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Discover Dangerous Attractions Box Set/Giveaway

10 Award-winning, bestselling authors – 10 Hot Heroes – 10 Romantic Suspense Page Turners

With nine full-size novels from bestselling romantic suspense authors and a brand new Christmas novella from New York Times bestselling author, Rebecca York, this boxed set can’t be missed. Sexy, steamy heroes to heat you up and twisting plots to keep you turning page after page well past midnight!Grab it at the introductory price of 99 cents. That’s 10 books for less than a buck!

From sweet to scorcher, these stories are a must read. Fall in love with our sexy cops, tough military heroes, and hot CEOs. Treat yourself to an amazing reading experience by top authors of romantic suspense collected in one boxed set at a price that can’t be beat.

Ignited by award-winning and national bestselling author, Kaylea Cross – Can sexy ex-SEAL Hunter Phillips keep Khalia safe from the terrorists who took her father’s life? (Scorcher)

Secret Guardian by international bestselling author, Jill Sanders – Will ex-special forces hero, Ethan, save Ann in time, only to lose himself to love? (Scorcher)

Deathscape by Daphne du Maurier Award of Excellence recipient and Rita Award finalist, Dana Marton – Detective Jack Sullivan will do anything to put Ashley in prison for her crimes…even if he’s falling in love with her. (Sensual)

Legal Ease by award winning and national bestselling author Lori Ryan – Marrying Kelly solved the problems this steamy CEO faced at his company, but will he ever be able to forgive himself for the price she has to pay? (Scorcher)

The Killing Game by international bestselling author, Toni Anderson –Forced to choose between his country and his heart, British SAS Soldier, Ty Dempsey risks it all to save a wildlife biologist caught in the crosshairs of a ruthless killer. (Sensual)

Fallen SEAL Legacy by national bestselling author, Sharon Hamilton – Will Navy SEAL Cooper be able to survive the loss of the woman he loves, or will his self-sacrifice be enough to keep Libby safe? (Scorcher)

Three Days in Seattle by national bestselling author, Debra Burroughs – Trying to stay a step ahead of a lunatic set on revenge, Kate and Ryan are locked in a desperate race to find her missing sister and capture the madman before both women wind up dead. (Sweet)

See Me in Your Dreams by Patricia Rosemoor, Golden Heart Winner and two-time recipient of the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award – Her dreams allow her to see through his missing daughter's eyes, but he thinks she’s a con woman...until she dreams of something known only to him and the girl. (Sensual)

Catching the Bad Guy by national bestselling author, Marie Astor – Top-notch white collar crime investigators Janet Maple and Dennis Walker team up to solve what could be the biggest case of their careers, but will their attraction to each other get in the way? (Sensual)

Bonus Christmas Novella, Christmas Captive by Romantic Times Career Achievement Award Winner and Rita Finalist, Rebecca York – Her special sight let her glimpse the Christmases past of this international financier, but did he have a Christmas future?

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Excerpt from DEATHSCAPE by Dana Marton:

“I had a sister.” Jack told Ashley. “Six years older than me. She raised me, pretty much. Breast cancer took our mother in her twenties.”
A dull pain throbbed to life in the middle of his chest. Then came the flood of guilt. "Our father was working the graveyard shift. I was a teenage brat, wanted pizza. We lived too far outside of town. The only pizza shop didn’t deliver that far out. I begged her into it. I stayed home and played video games. She drove out for the pizza. She always tried to make up for the fact that I had to grow up without a mother. I was a spoiled little shit, pretty much.”
“Anyway, she never came back. They found…” He swallowed hard. “Parts of her, six months later.” He searched her gaze, looking for blame. He didn’t find any. “I grew up then.”
“And followed Blackwell since?”
“I’ll be following him until the day I catch him.”
“Even if it takes the rest of your life?”
He shrugged. “Whatever it takes.”
Ashley came over and laid a slim hand on his arm. Heat shot through his body instantly at the slight touch. She was too close; he’d been holding himself in check for too long. She meant her gesture to be comforting, he was sure, but he wanted another kind of comfort.
She drew a slow breath. He didn’t want to hear what else she had to say. She wanted him to walk away from his vengeance and be a better man. She wanted him to fight against the forces that kept pulling him back to his dark place, like she was fighting. He didn’t want to hear it.
He reached for her and drew her to him. And then he kissed her.
Since he was never going to get into heaven, this was the closest thing he was going to get. He lowered his hands to her waist and anchored them there. And then he deepened the kiss.

Excerpt for THREE DAYS IN SEATTLE by Debra Burroughs:           
Kate slid into the booth.
Ryan took off his jacket and slipped in across from her. He picked up the menu and scanned over it. “The Mahi Mahi looks good.”
Her phone began to ring and she was quick to answer it. “Hello, this is Kate.”
“Kate,” said an unfamiliar male voice, “be quiet and listen carefully. If you want to see Whitney alive, you’ll do what I say.”
“What?” she asked.
Ryan raised his eyes from the menu and looked over at her.
“I have your sister. Act like I’m an old friend. If you don’t play along with me, I will kill her.”
“Oh, hello, Cynthia,” Kate said. “Sorry, I couldn’t hear you at first.”
Ryan returned to reading the menu.
“I want you to tell your friend you need to go and use the ladies room. Do you understand?”
“Yes, I’d be happy to help you when I get back in town.”
“Come out the rear door of the restaurant. I left a package in the alley with instructions.”
“Yes, that would be fun.”
“Come out to the alley alone, or I promise you I will kill your sister.”
“Okay, I’ll see you then.”
“Who was that?” Ryan asked.
“A girlfriend from LA. She wants to get together when I get back.” Kate scooted out of the booth.
“Where are you going?”
“The ladies room. Why don’t you order the Mahi Mahi for me?”
“All right.” Ryan went back to studying the menu. “I can’t make up my mind.”
Kate was terrified going out into the back alley alone, certain she was walking into a trap, but she was willing to do whatever she had to, to save her sister’s life. If she refused to comply with the kidnapper’s instructions, he would kill Whitney—if he hadn’t already.

Excerpt from THE KILLING GAME by Toni Anderson:

A tent flap was flung back and the tall skinny guy who’d ridden off yesterday morning emerged, carrying two buckets of steaming hot water. He strode over to a curtained-off area that must be a jerry-rigged washing area. Dempsey felt a moment of extreme envy because he itched with grime from scalp to toes. It would be cold but it would be worth it to feel clean even for a short time.
From this elevation he had a clear view of the cubicle. He looked back at the yurts but out of the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of the guy pulling off his hat and shirt. Dempsey’s gaze swung back. Suddenly his skin felt too tight, and heat rapid-fired through his veins.
There was enough skin on display to convince him that was no man. Long brown hair, the color of rich mahogany, tumbled in a straight line down her back. She grabbed the soap and turned to face him, small breasts with high pink nipples, pebbled from cold, waving hello.
It was a hell of a scope.
And he shouldn’t be looking.
She dipped a washcloth into a bucket and started cleaning herself. Water slid over her skin and her body sparkled in the newborn rays of the sun. His mouth went dry as she sluiced water through her hair. There were no weapons hidden anywhere on her person—he could verify that. She was lean and muscled—hard for a trained observer not to notice.
Heat flooded his body. Finally he dragged his gaze away and sweated out the next couple of minutes of torture as she finished her impromptu shower.
Which he now needed more than ever.
She didn’t look like a local. Her body was pale as cream and she had a healthy well-nourished glow that people here did not have. Out of his peripheral vision he saw her reach out to grab a towel. His earpiece crackled.

Holy Mary, Mother of God. He felt like his CO had caught him masturbating.

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