Thursday, November 22, 2012


erotica with D/s elements
Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

Part 4

           He allowed my play for a moment, then the cube moved over my flesh, chilling my throat and my shoulder, then down my breasts lower and lower until it swirled around those already protruding buds.  It blended a mixture of infinitesimal pain with such erotic stimulation; I could barely feel the cold.  Instead, I burned.  My nether lips pulsated with a gasping need.  More liquid heat poured from me.  I felt myself gaping open, and had to resist the urge to beg him for things that a properly brought up lady never even considered.  As if in acknowledgement of the blazing inferno trapped within my sex, he placed a second ice cube at the opening.  I jerked in reaction, and almost protested at the startling, frigid chill, but then his lips covered mine and attention scurried to the taste of masculine lips and a probing tongue. 
            The ice cube moved, slipping over my clitoris then sliding back to my natural heat and a bit beyond before retracing its steps.  The other cube continued to taunt each nipple in turn.  Each area clamored to be noticed; yet I couldn’t focus as the sensations warred with each other… torrent heat and icy cold.  And still I wanted more.  In answer to that need the cube slipped inside my hot core and a velvety, smooth voice whispered against my ear to hold it there.  I obeyed.  I didn’t even consider not obeying.  Even when another piece slipped within me, I became utterly compliant, ready to do anything and everything so that he wouldn’t stop the delicious torture. 
            Finally, the cube at my breasts melted to nothing, but the stranger wasn’t finished with my cold, swollen nubs.  He deserted my mouth and fastened his lips around one nipple, sucking, pulling, tugging, nibbling until the needs inside me became riotous.  My hips began to move as the ice melted, leaving miniature rivulets of water and my own nectar trailing down my thighs. 
            After tormenting each nipple in turn, he kissed me once more, ravishing my mouth over and over until my helpless desire took me into a realm I didn’t even recognize.  I found myself begging, uttering the word please between each desperate breath.  “Please what,” he asked, his voice hushed, a bare whisper that hid any familiarity I might have detected if he spoke clearly. 
            “I want… Oh God, please I want…”
            “Want what?” he asked in that barely heard tone.
            I didn’t answer at first.  I needed to regain some sort of composure.  I couldn’t allow what I so desperately craved.  Only, the ice had finished its duty and his fingers had taken its place.  They plunged inside me, hard, fast.
            “Tell me,” he ordered.
            I bite my lip and shook my head.
            His thrust became faster, deeper, finding spots that I didn’t know existed, making me crazy with a desire that went beyond recognition.
            “You!” I screamed.  “I want you!”
            “And what do you want me to do?”
            I couldn’t say what he wanted.  Surely, I couldn’t.
            Yet his mouth began to toy with my nipples.  His thumb flicked my clitoris.  My thighs quivered, and the numbing cold of ice melted as quickly as the cubes had.  I finally realized I’d do anything, say anything just to have him inside me, just to have him fill me and touch me and take me to heights I had only dreamed about.
            I muttered that nasty word I could never bring myself to say.
            “I can’t hear you.”
            “Please… please, I beg you…”  I hesitated a moment more and then the forbidden word appeared.  I said it over and over, begging like a harlot. 
            “Not yet,” he returned in a controlled, low, unidentifiable voice. 
            For a brief eternity he didn’t touch me at all, not his mouth or his hands or the warmth of his body.  Then I felt his tongue, hot and determined, circling my clitoris then dipping into my opening.  Again and again, until things inside me threatened to burst until the need to come nearly overwhelmed me.  As if he knew my thoughts, he pulled away and said once more.  “Not yet.”
            Again, he consumed my nether regions with a belligerence that verged on insanity.  I begged to come.  He ignored my pleas for endless minutes.  Then, he backed away once more.  I heard the rustle of a bag and then a whoosh through the air.  I didn't know what to expect, but the sting of leather on my thigh wasn't it at all.  I gasped loudly, and formed the word, "No,"  Only, it never left my mouth for my other thigh received an even harder swat.  I yelped like a lost puppy, and began to struggle against my bonds, trying to flee that torturous flogger.  The thought to protest kept entering my brain, but the soft yet stinging flogger kept stealing the words from my mouth.  It attacked my buns, my nether lips, my breasts, my nipples, pounding my flesh just enough to burn and torment, but not enough to bruise only redden, only sting a bit, only inflame.  The torment lasted forever, making me soar past thought into a state of pure emotion, endless sensation.  At the instant I couldn't bear another moment, it stopped, leaving me panting and sobbing, but then kisses followed, sweet, gentle kisses over all the tender spots.



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