Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Personal Review for Astronomical by Silvia Violet

I love stories where geeks find love and so I was thrilled to see Silver Publishing did a few stories that centered just on the geeks and then falling in love. Silvia Violet delivers a fun, sexy tale of an astronomy geek and a book loving geek find love in Astronomical...though not without a little help from a precocious girl.

My Rating for Astronomical: 3.5 Stars

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When Blake Theriot sees his new next door neighbor, he turns into a stuttering fool. Never has a man caught his fancy as kilt wearing Greg MacIntyre has. When Blake’s niece finagles Blake to invite Greg for dinner, sparks fly and with a shot of whiskey courage, kisses Greg. But can Blake relax long enough to say more than one word answers to Greg and finally let the one man he lusts for inside his heart?

I absolutely loved Silvia Violet's Astronomical. It was funny, light-hearted and the slow build up to the sex scenes was quite enjoyable. The writing was tight, story flowed smoothly and the slow build up between Blake and Greg was delightful, especially since when they finally made it to the bed (or anywhere else), I could have sworn there was steam coming out of my Nook e-reader. It was smokin' hot and at the same time tender as well. Silvia Violet has a way to getting her characters hidden vulnerabilities out in a way that wills teal her readers' hearts and Blake is that one person who stole my heart within minutes.

Meet Blake. He loves order and control but secretly longs for a man to make him lose control. When he spies kilt wearing hottie, Greg, next door, his fantasies go into overdrive. Greg is sexy, alpha male and wants Blake just as much but is willing to go slow to get the prize-Blake himself. These two were delightful together. With a little help from Blake's niece and sister, Blake finds himself seeing Greg more than ever but Blake has issues-namely he is so uptight, his twin sister wonders if anyone can get him to loosen up and that whenever he is around Greg, all he thinks of is seeing the guy naked. I love how Blake's hidden vulnerabilities were played out in the story. This is an author who isn't afraid to let her characters have free reign and in the process tells a story that leaves the readers breathless. What made me giggle at times was Blake's entertaining niece who loved astronomy and gave the story a bit of a light-heartedness that was quite entertaining. It definitely captured the reader's attention as well.

Astronomical is a fun, entertaining story that will leave you eager for more. With her trademark style, Ms. Violet delivers as troy that touches your heart and leaves you itching for more. If you want to heat things up on a cold night, then grab Astronomical or any other book by this author. I can guarantee you won't walk away disappointed when you finish the book. I can't wait to see what else this author has in store for her readers int he future.

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