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Introducing author Charlene Roberts

Please give a warm welcome to author Charlene Roberts who dropped by to chat with me and I got to admit I just LOVE her cover for Festive Persuasion.

To get us started can you tell us a little about what you are working on or have coming out?
I just finished my manuscript which is a sequel to “A Gentleman’s Savior” and finally submitted it to Ellora’s Cave at the end of October.
And right now I have a sweet Regency Christmas story out, also with Ellora’s Cave Blush line, called Festive Persuasion, which I must say I enjoyed writing.

If we asked your muse to describe you using five words, what do you think they would say?
Procrastinator; stubborn; creative; funny; slow.

Coffee, tea or other drink to get you moving in the morning?
Tea is my favourite. I grew up on the stuff and it’s never let me down.

Name one thing readers would be surprised to know about you.
I had seriously thought about entering a fitness contest. And I was almost in shape too, but when I got to the dieting portion, I couldn’t do it; no matter how much my trainer tried to console me by saying it was only temporary, I loved my food too much! The lesson? Make absolutely sure that you’re mentally and physically ready—it’s so much harder than it looks.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
It would have to be England. I visited this amazing country and now I want to live there! The rich history, the people—absolutely amazing. And England is the jump point to all the other countries in Europe. When I started my new job, I told them that if there was any chance of relocating, even for a brief time, I want to go to England.

When you begin your stories, do you go with the flow, or go with an outline?
I do a bit of both. I write a rough outline of the plot, think of names for my characters, and off I go! :) I’ve tried the detailed oultine approach, but noticed that I lose interest in my story. I find that having as little as possible in front of me actually makes the creative juices flow better.

Is it hard coming up with titles or characters names?
I love making up names and titles! That’s one of my stronger traits. But for a bit of help, I’ll also look at baby names and check out street names, especially for Regency characters. I live in Canada, so there are a lot of old English names used here.

Are there any books coming that you are itching to read (either electronic or print)from your favorite authors?
I’ve been on a fantasy kick for the past year, and have really enjoyed reading Michelle Sagara’s Chronicles of Elantra for Harlequin LUNA (which has now been merged with MIRA, I believe) I’m reading the latest book as slow as possible, because I don’t know when the next book will release.

What do you feel is the most important thing that a first-time author should know?
Do. Not. Give. Up. There are now so many different options to becoming published, the only thing that will hold you back is not writing your story. As for myself, I wrote for just over ten years before publishing my first novel for Ellora’s Cave, but the important thing? I stuck to it.

Has there been any character that started off as supporting character, but then developed into a more prominent character?
In A Gentleman’s Savior, my heroine has a best friend, Christine. Despite Chris’s large family of parents, siblings, nieces and nephews, she has always made time for Stephanie, who is an only child and whose parents passed away. Stephanie has a chance of living a new life and takes it. Chris is happy and upset, and the ending naturally leads to a sequel. I admit I wasn’t going to work on it, but my editor asked when she would see Chris's story.

What is the next book you'll write?
I have been working on the third book after A Gentleman’s Savior. This arc has a fantasy element to it, and the arts teacher involved is a witch. I wrote about half of Leila’s story during the 2012 National Novel Writing Month, but then I got stuck in the dreaded middle. I’m trying to get through that.
I’m also working on a submission call for Hot Highlanders and Vikings, and having fun with that story!

It was a muggy summer by me. What is your favorite cool drink to enjoy during the summer?
Iced tea, hands down! I like summer alcoholic drinks, but find that the booze goes right to my brain in the heat! Lol

Festive Persuasion

Sweet Regency novella
 Ellora's Cave Blush Line
Cotillion Christmas Series
Available at Publisher / Amazon 
Blush sensuality level: This is a sweet romance (kisses only, no sexual content).

A false rumor about Lord Trevor Normandale’s tenuous connection to a murder circulates within the ton. He and his family have successfully defeated the lie, but at a cost; he has made the painful decision to relinquish any hope of pursuing Lady Sophia Weston, as Lord Trevor is afraid the lady will not look upon him favorably again.
Lady Sophia tolerates persistent visits from Lord Walter Talbot, yet she knows that her heart belongs to Lord Trevor, despite his stubborn honor to stay away.

During the Christmas season, Lady Sophia must show Lord Trevor—through gentle persuasion—that her feelings for him have not changed, and fight off Lord Walter, who will do anything to win her affections.

Teaser Excerpt:

Caroline smiled. “I’m glad to hear of it. And rest assured that you will have an opportunity to prove to Lord Trevor that your devoted interest in him is still intact. His family has been invited to our festive ball. I trust that you will not squander the chance to gently persuade him that he is greatly missed by you.”
Sophia felt her cheeks grow hot. “Upon my word, Caroline, the things that you say!”
She laughed. “I only say what I believe to be true. And I see that you do have gentle feelings for Lord Trevor.”
Sophia decided it was time to change the subject. “And what of you, Caroline? Have you been receiving any callers? You must, if you are insisting on a marriage proposal in twelve days’ time.”
Caroline laughed. “Very clever, Sophia! You have changed the subject and discovered my secret.” She leaned close. “I have not said anything as it is very soon, but I have received a visit from Lord Collingwood.”
Sophia gasped. “The Duke of Gravehurst’s eldest son? My dearest friend, you have made a significant conquest!”
“It is too early to make such an assumption, Sophia.”
“Oh, but I must disagree. I have heard that Lord Collingwood is not a man to casually bestow his attention on any lady. What did you do to earn his interest?”
Caroline shrugged. “I truly do not know. My family and I were invited to a party by Lord and Lady Gravehurst, and I had discovered that Lord Collingwood recently returned from traveling abroad and was in attendance. We conversed occasionally during the event, but I had thought nothing of it. In a matter of days, Lord Collingwood had paid an unexpected call on my father.” Her voice lowered even further. “And three days ago, Lord Collingwood called on me.”
“But that is wonderful!”
 “Lord Collingwood and Lord Walter have both been invited to our festive ball as well.” Caroline picked up her book. “This Christmas season should prove to be an exciting time.”
Sophia stared at her friend. “Why Caroline, you are quite serious.”
“I am. We should be married to rich, influential men by now, not sitting together reading and knitting and daydreaming. We now have a plan of action, and we will see it through to Twelfth Night.”
Something in her friend’s manner sparked Sophia’s emotion. “Besides the country balls, there is one other important event,” Sophia mentioned. “And I hope that you have been invited.”
“The Regent’s Christmas ball,” Caroline replied excitedly. “Can you imagine the gentlemen at this event? We will have to look our very best.”
“That is several days from now,” Sophia said. “So I suggest that we concentrate our efforts here and lay claim to any future callers as well as at Prince George’s party.”
“A wonderful plan. I know that our family country ball will offer wonderful and ample opportunities. We must be sure to obtain as much positive exposure to garner the gentlemen’s favorable attentions.”

About the Author

Charlene Roberts lives in Toronto, Canada. Her writing career started after helping a friend type her historical novel. When she became a member of her local writing group, she pursued her love of the written word until her first sale and hasn't looked back since.
She has worked as a Script Supervisor, Book Reviewer for Romantic Times, modeled and now works as an Administrative Assistant at a consulting company. However her love of creating stories for others to read and enjoy still remains her first and foremost passion.

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