Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Personal Review for Second Chances by T. A. Webb

My dearest friend, T. A. Webb wrote Second Chances and I could not pass it up. This story grabs you by the throat and you end up falling in love with characters that make you laugh, cry, sigh and smile. Get ready for Second Chances.

My Rating for Second Chances: 4.5 Stars and a Recommended Read

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Mark Jennings is dealing with a lot-his mother’s decline and death, his relationship with Brian, his job at an Atlanta Nonprofit as well as other things going on. What helps him relax and let the stress ease away is the massages he gets from Antonio. Antonio is a wonderful friend to Mark when he needs it the most. Mark finds out that when one door closes, another opens and Mark finds he is given a second chance. But the question is, will Mark take this second chance or will he walk away from the gift he was given?

Debut author T. A. Webb delivers a story full of emotion that I highly recommend several boxes of tissues by your side as you will cry, laugh, smile and sigh as you flip the pages of Second Chances. Mr. Webb delivers a strong debut book that steals your heart within minutes and doesn't let go until the very end. His writing is tight, story flows smoothly and the characters are very vivid. This is a very strong story to read and it took me several days to just process it all. His characters are enjoyable, entertaining and very life-like. I could see meeting them for coffee at a local Starbucks and being friends. The lyrical way this author writes is just perfect, in my honest opinion. He lets the characters tell their tale and shows their vulnerabilities under the layers that surround them. 

His characters alone had me the moment they stepped onto the pages. Multi-dimensional, you couldn't help but fall in love with them, especially Mark Jennings. He was vulnerable, scared, stressed out in personal and professional levels and you couldn't help but think he needed to be pampered.I wanted to go give him a hug and tell him it will be alright. Mr. Webb has a talent in creating complex characters who have issues like we do every day. I liked Mark a lot. He was a man who was trying to be everything to everyone and put himself last, when he should have put himself first at times. This is an author who captured Mark’s emotional turmoil perfectly and wasn't afraid to show his vulnerabilities to the reader. His friendship with Antonio made me smile, especially as Mark dealt with loss, love and more in his life. The secondary characters are just as vivid and kept the story moving smoothly.

Second Chances is more than a man finds love and lives happily ever after. It's a story of a person finding life can knock you down but you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move along. its about finding the path you need to take in life, be it personal or professional and knowing to let yourself believe in hope again. To finding a person to love with your whole heart, to finding that life isn't laughing at you as it knocks you down. It is saying, take this path and trust in me to get you where you need to be. To find yourself letting go of past hurts and letting your heart heal from heartbreak after heartbreak. Mr. Webb delivers a story that is more than a simple romance between two people. it is about  life, love and hope. Hope that people keep inside their hearts even as they deal with illness, personal issues, professional crossroads and more. 

This is a story of one door closing and finding yourself trying to figure out what to do next, that path in life that isn't lit and you need to go down to see where it leads. Life is a risk and finding love, dealing with loss and more is all part and parcel with it. The reader will get much more than a simple love story in this debut book by T. A. Webb but an emotional journey that will leave you thoroughly enchanted.  I am eager to see what else this new author has up his sleeves for his readers. Kudos, Mr. Webb, for creating a story that leaves the reader completely captivated from start to finish. Second Chances will leave you breathless and eager for more from this new author. 


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