Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Welcome Nicki Elson today

Please give a warm welcome to Dave from Three Daves by Nicki Elson today as we sit down and see what makes him tick.

Q: So tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author?

Nicki couldn’t resist me. She knows every girl needs a bad boy in her life at one point or another, and I got to be Jen’s.

Q: What was it that drew you to Jen?

She’s cute. I liked the way she got all blushy and flustered when I gave her the smolder—Flynn Rider totally stole that from me, by the way. From the very first time I met Jen, I could see that she had good girl written all over her, but she also had that semi-punky hairstyle that showed she had a wild side just waiting to be explored. Exploring wild sides is my specialty.

Q: A little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced Jen?

I don’t think anything can beat our full-on makeout in front of everyone right in the middle of the Brother Kitty concert. It was so outside her comfort zone, but so, so hot…not to mention the groping that followed in the backseat of the car. I still can’t believe she didn’t invite me in after all of that.   

Q: Boxers, briefs or Commando on a man?

That depends on the state of my laundry.

Q: If your partner wants to seduce you, what's one sure fire trick they can do to seduce you?

Uh…smile, pout, look at me cross-eyed. Breathe. I’m not that tough to convince.

Q: What is the one place on Jen’s body that you know will drive her wild-in and out of bed?

I’d have to say her ears. She’d get all hot and bothered whenever I’d lean in close and give her my signature rumble/growl—that one’s patented, Rider, so back off.

Q: What was one of the most embarrassing things your author did to you in Three Daves?

When she let me get my ass kicked by that wuss Vid. It was only because he caught me by surprise—I was sleeping, man, and he came in screaming about me not being good enough to ever even look at Jen again. The kid might be a pacifist, but damn, when he’s fired up…

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

Yeah, tell Nicki she needs to write a sequel, and this time make me the star. She can even set it in current times, if she wants. I’m sure I’m still a major lady-killer as a fortysomething.  

Thank you Dave for joining us on 'Meet the Character' day here at Dawn’s Reading Nook Blog. You can find all of Nicki Elson’s books at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

 Three Daves by Nicki Elson

Jennifer Whitney was the last American virgin. At least that’s what she felt like in 1986 as she began her sophomore year at Central Illinois University. She was proud of her decision to wait for the right guy, and yet she was getting restless. It seemed like everyone around her was doing it... and having fun doing it, too. She didn’t want to become the campus slut or anything, but surely there was a difference between a trashy skank and a nice girl with a little experience. Perhaps it was time to stop relying on fate to guide her and instead take matters into her own hands. And with that realization, Jen decided to find “the one” and lose her virginity, although not necessarily in that order... 

About the Author

Writing fiction wasn't something Nicki set out to do; it just sort of happened when she realized writing reports was by far her favorite part of her investment consulting position. She traded stock allocation and diversification for story arcs and dialogue and now weaves her creative writing time in with the other activities of her busy life with her family in the Chicago suburbs. 

Nicki writes with two goals in mind: #1 to keep the characters realistic, even when their circumstances are anything but, and #2 to make the reader feel. "The comment I get most often from readers of Three Daves is how well they relate to the characters, how genuine they seem. And the greatest thing is that it doesn't seem to matter whether they went to college back in the 80s or are there now---they say the experience is genuine. I love hearing that."

Three Daves features three love interests for Jen: David, Dave (who you just met), and Big D.  Jen finds her perfect match, but which Dave is right for you? Take the quiz below to find out.


Nicki Elson said...

Thanks for having me over today, Dawn. It was fun letting Dave out to play.

Liz Blocker said...

LOL, this is a great interview :) Dave #2 is definitely fun to 'talk' to!

Janie Junebug said...

I love the quiz. I got David, which is a little freaky because I know a certain young man with that name. I enjoyed the interview. Dave, you are so full of it.


Jennifer Lane said...

Dave, you certainly don't lack self-esteem!