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Take it Like a Man!

Thank you to Dawn for hosting me once again. This is my first post here in 2014, so happy new year everyone!

I have a story in the Take it Like a Man anthology that is out today at Torquere Press

First off, I have to show off the cover because it is very hot.

Talk about things that make me go YUM – there is one right there.

So my story for this anthology about men who are unabashed size queens stars Marcus and Jim as well as Billy and Montana. (Honestly, my Hammer men were the first to come to mind based on the theme of the anthology.)

When Masters Marcus and Billy join forces to play with their boys, Jim and Montana find themselves at the Hammer Club with the world’s largest plugs in them. Good thing their masters know just how far to push them and how to bring them the most pleasure.


Jim looked at Marcus, his buff, bald, beautiful master, eyes wide. "You what?"

"I want to go to the Hammer. Master Billy and Tanny are meeting us there."

"But..." Yes. Butt. Butt was the issue. He had a big plug in, heavy and metal and... He couldn't.

He wouldn't.

"I'll go change." Take the plug out.

"You're fine as you are, baby." Marcus patted his ass.

"Master!" He jumped about a mile in the air.

Marcus chuckled softly, making it clear that he knew exactly what Jim's predicament was. "I love how sensitive it makes you."

"I think I want to stay home. Work." He wasn't going to the club like this.

"We're meeting Master Billy and Tanny there, baby. You're coming." Marcus' tone brooked no argument.

"Can I take the plug out?"

"Absolutely not."

Jim tried to stare Marcus down, but his master just stared right back, not giving a quarter. No fair. This was entirely unfair. Vastly. Viciously. Possibly even mean.

His cock throbbed at the look in Marcus' eyes.

"I'm mad at you." Sort of. A little.

Marcus looked surprised. "Because I'm making you fly?"


The corner of Marcus' lips twitched.

"Don't you laugh at me, butthead."

"I'm not laughing at you!"

"Uh-huh." He pushed into Marcus' arms. "I have a plug the size of a third world country in. Let's stay home."

Marcus did laugh at that. "Oh, baby, you do make me happy." Marcus held him close and stole a kiss. "And I love the way you walk with a third world country in your ass.'

The kiss went deep and needy, Marcus licking into his lips. Those big hands grabbed his ass, squeezing -- making the plug shift inside him.

"Master..." Oh, fuck. It wiggled and shifted and lit him up.

"Right here. Ready to take you to the Hammer." Marcus swatted his ass.

"No spanking!" He went up on tiptoe, hips rocking violently.

"But you love being spanked." Marcus grabbed hold of his ass again, encouraging more rocking from him.

He gritted his teeth, the sensations near unbearable.

Then all of a sudden they stopped, Marcus patting his ass. "It's time to go, baby. We're meeting our friends for supper and I'd hate to keep them waiting."

"I'm not going to be able to get out of this, am I?"

"No, baby. You aren't." Marcus kissed his nose. "It's going to be fun."

"Uh-huh. For you." His ass was going to make him a blithering idiot within an hour.

"You're going to feel fantastic the entire time."

He didn't know about that, but Marcus was insistent, so he'd follow along.

For a little while.


The story is available on its own or you can pick it up in the Take it Like a Man anthology, which also has stories by Lorne Rodman, Mychael Black, T. Strange, BA Tortuga and Lily G. Blunt.

And if I may sneak in a tease for next week – the next Shibari Auction House is out on Thursday at Changeling Press.


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