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Book Spotlight: Eileen Green's Angela's Awakening/HOT Excerpt

Discover the passion in Angela's Awakening by Eileen Green
Men of Montana Series, Book Two
Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/M/F, with M/M elements, consensual BDSM, voyeurism, flogging, sensation play, HEA
Siren Publishing

                Running Wolf Lighthorse works for the Circle G Ranch and was caught up in the shootout with the Russian Mob, helping to save his bosses’ woman, Lyndee Dwyer.  Severely injured, he ended up in Denver recuperating when he met one of Lyndee’s colleagues, Lawrence Whitaker.  Lawrence made no qualms about the fact he was gay when he seduced Wolf.  After the brush with death, Wolf delved into the experience and fell in love with the blond Adonis.

                Returning home with Lawrence in tow, they have discussed needing a third to round out their rough edges.  They have also fallen in love with Angela Lawson, the sister of the local Sheriff, who upon their arrival, they find her in imminent danger as someone from her past has returned. 

                They have to find a way to convince Angela of their love for her which is proving hard because her past is like a bad penny, constantly turning up to haunt her.  Angela loves the two men, but she is afraid to commit because if they get hurt because of her, she would never be able to forgive herself.  She also feels that if they really get to know her, they won’t want her, forgetting Wolf knows about her past and the people she has hurt. 

                Can Running Wolf and Lawrence save their lady love and can Angela move past the demons that haunt her along with the one that wants her dead?  Follow their heated story to see if all three will get the happily ever after they want.

Adult Excerpt

Dipping two of his fingers into the stick of butter he held them up to show Angela as he stepped between her legs. A squeal escaped her lips as she tried to back up but her back came in contact with the backsplash. Wolf’s hand flashed out quickly and grabbed her left breast, wiping the yellow oily butter onto her before moving to her right breast and repeating the motion. She screamed reaching for the dishcloth resting between the double sinks. A large bronzed hand stopped hers.
Wolf’s left hand turned the knob on the stove, turning off the burner as his right hand caressed her slippery breast. He was staring into her green eyes which had turned a darker green from where Lawrence stood. Wolf leaned over and swiped this tongue across Angela’s turgid nipple. She gasped at the action, looking down adoringly at the man pleasuring her. His mouth captured the hard nub between his teeth and tugged on it, pulling it out from her breast.
The moan that emanated from her was a cock teaser and both occupants of the kitchen turned to see where the gasp had come from. Shock and guilt registered on both faces when they saw Lawrence standing there, neither moving. Wolf’s teeth remained on the nipple though his head was turned, causing more pleasurable pain for Angela, the moaning becoming more evident.

Lawrence had stood fascinated at the scene as it unfolded before him, wanting to see how his two lovers interacted with each other. He had to tell his dick to settle down, but it wasn’t listening. He wanted to join them and move this to the bedroom, but he also wanted to see them interact together without them knowing he was there just yet. 
Finally, after being noticed, Lawrence moved into the room, slowly, as his dick was so swollen within his briefs. Stepping over to the two, he watched as Wolf released Angela’s nipple, he watched it retract to her breast, wet with their lover’s saliva. The two stared at him as he approached and he could see the apprehension in their eyes.
Stopping next to Wolf, Lawrence snaked his hand behind the man’s neck and pulled him to him. His lips slashed across Wolf’s oily lips, his tongue slipping out to taste his man with a slight hint of butter. His tongue urged the lips open and Lawrence thrust it into the cavern that was Wolf’s mouth. Their tongues dueled for a minute before Lawrence pulled back, his lips sipping several times at the full lips beneath his before releasing his hand from Wolf’s neck.
He turned to the woman sitting on the counter, spread out before the two. Lawrence whipped his other hand out and grabbed Angela’s chin, pulling her face down to his, his eyes daring her to pull away. She let him orchestrate the moment.
“Kiss me,” Lawrence commanded.
Angela leaned down, pressing her lips to his, tentatively. It was a light, brief touch of her lips on his but enough to cause his heart to slam against the wall of his chest. He wanted more. Slamming his mouth onto hers, his tongue demanded entrance. Her lips opened beneath his prying mouth letting his tongue slip through into her depths. He felt as if he was touching heaven as his tongue touched hers and then glided across the velvety surface. Sweeping it around, Lawrence caressed all the areas of her mouth, exploring all that belonged to him there.
He ravaged her mouth, enjoying his time there as he felt Wolf’s hand on his back, caressing it lovingly. It thrilled Lawrence that Wolf watched this interaction between them but he also sensed that the man wanted to join them. Reaching around with his free hand, he let it wander to his lover’s crotch and found what he wanted. The hard length beneath the denim excited him. Pulling his lips from Angela’s, Lawrence looked into her dark lust- filled eyes. Her tongue licked out to taste the lingering flavor of him but also out of nervousness.
Still staring into the green pools of her eyes, he bent down and captured her nipple in his mouth. He sucked the butter from the hard nub, twirling his tongue around it. When he felt hands upon his shoulders, he knew they were Wolf’s since Angela hadn’t moved. His suit coat was being removed as he continued to lave Angela’s breast. He could hear her breath hitching in her throat as he increased his suckling.
With his coat gone, he felt Wolf’s hard body press up against his as the hands moved around under his arms to cover his pecs. Lawrence groaned around the nipple in his mouth as fingers flicked at his own hardened nipples beneath the cotton fabric. Thrusting his hips back, he felt his man’s hard cock pressing against his ass. He groaned even more, knowing the sound reverberated through Angela’s breast as she thrust her chest further against his face.
Coming up for air, he leaned up and slashed his mouth against hers again as his hands came to rest on her hips. Pulling her closer to him, her pussy became flush with his abs. Through the fabric of his shirt and the denim of her jeans, he felt the heat from her core which heated him further. Sandwiched between both of his lovers, he felt as if he had come home completely for the first time in ages. His teeth nipped at Angela’s lips, plumping them with passion.
Wolf began to unbutton Lawrence’s shirt, pulling it out of his pants when he got to his waistband. When he was finished, he pulled the article from his partner’s muscular frame, tossing it aside. Fumbling with the belt Lawrence wore he finally unbuckled it and then undid the fastener of the fly before unzipping him. Wolf’s hand snaked down the waistband of his lover’s briefs and over the silky length of steel confined within the material.

About the Author:

Writing is Eileen’s main hobby though she enjoys the outdoors when she can find spare time away from the computer. She enjoys finding the beauty in things, whether it is in nature or even the human body. A people watcher, she admits to enjoying just watching people and their nuances in the one place people can really be themselves…Disneyland, for even in the Happiest Place on Earth, she is unable to turn off the creative switch in her head. Many a character has been created in her mind while people-watching.
                For the quirkier side of Eileen, anytime of the year you can find her watching Christmas movies or even singing Christmas carols. If her family didn’t threaten to commit her, she admits she would have Christmas decorations up all year long. How does she get away with some of those decorations sticking around? Coca-Cola decorations adorn her kitchen, and what are Coca-Cola decorations without a few Santa’s on them?

Now, Eileen would like to welcome you, the reader into her family of characters, to let them come alive for you in your own imagination and mind’s eye.

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