Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting to know Eva Gordon


Welcome to my Reading Nook, Eva Gordon. Please make yourself at home and let my cabana boys/girls get you a drink.

Hi, Thank you for inviting me, I’m delighted to be here.

Comfortable? Wonderful. Now let’s get started.

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.

Dr. Dora Adler, the novel’s heroine. I love her sense of humor or wit despite the high-octane stress of dealing with the undead, mad scientists, werewolves and her unusual awakening gifts. Even with an alpha werewolf asserts his authority, my way or the highway, little red riding hood, she is determined to save those she loves.

Tell us about your current/upcoming release. What inspired this story?

Apocalyptic Moon is a dystopian paranormal romance. It takes place soon after the zombie apocalypse has wiped out most of humanity. I was inspired by my love of the werewolf and zombie genre.  I love crossing genres.

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

Daytime. A typical 9-5 job, but one that takes place in a fantastical world. I write until 2 or 3, with yoga, lunch, coffee and or dog walk breaks. In the afternoon I promote.

What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Hard to say. I enjoy the rough draft and the numerous editing. It’s hard when I’m completely done because I miss the characters and hate to see them go off into the sunset. Until I meet the next set of characters for my next book.

What does your family think of your writing career?

They are very supportive.

What do you think makes a good story?

Good character development, a good plot and a well developed universe.

Plotter or Pantser? Why? Panster.

 When I sit to write my characters take over and off we go on their journey. When I put on music to write it’s as though I’m channeling from another universe.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?

I save formulas for my scientist days. When I go on a run or long hike, the story plot comes to me like a movie. My panster nature lets the characters move in and away we go.

What book are you reading now? Any favorite authors/books you want to do a shout out for?

A non-fiction, The Species Seekers by Richard Conniff (I’m a bit of a Victorian naturalist type). I love Diane Gabaldon (Outlander), Kresley Cole and too too too many others to name. When I’m writing my first draft I only read non-fiction, if anything.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Any outdoors. Run, hike, kayak, but what really helps me relax is working with raptors (hawks and owls). Working one on one with a powerful and dangerous bird is very zen. My brain can rest from writing, editing and promoting.

Morning Person or Night Person? 

Smiles. You are asking a birder. Morning, but I’ve been know to howl the night away with my wolf friends.

Coffee, tea or other drink to get you moving in the morning? 

Takes a long deep breath. Strong Coffee.

What is coming up from you in 2013? Anything you want to tease us with?
I have a release in my Wolf Maiden Saga series, a paranormal historical titled, Lycan Gladiator. Book cover reveal coming soon or you can take a quiet peek inside my website.

I just finished the book 2 in my After the Bane series, which will be Rave, my raven shifter’s story. Cleaning it up for my editor.

Anything else you want to add? 
I have volunteered at a wolf sanctuary and do raptor rehab. I also teach online workshops on wolf lore ancient falconry and animal lore for Romance Writers of America and other writer groups. If you are interested in my workshops, please contact me.
My website, blog, social media and book trailer:

Ravaged by a global zombie pandemic, humanity’s survival depends on the secret society of shifters, but can they be trusted?

Dr. Dora Adler’s life has been in disarray since the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, but when she gets bitten by one of the undead her whole world is turned upside down. Held captive in a secret underground lab, the tall, muscular hunk in the next cell is her only hope for salvation. Unfortunately, he claims to be a werewolf. Yeah, and she’s supposedly a witch. 

Dirk Gunderson is an alpha Arbor pack werewolf. Captured and collared, he’s sold to the zombie lab in hopes his blood serum can create a vaccine. He needs to escape, but not without the hot little brunette witch. 

In the midst of enemy werewolves and the hordes of undead, Dirk and Dora’s sexual tension ignites a blaze hotter than the desert highway. Along their journey, they battle the inevitable: a werewolf must never take a witch as a mate.

Apocalyptic Moon, A Wild Rose Press, Dark Rose release. Official Release: May 10, 2013

Where to purchase Apocalyptic Moon
Coming soon to Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and more…

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