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Introducing Tabitha Rayne

Hi Dawn, thank you so much for having me here at your place. I love that you're addicted to reading – one of the good ones :D I think I am addicted to writing – it can get out of hand when I haven't had my 'fix' of tapping those keys – however, the worst thing is when I have nothing to write – when my head is blank and I have writer's block – that  is when I realise that actually, it is a real addiction! I get grumpy, frustrated and feel ill at ease. It isn't just a case of, oh well, I'll just go do something else then – when you need to write, nothing can fill in those blanks. I do manage times of word drought with some drawing – so thank goodness my creative demon can be appeased a little with that, and thankfully, I haven't had both of writing and drawing dessert me at the same time... yet *crosses fingers*.

In my new book, The Meeting Point, addictions are a luxury that nobody can afford. It is set in a dystopian future and is the final book in my erotic fantasy trilogy, The Clockwork butterfly. My characters are living in a hostile austere environment where love is the only thing that gets them through. So perhaps, in a way, love, sex and that spiritual union is an addiction to them – or is it simply survival? When does an addiction become essentail to your survival and vice-versa?

Anyway – that's got me thinking... *wanders off*

I thought that to entice you to follow my tour, I'd put consecutive excerpts every day. Here is the very last ;) It's the point where three of my leading characters must leave behind material things and make their escape into the wilderness...

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The Meeting Point excerpt – The final book in The Clockwork Butterfly trilogy

They stopped dead at the threshold of the main entrance.

“Those bastards,” exclaimed Angelo, but there was a smile on his face.

Lena pushed past him to see Mae slump to her knees. “They took the damn horses!” she said, dragging items out of her bags and discarding them. “Well, there goes my life in riches. We can’t possibly carry all this.”

Lena rifled through her own bags and hauled out some of the pretty things she’d taken when her eyes had been full of lust for such treasures. It seemed strange now to be so greedy for things not essential to their survival. They had no idea where they were headed. Who knew, they may have to camp in a forest somewhere. Lena shivered at the thought. She’d become too used to the opulence of The Wasp’s boudoir and fine things. She pulled out a silver candlestick and matching silver hairbrush and mirror set.

“Ahem.” Angelo cocked an eyebrow and stood with his hand on his hip, mocking her frivolity.

“I know, I know, but look at them. They’re gorgeous.”

Mae looked equally unimpressed as she threw down some heels and a jet encrusted corset.

“Wait,” said Lena, picking up the garment. “Can’t we keep this?” Her mind was cast back to The Wasp, beautifully strapped in and tiny, wearing this very piece. Lena had even worn it on occasion and it had made her feel glorious.

“It’s pretty heavy,” Angelo reasoned, and Lena had to admit it was true. They might have a long way to go and she didn’t want her arms aching unnecessarily. Reluctantly, she placed the corset amongst the reject pile and sorted through the other things. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Mae squirrel something away, something that didn’t look very small either. A delicious tingle ran through her as she thought about what the item might be.

Stowing the things away as best they could under the one straggly bush in the courtyard, the trio were at last ready to leave.

“Shouldn’t we let some of the other prisoners free, Angelo?”

Guilt crossed his face, but left as quickly as it came.

“No,” he said determinedly. “We have no time. Come on.”

The three of them finally made it out of the heavy iron gates and approached the acres of moorland beyond.

“Okay.” Mae stepped forward, placing her hands on her hips, and Lena admired her rounded bottom through the draped finery. She was a woman who suited such garments. “Where to?”

The high from the actual escape began to ebb away, leaving Lena with a quiet, empty feeling. Where would they go? Gnawing doubt and fear for their future on the run began to weigh down on her, and she feared she had actually become institutionalized. Just as she was about to tell the others, something came toward them through the sunset orange sky. Lena squinted, her gaze following the erratic bat-like flight of the creature. Her heart skipped a little as she realized what it was. The clockwork butterfly she’d given The Wasp landed a little haphazardly on her upturned palm.

“Look,” she called to Mae and Angelo as she discovered the tiny note poked into the creature’s belly.

“What does it say?” Angelo asked as he picked it out of Lena’s grasp.

“Join us.”...

Blurb – The Meeting Point

A story of love, freedom, and the future of mankind. Deborah Regan has broken free from the prison where she’s been unjustly held for the past eight years. The scale of the devastation to the land outside is overwhelming. Toxins have taken hold, and the planet is dying. Deborah vows to find her lover Marcus and flee to the safety of the hills where their story first began. 

Marcus is one of the few remaining men left on earth, and Deborah finds him held captive at a pleasure farm where he is kept to service rich and powerful women. Escape for him is complex and dangerous. They can only hope that the trio who helped Deborah before will come to their aid. Marcus has heard from his clients over the years of a mythical place with its own microclimate that toxin clouds seem to miss. He is sure they can find it and will be able to build a future together. 

Mae, Lena, and Angelo feel compelled to find Deborah and Marcus who they know have a special connection that might prove essential to their survival. They make haste to track the couple and realize the plan they have chosen is fraught with danger and conflict. 

Will they make it to the utopia Marcus dreams of?  

Content Warning: contains graphic sex scenes with multiple partners, including m/f and f/f sexual interaction, strong language, and end of the world shenanigans  

*The explosive climax to Taking Flight and A Clockwork Butterfly.

Book 3: The Meeting Point – out now! And what this post's been all about:

Other books in the series:

Book 1: A Clockwork Butterfly Now Available for only 99c!

Book 2: Taking Flight – now available – comment on any of my tour posts and I'll pop you in a draw for a copy of this one – if you can't wait, here's the buy links:

Tabitha Rayne has been told she is quirky, lovely and kinky – not necessarily in that order or by the same person. She writes erotic romance and as long as there’s a love scene – she’ll explore any genre. 

Her short stories are included in anthologies from Cleis Press, Ravenous Romance, HarperCollins Mischief, Xcite, Oysters & Chocolate, Burning Books Press and House of Erotica. Her novella, Mia's Books won a Reader's Choice Award with TwoLips reviews. The Meeting Point is the third book in The Clockwork Butterfly trilogy from Beachwalk Press.

Tabitha also has a passion for art and takes great pleasure in painting nude ladies.

Amazon Author PageUK
Amazon Author PageUS - provides an up to date book list

Thank you for reading! X x x

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