Thursday, October 25, 2012


A: Sometimes you get the bear, and other times the bear gets you.
Z:  Bear?  What bear?  Or are we talking B A R E.  The main characters didn't even have their first kiss yet.
A:  (Does the eye roll thing...note Zi does it better) I am talking about life and how sometimes we can be right on target and sometimes we are completely off...overwhelming off.
Z: Ahhh, gotcha.  No worries, I'll stand between you and the bear.  (Puffs out his chest and does a muscle-man pose)
A: (Big grin) What if the bear is bigger than you?
Z:  (Considers) We offer him your secret stash of chocolate.  BTW, where are we going with this?
A:  To the past!  I just couldn't decide what excerpt to share today.
Z:  And that brought you to bears?
A  To bare...and I couldn't decide how much to bare and that brought me round to bear...and...
Z:  Never mind...Let's just go where it all began, our very first novel we wrote for Champagne Books.  
A  (Bigger grin)  Perfect!


After bio-terrorists use ricin to kill a man, they plan to attack innocent children by using ricin filled handcrafted dolls created by Letti Noel.  After years of building her business, Letti now longs for romance and commitment, and thinks she might have found it in Taut Johnson.  Only unbeknownst to her he is an FBI agent working undercover to find the terrorist.  He knows he can't allow a relationship to develop until the case is over, yet finds that he is unwittingly falling for Letti, and now she is in danger, bringing back the past and a fear that he cannot protect those he loves.

Meanwhile, children are in increasing danger.

Meanwhile, there is another death. 

Meanwhile, Taut's deceit threatens their growing love even as the stalking terrorists threaten their lives.


She finally raised her head, flushed with what she could only imagine was a brilliant blush, she now making first eye contact. Why? He was an attractive man, the remember-to-breathe sort of attractive, with penetrating eyes and a charm-saturated smile. Every grooming detail meticulously accounted for earlier. He wore a Nat Nast beneath a vintage leather jacket and jeans that looked like something out of a GQ ad, perfect fit, perfect stance, perfect... everything. Her mind hung on the ideal of everything. The last thought reminded her she wasn't thinking about jeans but about the man in them. Confronted by such a man often embarrassed her, turning her shy, and with confidence elusive she oft times stuttered. Fumbling with her out-of-style eyeglasses she found her composure and responded, “Twenty-two fifty. Wow. That is pricy.”

“It is, but would be worth it if you smiled." He flashed a smile that nurtured as it tenderly comforted, and raised an eyebrow calling for that smile.

Though, completely taken off guard, she felt a flick of panic rush beneath her skin. Easy girl. You can do this, she told herself silently. So what if this man piqued the urge to drool and bat a few lashes, then she remembered her eyelashes were on her nightstand. He was just a man; gorgeous to the square of infinity but still a man. She knew many handsome men. She thought of Jack the handyman at her complex who had muscles that could barely fit through the door and Carlos, owner of a local pizzeria, with his all-white-dazzle smiles and compliments.  But neither were the handsome that attracted Letti, neither had the voice that made her feel music, or looked at her as if she had a soul. Somehow, in this instantaneous moment of glance-to-glance, she found that this stranger did. He coupled her sensibility right to her passion and bridged that through his eyes retracting her soul into the protective hug of his. He was a man. All she was able to do was feign an awkward grin as she twittered in place.


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