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A:  As promised from last week, an excerpt from KILLER DOLLS.

Z:  You also promised to make lunch today and that didn't happen.

A:  Hmmm, as I recall that promise was to make lunch one of these is not the day.

Z: (Sigh) Pizza?  

A: (Looks through the menu pile) Hmmm, I'll order, that counts as making it, right?

Z:  But...

A:  Let's not keep our readers waiting for that excerpt.  (Hands Zi the phone)  You dial.

BLURB - contemporary romance

After bio-terrorists use ricin to kill a man, they plan to attack innocent children by using ricin filled handcrafted dolls created by Letti Noel.  After years of building her business, Letti now longs for romance and commitment, and thinks she might have found it in Taut Johnson.  Only unbeknownst to her he is an FBI agent working undercover to find the terrorist.  He knows he can't allow a relationship to develop until the case is over, yet finds that he is unwittingly falling for Letti, and now she is in danger, bringing back the past and a fear that he cannot protect those he loves.  

Meanwhile, children are in increasing danger.  

Meanwhile, there is another death.   

Meanwhile, Taut's deceit threatens their growing love even as the stalking terrorists threaten their lives.


Her talent overwhelmed him, and he told her so. She
was about to respond but when she turned, he was right
there behind her, close enough that her nipples pressed her shirt against his chest as she moved. She nearly groaned.

He did groan. It was as if he were a man who had
been taunted and tantalized for days but only now could
struggle free from rigid restraints. Unlike the night before 
his kiss wasn't soft, slow or easy. He claimed her mouth, hard.
His tongue collided with hers, scraping against teeth, seeking
depth. His lips were forceful, demanding, insisting, and she
responded with an equal onslaught of fervor. Her hands were
in his hair, pulling his mouth closer. Her one leg rubbed
against his. On tiptoes, she lifted herself so her pudendum
pressed against his stiffness. His hands were under her
blouse at her waist, drawing her closer, closer.

Her fingers were tugging his shirt free from his
waistband, popping the bottom button in the process. She
became feral, all over him, kissing his neck, his cheek, back
to his lips. She couldn't touch him enough, wanting to
explore every surface, every well-hewed muscle and every
bit of flesh. All thought dissipated, leaving just sensations,
the feel of him, just the wild kissing, the scent of maleness,
the taste of salty flesh.

She wished that his strong hand would find her breast,
begin to knead, squeezing her nipple hard enough to
intensify the want. She wanted to begin to tear at her own
blouse, begin to fumble with his belt buckle.

Taut felt himself drowning in the heat, the crave, the
lure of her sexuality. He had women, had known love but
this…this…untamed fervor was more than what experience
taught him. He liked the slow pull and tug, the appreciation
of every movement, every taste, kiss, and especially the
prolonging of that first plunge. But this was good. This was
perfect for this woman, this moment. At the same time, it
was all wrong. It wasn't fair to her. He couldn't take
advantage. But was he? He wanted her, and it was well
beyond just the sexual wanting. If fate brought them
together at any other time, he wouldn't stop. He'd ignore his
own leisurely forays that had brought such divine pleasure in
the past and surrender to this new animalistic pace she set.
They'd have time to dawdle later. He suspected they'd have
years, for there was much to know about Letti, much to
uncover and learn and experience, and he didn't want it to
ever end. Yet he had to end this, now, right now. If he had
even a sliver of hope that they'd have something left once
the case was over, he had to stop. And he did so abruptly,
yanking himself away with the same suddenness that he had
kissed her.


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Angelica Hart and Zi KILLER DOLLS ~ SNAKE DANCE ~

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