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We'd like to share an excerpt from VIXEN BRIGHT's and ZACHARY ZANE's new erotica coming our May 2012.

BLURB: At the library, while the facially scared Kathryn Pines obsesses over books, Keen Edge appears out of nowhere. Looking exactly like the sizzling hunk on a book cover, he invites Kathryn to journey with him into stories, she the heroine, he the hero. Every lusty, luscious, whimsical adventure is overlaid with elements of bondage and submission.

Kathryn surrenders to the passions and adventures of four tales raging from contemporary to fantasy, and soon loses her heart to Keen. Keen, though, isn’t just a character in a book and his invitation to forever might be more ominous than it appears.



Without answering, she grabbed the candelabra from a side table then practically rushed up the staircase as if to prove her vigor. Her speed stilled one candle's flame.

Shaking his head with amusement, he simply watched. She made it half way, then paused, and looked back. “Pokey are we? Ummm, I’m not certain where to go?”

“I’m happy to see ye do need me for something.”

“Ye are being so kind, and I am being so…so--”






“I am not rude.”

“Forgive my imprudence. In truth, ye are not."

"Thank ye."

"But I do adore the way your cheeks flame when ye get annoyed.”

All indignation fled as she tilted her head and looked at him with such longing, it made his heart ache.

“How could I ever get annoyed with someone such as ye? I am truly sorry if--"

“Hush,” he returned and started toward her. "No man should be so flattered his face roses like--"

“Ye are not…”

He sensed her energy drain, and he raced up the stairs without finishing his thought. He caught her the moment her knees buckled. The candelabra went flying as she fainted. He ignored it, knowing one of his staff would address it back to its proper place. However, it was good Kate was unconscious. He didn’t think she was ready to see a floating candelabrum.

Keen pulled her closer. Sugary passionate need flared as her body pressed against him. This precious jewel brought a cascade of feelings. Of course he wanted to protect her, yet he also craved to gain knowledge of her flesh. Stilled by the thought he quipped, “There will be time for such indulgence." He whispered to the unconscious woman. “We've more time than ye can imagine.”

With that, he carried her up the rest of the stairs.


Ever watchful, Brye ordered the candelabra to its appointed place then smiled as he rushed to see the Master’s orders where filled before he reached the tower. It would take orchestrated magic, but then the Master had taught all his apprentices well, very well indeed.

She was put in her bed to rest, an attendant was appointed to stand vigilance at her door.


Morning light broke through the shudders and slipped across Kate’s body like white ribbons. Her eyes fluttered open. For the first time in ages, she felt rested and pain-free. Lifting herself from the bed, she scanned the room. The bed was a mass of carved nooks, white silk drapes flowed under a breeze she couldn’t feel.

Arched, shuddered windows flanked an enormous hearth, raging with flames. A lady’s dresser and a white upholstered lounge decorated another wall while huge bookshelves crammed with leather bindings claimed the final marble wall. All was made of marble and matching gold-veined lilac floor. Kate remembered the carriage ride and Sir Keen. Where was he? She remembered climbing the stairs, yet did not remember being brought to this room. Nor did she remember having her clothes removed, and replaced with a silky nightdress, a very revealing one at that. Its sheerness displayed all nuance and color. The soft pink curved top of her areolas rose above the décolleté, suggesting brazen sexuality. Had Sir Keen take privilege of her fatigue? Had he touched her flesh? Had he plunged his cock? Men felt they had a certain entitlement. But Kate suspected Keen may have shown restraint. If he had undressed her he could have never resisted the touch of her supple skin. Despite propriety, she was not embarrassed if he had, just flustered that she did not recall...

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CHRISTMAS EVE...VIL ~ Christmas 2012

Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane


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