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Welcome Jannine Corti Petska & Alessandra Podesta, Heroine from Dante's Flame

Please give a warm welcome to Alessandra Podesta from Dante’s Flame by Jannine Corti Petska today as we sit down and see what makes her tick.

Q: So tell us about yourself. What got you in the crosshairs for your author?
My father sent me to Naples to cure my need for adventure. And to keep me from flirting with a noble’s married son. He only stole one kiss.

I am a storyteller. I weave tales of romance and adventure in my journal.  I believe the author wrote my story because we share the love of the written word.

Q: What was it that drew you to your mate?
Have you not seen Dante Santangelo? What female would not be drawn to him? Mayhap his male beauty caught my eye at first. The first time he wrapped his arms around me stole my breath. He possesses hard muscles aplenty. But he is an intelligent and patient man. The kind of man I needed in a husband. But then, he does have the most remarkable, violet eyes.

Q: A little naughty fun, where was the wildest place you seduced your partner?
**giggle** To be sure, Dante would not appreciate others knowing the answer to that question. (leans forward and speaks in a lower voice just in case her husband is nearby) I flirt with my husband at the mercato. He cannot contain himself, more so when I brush my backside against his…man part. (sits back) I fear I torture his male senses.

Q: In what does he sleep at night?
Oh, he wears naught at all and insists I wear naught as well. Truth be told, he can have me at his whim without clothes to pull off. **grin**

Q: If your partner wants to seduce you, what's one sure fire trick he can play?
He need not play a trick. Just one look from his beautiful eyes makes me swoon.

Q: What is the one place on your partner's body that you know will drive them wild-in and out of bed?
His lower belly. I know not why, but when I skim his flesh there with my fingertips, he sucks in his breath and gets splendidly (leans in closer and whispers) hard—all over. **raises eyebrows and laughs**

Q: What was one of the most embarrassing thing your author did to you in DANTE’S FLAME?
She made me pretend to be a boy who goes into the tavern to see what Dante does when he is in there. And she made me sit with Dante and the French captain, drinking overmuch. Faith, I passed out!

Q: Anything else you would like to add?
Please read Dante’s Flame or you will miss the story of a handsome French spy who married me just to get closer to my cousins. Dante believed they sided with the Spanish. And if you do not blush easily, our love scenes are… To be sure, they are hot!

Thank you Alessa for joining us on 'Meet the Character' day here at Breathless Press Blog. Please find Dante’s Flame by Jannine Corti Petska at The Wild Rose Press and Amazon. Here are the links:


Alessandra Podesta writes illicit tales unsuitable for a young lady. Exasperated, her father sends her to visit relatives in Naples to curb her wild imagination. But in her undying need for adventure, she toys with the affections of her tutor and is forced to marry him. When she unknowingly falls into a dangerous game of supremacy between two countries, she trusts the wrong people and endangers her life.

French tutor Dante Santangelo is secretly aiding the French in maintaining their rule over Naples. When he is manipulated into marrying the visiting cousin of the Valente Family, he seizes upon the perfect opportunity to infiltrate the family, who are under suspicion of helping the Spanish. When Alessandra's life is in jeopardy Dante must choose between love and duty. Will he offer up his life to save Alessandra? Or remain duty-bound to the French?


“Well said, Signor Santangelo.” Thrusting the loaves of bread between her arm
and body, she smacked her gloved hands together in complimentary cheer. Although
she had spoken in earnest, she instinctively knew the man would give naught of
himself away. He was far too clever to fall into a game of words in which he might
reveal more than intended.

“The truth often is.”

She angled her head in confusion.

“Well said,” he reminded her. “The truth cannot be hidden by ugly words.”

Her curiosity heightened. “It seems lies fall from one’s tongue much easier than truths.”

“So it seems.”

His ease in agreement prickled her seldom provoked ferocity. Bluntly she  asked,
“What of your carousing after curfew?”

A smile eased the tautness of his lips. “A man needs no protection.”

“Especially a French man in a town guarded by the French?”

Not a twitch marred his lasting smile. “Careful, signorina. Do not delve into a man’s
life else you may find more than your little mind can devour.”

Alessa bristled. “Are you belittling my intelligence, signore?”

“On the contrary. I am simply warning you against venturing too deeply into the
politics beleaguering Naples. And trust me, the men in this town have strong
opinions of King Rene and the French occupation.” He glanced over her shoulder
and nodded at the rows of tiny cakes and other sweets. “Have you a preference?”

, but he’d not been happy to learn she preferred to taste his lips than the
mouth-watering morsels within reach.

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S. L. Rowland said...

A very entertaining post!
Seduction is worth talking about and I so enjoyed this.

And anything in Italy is a win.

Lana Williams said...

What a fun interview! Love hearing directly from the heroine! Can't wait to read this story! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Sandy, thanks so much for reading Alessandra's interview. It was so much fun.

And thank you for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lana, gland you liked the interview. Alessandra is one of a kind, lol.

Thnks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Sandy and Lana, I'm sorry to reply to your comments using Anonymous, but Google/Blogger won't let me leave a comment.


Lacey Falcone said...

I love that it's not set in the British Isles...and who doesn't love a Latin Lover (whether Italian, French or Spanish)...Ooh la la!

Lisabet Sarai said...

Hello, Jannine!

Alessandra sounds like a fabulous heroine. However, isn't she a bit coy for someone who writes - um - unsuitable stories? LOL

Best of luck with the book!

Ella Quinn said...

That was one of the best character interviews I've read. Great post.

Anonymous said...

Lacey, Lisabet and Ella, thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.

Lacey,lol, I'm with you. Love those Latin lovers.

Lisabet, Alessandra may be coy, but in her time, racy tales didn't mean she knew anything about the opposite sex, lol.

Ells, thank you so much. I'm so happy to know her interview was entertaining.

Thank you all, ladies.

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