a moment of sanity. “We’ll be more comfortable in my bedroom. I’ll undress you and then you can undress me.”
His smile only encouraged her to take control. “A definite invitation I won’t refuse.”
She took his hand and started walking to her bedroom.
Alan pulled her on a slight detour to grab the candy box, champagne bottle, and glasses. “I have plans for this.” He winked.

Marianne Stephens writes mainstream romance and nonfiction books. Her other pen name, April Ash, writes erotic romance books. Publishers include: Ellora’s Cave, Secret Cravings Publishing, and self-published books are at and All books available at Amazon, B&N, and many other book retailers.
Visit her websites at:
Email April:
Marianne also runs a promotional website for authors and industry representatives at A blog, and yahoo group, are related to the website.

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