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Meet author Eddie Georgonicas today

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?
I have ideas noted down … stories I would like to write about in more detail but for now, my passion lay with finishing my trilogy. Book 2 of this trilogy has been written and is due out July 2014.  Book 3 is in the making hopefully for release July 2015. Been a busy year for me personally but I need to get some hard work in to writing Book 3  - The Angelic Intent (Have done about 15 000 words to date in a novel that will end up around the 80 000 word mark)
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Not that I have travelled extensively but I have been fortunate to travel through work and personal – three places that I instantly fell in love with was Orlando, Florida and Dusseldorf & Cologne in Germany (In fact Book 2 – is based around the city of Cologne Germany)
If someone hasn't read any of your work, what book would you recommend that they start with and why?
I hate to say it but I am proud of book 2 of my trilogy – it is there that I felt I started to find my rhythm – I don’t wish to detract from book 1 – I am proud of writing it and having it published…  but for me – I became most creative with Book 2 – it felt to me that the story line flowed from my thoughts to the paper a little easier than it did for me in Book 1 . And you can pick up Book 2 of the trilogy and not necessarily have to read book 1 to catch up. I believe that any art form (be it painting, writing, music - gets better with time and I am no exception )
When you begin your stories, do you go with the flow, or go with an outline?
For me – there is always a rough outline – a loose beginning, middle and end if you like  - but nothing is definite – the “goal posts” may change – I introduce myself to my characters and off we go for the adventure – I need to go with the flow.
If a movie or TV production company chose to produce your books into a series of shows or movies, who would your ideal cast be? To be honest, I have given this a little thought – Firstly – I would try and get a small character role (LOL) or cameo role … but I would like Cathy Bates and Anthony Hopkins as the grandparents  - Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Aniston as the parents – but will need help casting young Johnny and Tony and the Main Angelic Characters – can’t make my mind up on these just yet.
What is the best trick to overcome writer's block?
Just sitting somewhere peaceful and being surrounded by nature – its amazing but after a while  - when you can truly empty the worries of the world out of your head – ideas begin to flow – a type of meditation if you like – great for creativity
It's was a muggy summer by me. What is your favorite cool drink to enjoy during the summer?
A like a good Soda, Lime and Bitters on Ice
What do you feel is the most important thing that a first-time author should know? 
Its hard getting into the spotlight – very competitive out there and very slow getting your name known … but persist , don’t give in, tell everyone – I have business cards and bookmarks … where ever possible I advertise myself … so enjoy the journey and aim to be a little better known with each book release …. So for the readers of my Interview ----  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE  - don’t keep me a secret … 

 Spiritual Dreams of Heavenly War by Eddie Geordonicas
Anarchy of Angels Series Book One
Publisher Rogue Phoenix Press
Buy link

Tony’s life has had its challenges and Johnny has always been there for him.
Two young men, inseparable and as close as any two best friends could be.
The Angels have been observing them for a long time. There is a plan in the making and they need their help.
Every rule in Heaven will be broken in order to achieve this ultimate objective.
And as a result, two young friends will die well before their intended times in order to help the Angelic intent.
Maybe, but then again, Heaven gets more than what it bargained for.
And Heaven is in more trouble that it lets on. The boys will come to see this as they go deep into the land of "Fire & Brimstone"
They will come to venture where no Angel dare.

Teaser Excerpt:

The Angels were watching him. He, and those close to his heart, would play an important part in a grander heavenly plan. But before any of this could take place, Charlie Papageorgiou would have to rediscover his true self. He would not know it, but angelic guidance was there to help.
~ * ~
They set their sights on becoming the biggest gas manufacturing plant in Australia. Located close to the common borders shared by South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland, they were about to go into their next seven-year plan for ramping up gas production and supply.
It was an exciting time for the Gas manufacturer. The massive reserve they discovered deep below the desert of middle, eastern Australia would supply this country's energy needs for many decades to come.
A giant metal warehouse in the middle of nowhere. A combination of enormous chimney stacks, pipe works, pumps, boilers and storage tanks, connected and all dedicated to the cause of extracting then delivering gas through a massive feed of pipework.
The place was appropriately named MIDDLE DESERT GAS.
The year was 1967 and it was well into autumn. Not that this mattered in the middle of the desert. Autumn, this year, had still been hot.
Charlie Papageorgiou's alarm blared just after five a.m. Never a morning person, he struggled to get used to the early starts. Still half asleep and after an overdue visit to the toilet, Charlie walked outside his room for some fresh desert air.
Off toward the distant east, the sun had started to make its way into the horizon, intruding in on the darkness of the night. The chill from the desert night air was quick to warm to the first signs of the rising sun.
Charlie gazed across the massive dry landscape. Today, the knots in his stomach were a little more bearable than they had been in recent times. Charlie continued to pan his sights beyond the factory where there was nothing much but an uninterrupted flat of desert sand.
Off towards the horizon, the earth's floor and distant sky would seem to meet with a picturesque beauty that would remain blurred, thanks to the shimmering heat reflecting itself back up from the desert floor.
For the briefest of moments, Charlie stopped to watch the typical panoramic landscape with it's out of focus horizon.
"Another hot one," he mumbled to himself.
Charlie walked a little path which led out to an open area of the working camp. From there, he could stretch out while gaining a much clearer panoramic view of the campsite.
The morning ritual would normally help him get motivated for the day ahead, but in recent times, this was becoming increasingly difficult.
Directly in front of him but still a little distance away, were all the portable working offices. These transportable buildings sat in the middle of nowhere, safely located well away from anything else in the plant. There were close to fifty storage offices, some big and some small, but all clumped together like an army barracks facility.
Access from these offices to the production facility was best done by bicycle or motorized vehicle, both of which were readily available.
Charlie turned to look directly back at his room.
The camp's sleeping quarters were nothing more than a small bathroom, single bedroom and a radio and study desk for company.
Charlie staggered back into his room. Last night's sleep had not been good to him. The bland furnishings and the confinement of a work camp bedroom had begun to take their toll on Charlie's morale.
He walked towards his room and stopped. There he stood in the doorway. He sighed heavily as he looked at his orange overalls. They were scrunched up and piled into one corner of the study desk, having been tossed there from the night before.
Most employees came and went as per their two-week rotations. These employees were paid well for their troubles.
However, Charlie had been motivated by the money and was being paid extreme amounts to live onsite at the production plant. Only a select few worked permanently on the production site.
Running late, Charlie dragged himself into the shower. It would have to be brief if he also wanted to visit the canteen for a quick breakfast before starting work.
It was early morning and in the middle of the week. Not that this mattered much to the fly-in/fly-out rostered crew. They were on fourteen days straight with no weekends, as such, to speak about.
The maintenance crew sat around their storage room and makeshift meeting room. The shift started at six a.m., and the twelve man contingency were seated waiting for their manager to arrive. Like every morning, it kicked off with a routine toolbox meet.
The smell of instant coffee filled the air, as many needed their early morning heart starter to kick them into gear.
A change of shift had taken place. The new crew had come in on yesterday's flight. The only exceptions were the permanently based Charlie and the Maintenance Manager, Brad Wilkinson.
Brad was a big man. He stood way taller than anyone in the team, and at six feet, six inches tall he was, figuratively speaking, as tall as he was wide. His presence was only surpassed by his booming voice.
His sometimes rough and in your face attitude was not always appreciated by the maintenance staff, but at the end of it all, he always got the boys organized for the day and onto the job with little disruption.
The big man was not a permanent resident like Charlie, but he worked an unusual roster. In order to cover both maintenance crews and still find some time for home, Brad worked a three week on, one week off roster.
This morning's toolbox meet was about to begin. Brad had to cover certain topic discussions. It was mandatory to his job as a maintenance supervisor.
He would review the highlights of the previous working day as well as provision for the day ahead.
Maybe there were safety issues in a job? How could we make the job a safer task to perform? Were there any injuries? Did anyone not finish their scheduled work yesterday? What do we have planned today?
These questions and many more like them were all discussed. It gave every team member the opportunity to openly share information or raise any concerns.
The maintenance crew sat in their working overalls. They had all pulled out some seats that were stacked away in the corner. They gathered around in what might best be described as a poor attempt to form a perfect circle, spacing themselves evenly in a room the size of a typical double garage.
Around this storage facility, several different group conversations could be heard with the strange exception of Charlie. Today, the permanently rostered employee kept to himself.
Out of the many who worked on Shift A and Shift B, Charlie had felt closest and had formed a strong friendship with a member of the B shift. He went by the name of AJ.
Everyone liked AJ.
Short for Allan James McGregor; AJ had come to Australia many years back, having left his homeland of Scotland. His Scottish upbringing made for a quirky sense of humor.
"I see an eclipse. I think the sun just went out, boys," he said, referring to Brad as his massive shadow passed by the corner window.
Brad was still too far away from the team to hear the light-hearted gesture and follow on laughter. His hefty frame had him waddle more than walk. He was still a little time away from walking around and coming into the storage room.
"Quick, hide all your biscuits," AJ continued. The laughter in the meeting room grew. Even Charlie joined in with the odd sly giggle or two.
"And welcome, Mr. Eclipse." AJ said a little softer than his previous comments. Brad was about to turn the corner and walk in. When he did, all was suddenly silent and serious, although amongst the workers, the odd snicker could still be seen and faintly heard in the background.
Brad was down to the task and didn't give the silence a second thought. The odd smirk continued to rise from the crowd, but Brad was too busy getting his toolbox meeting paperwork in order to notice.
"Welcome, B Shift." Brad's voice was enough to awaken any half sleepers into full alert mode. "We are going to kick off today with our safety talk and today's topic is hand care." Brad looked up and focused in on Charlie. His smile was a little cheeky.
"You wanna tell them or shall I?" Brad jokingly asked.
Charlie rolled up his sleeve revealing a nice patch of redness that was grazed, burned and still tender to the touch. The injury could have been a lot more serious. Instead, it looked worse than what it was. Applause came from the rest of the team.
Safety was taken seriously; the applause was for Charlie's stupidity, and Charlie knew it and felt more the sillier for it.
"Well, go on, you have the safety talk this morning," said Brad.
"I got into a bit of strife the other day working on the pipes in boiler two room. I was sort of leveraging off one of the other pipes. I was leaning on it a bit. I didn't bother to check if steam was running through it and yep, it was. The bugger burnt me!"
Another congratulatory cheer rose up from the maintenance crew. This time it was louder than before. Charlie was a little embarrassed by the attention. All his fellow work mates delivered their personalized opinions in a way that was customary with the group.
"Settle down, settle down," said Brad as he regained some control over the boisterous maintenance crew.
Charlie tried to redeem a little credibility by his safety talk. He continued talking not only about his personal mishap but also of general hand safety and awareness. Safety was paramount, and despite the jokes, there was a seriousness that lurked in the background with all crews on all shifts. There was a big sign on the back of the storage room. It got down to the ultimate message in safety.
Brad led the discussion with the general work matters and job planning schedules for today and the week ahead. This was a somewhat typical morning toolbox meet.
Before the crew broke off for their respective duties, Brad pointed to the big sign.
"Make it a good and safe day boys." This was the big man's routine way of telling everyone the meeting was over.

About the Author

Eddie Georgonicas was born in the city of Adelaide, South Australia, where he still lives with his wife and two daughters. His passion for writing started probably a little later than most but when it came, the story needed to be told.
With keen interests in the Paranormal, After-life, Spiritual, Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction genres, he hopes to entertain audiences for years to come. 
The launch of SPIRITUAL DREAMS OF A HEAVENLY WAR is part of the trilogy "ANARCHY OF ANGELS". 
He wishes you a safe journey as  you join two young friends as they venture deep into the land of Hades.
(Look out for book two – A HEAVENLY INTERCEPTION – Release Date July 2014  - as the two young men play “cat and mouse” with a sinister Demon through the streets of Germany.)

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