Friday, February 28, 2014

Welcome RJ Scott today

It’s weird you know. When the pressure is on to write a blog post all of sudden all my inspiration flies out the window! So I went looking at some suggestions of what an author might write about and came up with ‘a day in the life’.

Instead of a day though, I thought I’d go through my week, don’t worry, it won't be a long post!

I am a full time writer, I have been lucky enough to be so for three years now. Not only that but RJs hubby left the stressful world of IT and also works full time for Love Lane Books, so it is a family affair.

Each school day is a study in getting Matt up and out to school then writing as much as I can before he returns at 4. So that leaves me a sensible six hours writing a day. Only, Facebook intrudes, and my blog intrudes, and chatting to Meredith Russell or Amber Kell intrudes, which means some days (Monday in particular) I can write for five hours solid, but by Wednesday I am easily pulled away by the shiny! I have a 5000 words a day target, I can meet that on a Monday easily, some of the other days maybe not so much! Talking about Meredith, we have Instant Messenger (or whatever it is called now!) on all the time we are writing, and just every so often we’ll talk. It’s just nice to have her sitting on the right hand side of my desktop!

When I write I listen to music on my headphones. This blocks out external noise and I can only ever listen to music I know well so that the words and tunes just kind of fade into the background. The headphones are big Sony cordless ones so that they are comfy and it’s easy for me to move around!

If I get stuck on a story I will start drawing. Seriously. My sister bought me three doodle books for Christmas, and I doodle and colour as I think on story lines and characters. Very therapeutic. 

My writing day is nothing without copious cups of tea, and I actually break for ten minutes for lunch as well.

I have an office I share with hubby. It is supposed to be the dining room but it’s our space for Love Lane Books. I have a cool curved desk that stops my back ache from becoming too serious, and a huge monitor.

Unfortunately I also share this PC with Matt who takes it over when he comes home. *sobs*… he likes the big screen and the headphones, and the fact that we put a ceiling fan in the office just for him. Bless.

Hope you liked this little insight into my day…


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LeeAnn Pratt said...

out of all that what do I focus on? The huge cordless headphones...why cause I LOVE huge headphones. I have the kind that go over the ear which I love but they block nothing out. When I walk outside..sooooo not lately, this woman is not stupid, I will wear my 80's looking cordfull, is that a word? headphones attached, and blast, until this January , my small radio. now I have an iPod shuffle, I am a 2000 something girl now.What is my point? Oh I have none..just like the headphone thingy..;) Thanks for the "week in a life" thing...kinda cool to see that writers have no control of their surroundings either..:) Have a wonderful weekend Rj and Rj Hubby .