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Roman (Saints and Sinners) by Kennedy Streath
Saints and Sinners, Book One 
Dark urban fantasy, occult/supernatural, paranormal romance

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Benedict Nowak bailed on his marriage, taking his son with him but leaving behind his five year old daughter. He had his reasons. He had no idea they’d come back to haunt him.

TJ had come to terms with the mother she despised, making those small concessions that made life bearable. But her mother’s death changed everything.

Roman Rincon was the juvie rescued by Father Marcus and placed in the care of Benedict Nowak. With his records sealed, no one knew what happened that fateful night when Roman was only fourteen. All Father Marcus knew was the boy had confessed to a crime not even the cops would talk about.

In the small coal mining town of Montville, two teens whose lives have been shattered beyond repair must find a way to cope: with school, with each other, with growing up marked as broken in a town dying under the weight of secrets and lies.

Warned off having anything to do with Roman, TJ is all too willing to agree, except for one little thing. The young man lives in the apartment above her father’s car repair business so avoiding him might be a problem.

As for Roman, he will take his secret to the grave, no matter what the cost.


She slipped her shoes, letting her socks glide unaided across the salt-licked surface. Following Roman, she paused as he reached for the uniform, lifting an eyebrow, letting her eyes dart right to left, acknowledging his ache, questioning his intent. She reached for the fabric clutched in his fist, muttering, “I’ll change in the office.”

“No…” quieting her sputter of denial with a glare, “…let me,” the words wielded with scalpel precision—a threat, a request, a bitter intangible plea for mercy.

Her body betrayed her willingness, ignoring the sluice of voiceless outrage as she watched, fascinated, while he unbuttoned her blouse, the left hand fumbling with the faux bone toggles, the accidental grate of a broken nail rasping across soft flesh sending shivers up and down her spine.

He kept his head and his starkly heathen gaze down, avoiding eye contact. Darkness pulsed around her in waves, ebony strands licking her chin as she focused on the far wall, plastering the blue sheets of insulation with her insecurity and her imagination. Hissing in annoyance at the layers, he impatiently yanked at the cotton, sending it fluttering to the cold concrete. The tee-shirt followed, pulling her white blond lengths into an orgasm of frizz as the chill and the dryness lifted and separated, defying gravity.

Capillaries engorged in rosy rebellion, following the upstroke and hiss of surprise and dismay. He’d been expecting an industrial strength foundation garment, not the flush of pale skin warming to rosy beige. Definitely not the pert attention of nubs gone hard and stiff under the onslaught of chill and desire.

TJ had always traded off embarrassment for empowerment, proud that she was athletically lean and untroubled by her lack of curves, until now. Clutching at the jacket, she shrugged into the garment and wrapped it tightly about her torso, willing her mind and body to transport to another dimension, to the one where Roman would not be disappointed in her lackluster appearance.

Ears buzzing, she fought off the light-headedness, only dimly aware when the cotton pants nestled low on her hips, the uniform and her alienation complete. The glare of the lights winked in and out as darkness advanced and receded, brushing across her ears and down her arms, the sensation of movement felt even through the sturdy cotton sleeves. Madness suggested it was alive, sentient … sanity refused to argue. Whatever it was, she was loath to lose the tingle of flesh gone taut with anticipation.

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My debut novel, Roman (Saints and Sinners), started as a personal challenge, writing on the fly, 2-3 chapters per week and posting them blog style, never completely sure where the characters and the story would take me. As the project gathered fans (some rabid and very supportive) and a life of its own, I found that sweet spot where creativity and energy found synergy.
I hope you like the outcome.
Book Two: Sacrifice is on deck and will follow the same format.

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