Saturday, August 31, 2013

Discover Making the Grade by Lily Rede and Jane Gaudet/Win The Ebook

Summer's almost over and I could not be happier.  Crazy, I know, but I'm a creature of habit and September means back to routine and back to pages - you can take the girl out of school (by, ahem, several decades)...I get more done in the autumn than at any other time of the year.  Today I thought I'd talk about writing habits.

Writers are odd creatures and very sensitive to their environment.  Every writer I know can only create under very specific conditions - if it's too hot, too cold, too noisy, too quiet, or the wrong time of day, forget it.  Personally, I like white noise and the indistinct jumble of coffee shop crowds, but interruptions will kill it for me - it takes a solid twenty minutes to get into the "zone" and even a waiter at the coffee shop asking me if I need anything is enough to knock me out of it.

I've also discovered that I can't write the racy stuff unless there's no one else in the room - which was a shock, let me tell you.  "Prudish" is not really in my personality description, but I discovered this horrible trait when I was working on the love scenes for SAFE FROM THE FIRE last spring.  I remember thinking, "All these people are here to get their coffee and go about their day, and I'm sitting in a corner, typing, wondering if my spanking scene is intense enough."  My brain put on the brakes.  Ever since, I write the naughty bits at home, preferably with a gin and tonic in hand.

I'm going to keep summer alive for a few more weeks - there are three more TEACH ME TONIGHT stories to send out into the world, and hopefully the summer heat on the pages will keep everyone toasty warm as it starts to cool down.  Meanwhile, I'm going spend my days curled up in my coffee shop corner, tending to my little plot bunnies, but leaving the ones wearing red lace on their cotton tails firmly at home.

What are some of your writing habits?  When do you write best?

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Math teacher Sadie Dunne’s summer is not off to a good start. Not only has she spent the entire school year getting pushed around by her rambunctious students, by their parents, and by her colleagues, who find it all too easy to take advantage of her generous heart, but instead of taking a relaxing vacation on a tropical beach somewhere, she’s stuck teaching summer school. To make matters worse, the AC in her classroom is broken and too-hot-for-his-own-good maintenance man Cooper Bell seems more interested in flirting with her than in fixing it. When her latest mistake of a relationship implodes, Sadie has had enough. For once, Sadie wants to be the one calling the shots – in her classes, in her life, and especially in the arms of the hunky handyman.

Cooper has never been great at reading women, and the mixed signals from the lovely Sadie have been driving him crazy! She may want him, but she never speaks up, and he worries that she’s out of his league. When an accident traps them in a supply closet together, Cooper sees an opportunity to convince her to give him a chance, even if it means letting her call the shots and revealing his deepest, darkest fantasy of submitting to a beautiful woman. A steamy tryst in a closet is one thing, but can Sadie and Cooper get past their self-doubt to teach each other how to be happy together?

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