Monday, June 24, 2013

Welcome Angel Payne today

Angel Payne presents:  UNDER THE COVERS with Mast Stafford, from “Lords of Sin: Trade Winds”

First a word from Angel:
LORDS OF SIN is a “dip” into my “other” side, if you will. It’s not secret to many who know me that I have a fascination with history. I’m one of those die-hard attendees of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire (yes; I dress up!), and I’m simply a sucker for a tall, dark alpha male wearing any kind of swaggering period attire at ALL.

The LORDS OF SIN books will feature my swarthy, gorgeous Stafford men over assorted periods in time. Though TRADE WINDS is an edited (and sexed up!) re-release of a book that I originally released in the 90’s, I’m excited to say that there are many more naughty tales brewing in my noggin, including a sassy Victorian spanking novella and a prince from the 1940’s who captures the heart of a Stafford woman.

Thanks for giving my “other side” a try! I hope you enjoy Mast and Golden’s tale—and if YOU have a favorite historical time period, let me know by responding to this blog. **All repsonses will be put into a drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card!! Woot! Would love to hear from you!

Now I’m going to shut my cute little mouth, and let you hear a bit from Captain Mast Stafford, the cocky and swaggering hero from TRADE WINDS. I think you’ll find him to be a bit…errmm..interesting!

Angel: Well, Mast, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to time travel forward over two hundred years to be with us today!

Mast: ‘Tis my pleasure, glorious creator.

Angel: (*Trying to remember what she was going to say after Mast flashes a disarming grin*) You know, you have a really gorgeous smile. I’m feeling a bit like Bella Swan with Edward.

Mast: Who?

Angel: Okay, then Elizabeth Bennet with Mr. Darcy.

Mast: Who?

Angel: Oh, hell.

Mast: (*After scowling and making his eyes turn from bone-melting cobalt to heart-stopping midnight*) Creator or not, you should be spanked for that language, woman.

Angel: (*With a wicked smirk*) Oh, HELL.

Mast: (*Shaking head*) ‘Twould seem you were raised in the same jungle as my Golden, Mistress Payne.

Angel: Yes, let’s talk about that. Guess I gave you a bit of a wild adventure in having to transport Golden back to her pap, hmmm?

Mast: (*glaring darkly*) “Adventure.” Well, aye…you could phrase it that way if you were feeling optimistic.

Angel: (*Gives a saucy wink*) I kind of knew you’d have fun.

Mast: You’re getting liberal with your definitions again, I see. “Fun” was getting to romp with the woman in a waterfall. “Fun” was NOT finding her missing from my ship, having to search all of Abaco for her, then having to walk into one of Roche Braziliano’s bridal auctions to fetch her delectable ass—especially right after another cutthroat purchased her.

Angel: But she was worth it, wasn’t she?

Mast: (*With a soft smile*) Aye, Mistress. She was worth it, indeed.

You can buy LORDS OF SIN: TRADE WINDS now at:

Feel free to get in touch, too!

LORDS OF SIN: Hot, Sexy Slices of History, featuring different generations of the Staffords: alpha men who will make you melt!

Lords of Sin: Trade Winds


The Moonstormer!

No two words can fill Golden Gaverly's heart with more hatred—or terror. But none of the island legends of her youth have prepared her for this kind of a monster, who gives her chills of a much different kind with his powerful body, commanding presence, and heated touch. Suddenly, she’s aboard the man's ship, with her life indebted to him. No matter how she resists, her senses and her soul are helpless to resist his pull—and the catastrophe that bedding him will surely bring.


Sea superstition or not, Mast Stafford is going to complete this voyage if it kills him. The fortune of a lifetime awaits him at journey's end, meaning he can finally consummate his life's dream. But this wild-eyed hellion, riding her way into his life with the dolphins on the waves, is no ordinary piece of cargo…and the fire she stirs in his blood is no ordinary blaze. Maybe she is a ruthless sea siren, but dying by her hand suddenly seems a small price to pay for burying his body inside hers.


Through lands where voodoo legends clash with European power plays, where trust is earned with a pistol barrel and honor is a dagger in the back, Mast and Golden must learn to believe in a forgotten something called in a forgotten power called love...listen to a forgotten whisper called the trade wind.

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