Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Welcome Angel Payne today/Giveaway

It’s really exciting to be back at Dawn’s Reading nook for a visit!

Dawn and her gang have been supporting my stuff since the very first Kinky Truth book—and from the bottom of my heart, thanks SO much to you wonderful goddesses! It always makes a stop here that much more special and fun.

Today, we’re celebrating the arrival of the third book in my W.I.L.D. Boys of Special Forces series: Surrendering To Her Sergeant. Here’s an exclusive excerpt:

“Is this a dream?”

The words were whispered into Ethan Archer’s ear by the forest goddess he was seconds away from kissing. Corny comparison? Roger that. But completely true? Double on the affirmative. She was mesmerizing. Thick mist rolled around the pine tree to which he’d pressed her, stroking the waves of her auburn hair, leaving droplets on the long lashes bordering her indigo eyes, caressing every inch of the light bronze skin that the cowl of her sweater would allow. Lucky bastard, that mist.

“I was thinking the same thing,” he murmured. “Maybe we’d better do some recon, just to be sure.”

“Yeah. Recon…” Her voice trailed away into a needy sigh, suffusing his chest with warmth and his cock with fire, as they leaned toward each other. He caught the end of her breath with a brush of his mouth to hers.

His gentle intent lasted two seconds.

The second he tasted her, he needed more. Strawberries. Mango. Sunshine. Sudden summer in this chilled bower. Fuck, yes. He used his lips to spread her, demanding deeper entrance. When she yielded with an eager mewl, he swept in, coaxing her tongue into a sensual dance. By raw instinct, he found both her wrists with his hands. With one sweep, he had them locked over her head, against the tree’s trunk.

He pulled away to lock his gaze on her, too. “My dream includes this,” he growled.

A slow smile curled on her lips. “Mine, too.”

“That’s not what your eyes are telling me, sunshine.”

She widened those indigo irises. “Wh-what do you—”
“What is it? What are you holding back? Tell me now.”


“What?” he demanded.

“Tighter,” she finally rasped, working her wrists against his grip. “I need it tighter,

Ethan. Please…”

Surrendering to Her Sergeant -- Coming November 11, 2013

Corporal Ethan Archer has just earned his sergeant's stripes, and a trip to the fun and sun of LA is just the celebration that the guys on his Special Forces team have deemed the perfect celebration. Ethan has ulterior motives for agreeing so readily to the vacation. He can't forget a magical hour in a North Cascades forest last winter, shared with an indigo-eyed goddess named Ava Chestain, who now calls LA her home.

Ava is a makeup artist for Bella Lanza, star of the wildly-successful nighttime drama Dress Blues. When Ethan and his buddies finagle a visit to the set, his reunion with Ava melts the months away—but their time is cut short by Bella, who’s determined to rekindle her own naughty past with Ethan. His efforts to push Bella off are thwarted when the unit is called to secretly cut their vacation short in the name of assisting the CIA on a harrowing plot to destroy the West Coast. Part of the plan? Someone has to get closer to Bella--and Ethan's the logical choice.

Though Ethan risks his career by telling Ava about the plot, her trust is an impossible gift to earn. Her passion is a different story. As his willing submissive, Ava gives him the fire his body craves...and the surrender his soul needs. She's a dream come true--until the cuffs come off and the sun comes up.

As Ava gives Ethan more nights with her body, it becomes harder to keep hiding her heart from his touch, too. Every time she drops at his feet, she finds herself tumbling for him in deeper, more disconcerting ways. Bella's interference intensifies her struggle against past demons, and the man who stirs them so.

When a terrifying turn of events escalates the terrorists’ plan into full reality, Ethan must make decisions that will either kill or save them all--and his plan includes the necessity of Ava's trust. Can surrender to him with everything she is--including what could be her last breath?

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Lisa W said...

I think I might have a new favorite WILD boy!

Lisa SK said...

I love the wild boys and seeing Ian Somerhalder is your Ethan just brought the OMG to a whole new level. Ian is my big girl crush and I have always been in lust with Ethan…..

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