Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Submission Call from Double Dragon Publishing


GENRES: We are currently accepting only SCIENCE FICTION, including Hard (Science) SF, Space Fiction, Sci Fi, Future Fiction, Lost Civilizations, Utopias, Distopias, Disaster Novels, Alternate Histories, Time Travel, Parallel Worlds, etc., and FANTASY, including Myth, Legend, Fairy Tales, Traditional Fantasy, Magic Realism, Sword and Sorcery, Epic Fantasy, Horror, Gothic, etc.
Submissions in other genres will not be considered this time around, nor will an author receive an emailed reply if his/her submission does not conform to these requirements. If your novel is a work of erotic romance, send it to our subsidiary: Carnal Desires Publishing.

LENGTH OF MANUSCRIPT: we will not accept novels that are shorter than 40,000 words. We do not accept short stories. We will accept collections of short stories presented as a single submission, if the collection is 40,000 words or longer. We prefer 90,000 words as a maximum, but we are flexible in this regard. We will not reject an otherwise acceptable but longer work, provided that the story is fast-paced throughout its length.
We will not accept simultaneous submissions! Please make sure that your submission has been sent EXCLUSIVELY to us.

RESPONSE TIME: We will process submissions as they are submitted, and depending on our work load, you can expect an email reply within 5-6 weeks of the date received.
FORMATS: We are currently publishing eBooks in Rocket-eBook, Hiebook, Adobe PDF, MS-Reader, Mobipocket, iSilo, Franklin eBookMan, Palm Doc, Kindle, Html, and the new SONY format. Double Dragon Publishing will continue to evolve as new technologies emerge in the area of the electronic book.

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