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Book Spotlight~ To Know Your Wild Heart by Samantha Singer

To Know Your Wild Heart by Samantha Singer
M/M Paranormal
JMS Books
Available at Publisher

Orphaned in the forest as an infant, Kai grows up the only human among a pack of werewolves. When the pack learns that Marcellus, a renegade Skinwalker with an insatiable thirst for carnage and an unreasoning hatred for humans, has returned to finish what he started with the murder of Kai’s parents, for both Kai’s safety and that of the pack it is decided that Adair, the aloof and amiable werecat, will lead Kai to the safety of the human settlement nearby. With danger closing in and the attraction between them growing can either survive with their lives and hearts intact?

Teaser Excerpt:

Kai was more confused than ever. “What? Why? I don’t even know anyone named Marcellus.”
“It doesn’t matter if you know him or not. You’re human. That’s enough. I’m sorry you got the wrong idea about us. If you calm down and think rationally, you’ll realize that the best place for you in the human village. They can protect you. You’ll be happy.”
Kai shook his head and looked up at Adair. How was he supposed to calm down? His entire life was crumbling around him. “I’ll die there.” It was true. Kai wouldn’t know anyone. He had no idea what it meant to be human. In the pack, in the forest, he was free. The village would be a prison.
“If you stay in the forest you will die. The pack won’t protect you. Even I can’t protect you. In all probability Marcellus is the one responsible for the deaths of your birth parents.”
How dare Adair bring his natural parents into this? He knew how much Kai thought about them, how much he missed them sometimes. Just when Kai thought Adair couldn’t sink any lower.
“I hate you!” Kai screamed in helpless anger and pain. He saw Adair blanch before he turned and took off running as fast as he could, tears blurring his vision and hurt tearing his heart to shreds.
* * * *
Adair stood there stunned as Kai ran away. He had never seen Kai look the way he had. Heartbroken, devastated. The fact that he had put that expression on Kai’s face left him gasping. He wanted to go after him, knew that he should, but he couldn’t seem to get his feet to move.
I hate you! The words echoed in his ears, slicing into him like a blade. He just wanted to keep Kai safe from Marcellus. He should have also kept Kai safe from himself as well.
He should have realized what Kai thought was happening between them when he used the words ‘mate me’. Kai had been raised with pack values and would see their coupling as a sacred rite, not as an act of mutual pleasure as Adair did. He was a damn fool. He knew better, yet gave in to his baser instincts and desires to have Kai just one time. He let his judgment be clouded and now all hell had broken loose.
“Kai!” He called heading off after the human. It felt awkward to walk on two legs. “Kai! Come back here!”
Worry clawed at him. Kai was alone. Marcellus was somewhere in the forest. Marcellus who hated all humans and was hunting Kai. Adair had to find him. He stopped and sniffed the air, trying to pick up Kai’s unique human scent, but Kai had just bathed and his scent wasn’t discernible. Kai could have run in any direction. With no hint of scent, Adair had no clue which way to go. Any way could be the wrong way taking him farther away from Kai and bringing Kai closer to Marcellus.

About the Author

Sam Singer first discovered her love of writing in grade school, and it’s an affair that has continued to grow and flourish.  She dabbled in traditional romance before finding her one true love:  male/male erotica and romance.

 When not writing about beautiful men getting hot and sweaty, she works part time as a librarian and enjoys baseball, feeding her caffeine addiction, and watching classic movies.  She lives in a small town in the Midwest and is owned by her fickle Muse and insane cat, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

You can contact here her via her blog: http://sam_singer.livejournal.com or e-mail her at samsinger67@gmail.com.

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