Thursday, October 9, 2014

Talking with Lou Hoffmann

Hi, I’m Lou Hoffmann, so glad to be visiting Dawn’s Reading Nook today with my recently released YA Fantasy novel, Key of Behliseth. I’m especially glad to be here on this day, because today is... (drumroll)... Dawn’s Birthday! After having a bite of her cake, and washes it down with her beverage of choice (let’s say coffee), Dawn asks me to name five things the main characters can’t live without—very good question! Since this is a fantasy novel and has very little that resembles romance of any kind, I’m going make a list for main character Lucky, and for two other central characters, the wizard Thurlock, and the warrior, Han. This list is true for each of the characters where and who they are as the novel opens. (The answers might be different, as time goes on!)

Five things Lucky can’t live without:
*Maizie—his canine best friend. 
*Top Ramen—he doesn’t have much money, and a boy’s gotta eat!
* The strange belongings he had in his pockets when he landed in a world called Earth three years earlier—they are the only remnant of a childhood he doesn’t remember.
*Honest work—he is genetically unable to lie without pain, so petty crime is out of the question.
*The petty criminals of Valley City—they make up most of the clientele he does chores for to earn enough money for his and Maizie’s necessities.

Five things the wizard Thurlock can’t live without:

*Sweets—maple bars, candy, lots of jam on his toast. He’s a thousand years old and still has all his teeth, but I’m guessing he’s used magic to keep them.
*Instant hot chocolate—one of the things he’s found in the world of Earth that he thinks is far more wonderful than magic.
*The M.E.R.L.I.N. device. Sorry, no explanation here, but it’s in the book.
*Help keeping his blood pressure down—mainly with tea, aspirin, and reminders to “breathe.” 

*His umbrella, which may or may not really be an umbrella.

Five things the gorgeous hunk of a warrior, Han, can’t live without

*Order and simplicity.
*His weapons, dragon’s hide shield and sun metal sword, bow and arrows (especially flame arrows, throwing knife, fists and feet.
*Loyalty and honor.
*His industrial lawnmower, the refrigerator, and the microwave, which are the only pieces of Earth technology the wizard will let him have.
*Valley city rapid transit (see above—the wizard won’t let him buy a truck).

So there you have it!

Thanks Dawn, for hosting me on the final day of the Key of Behliseth blog tour, and happy, happy birthday. Readers, thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to enter the raffle!

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