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Welcome Darryl Devore Today

I'm Daryl Devore, an erotic romance writer. I have three published books and two WIP. I live in Ontario, Canada on an old farm. My neighbors are trees, birds, bunnies, deer and coyote/wolves. I used to live in the city. Always considered myself a city girl but now I love living with no one around us. I feel like I can breathe.

Usually when I come to an interview, I arrive alone. But not today. Come on in everyone. Have a seat. I thought about introducing all my characters.
DD - From my erotic contemporary, A Kept Woman, this is Arianne and Derek. Say hello.
Arianne – Hi, nice to be here.
Derek – Good afternoon.
DD - Tell everyone what you thought when you first saw each other.
Arianne – Derek was sitting in a coffee shop reading the newspaper.
Derek – Wall Street Journal.
Arianne – Excuse me. The Wall Street Journal. He was so good looking. Dark hair. Killer blue eyes.  I think he was wearing an Armani suit.
Derek – Can't say out loud what I thought about the first time I saw Arianne.
Arianne – Not g-rated?
Derek – *chuckles*

DD - Let's turn our attention to my twisted fairy tale – Sexy Red Hood. Meet Red, Chopper and Wilhem.
DD – Chopper and Wilhem, give the readers 3 adjectives that describe Red.
Chopper – Sexy, fun, vodka-loving
Wilhem – hot, hotter, hottest.
DD – Red, can you describe your men.
Red – Well, Chopper is cute, cuddly and conniving.  Wilhem is continental, mysterious and scorching!

DD - *fanning myself*  Onto my erotic historical, Black Dorn. Please welcome Branwyn and Gon-dra Malack.  Branwyn can you tell us what Gon-dra means?
Branwyn – In your English, Prince or Heir to the Throne.  When Malack accedes to the throne of Black Dorn castle he will become Gon Malack.
Malack – *brushes a hand across Branwyn's cheek* – And you will become my Gonness.
DD – Branwyn, what did you learn when you were being instructedat Black Dorn.
Branwyn – To give and receive pleasure.
Malack – Both of which she does to her Gon-dra's intense enjoyment.

DD – Well that introduces you to about everybody.

Capri – Hold on a second. What about That and I?
Thal – Yea, just because I'm a just voice doesn't mean you can ignore me. Ask Capri. I can a make my presence known.
DD - But my erotic fantasy, Capri's Fate is only a WIP. I've only just begun your story.
Capri – And that beginning soooooo works for me.
Thal – Finish us already. I need more romantic time with Capri. Lots more.
DD – Love to, but Derry and Hawkyns starting demanding their story be told.

Hawkyns – Don't blame us.
Derry – You have to talk about us. We have a dragon and a prince who must slay the dragon to protect my village.
Hawkyns – That would be me.
Derry – And I'm…well I'm…I'm not quite sure what I am.
Hawkyns – *leans over and whispers in her ear*
Derry – *blushes* - Oh, I'm sure we can't say that.
DD – Okay, okay. I can tell the readers that I've laid out the basis for my erotic historical fantasy, which is interesting because I am so not a plotter. Named the characters and written the prologue. And I have a working title, but not happy with it.

DD – So that a tidbit or a tease of each of my books and future books.  That's for visiting Dawn's Reading Nook.  And a BIG THANKS to Dawn for letting me visit and bring everyone along. Let's go.  Beer's on me!

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Black Dorn
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Back from battle, Prince Malack rests near a brook to freshen before returning to the court of his father. His life is lonely. The noble woman chosen to be his bride rejected him and bedded his hated rival. Malack turned his anger and loneliness onto the focus of battle and increasing the power and wealth of Black Dorn.
Branwyn, lost and afraid, nears the handsome stranger standing by the brook and requests his help. Malack raises his eyes and his gaze settles onto the face of the woman who will be his queen.

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Author Nikki Prince said...

Hehe I loved this! I really love the WiP!

Can't wait to read them all.


Melissa Limoges said...

That's awesome, Daryl! I loved hearing a bit more of your characters from your WIP! :)

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Maggie O'Malley said...

Great interview. Love your characters.

Brenda said...

Hey, Daryl. This was fantastic. I liked how you brought along your characters.

Daryl Devore said...

Thanks Everyone for dropping by. Some of you have been so supportive that you'll know more about me than I do.

Patricia Green said...

Sorry to be late to the party. Has everyone left? It seemed like such a nice get-together, too. Thanks, Daryl, for introducing all your...friends (imaginary or otherwise), it was a lot of fun. You never fail to be entertaining.

hotcha12 said...


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