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Welcome Selena Illyria to my Lair

To Standalone or to Series
By Selena Illyria

I got this quote from Eonline:
"I don't plan franchises until the audience says they want one," Spielberg said. "It's bad luck. You don't want to franchise yourself into a corner."- Steven Speilberg

After reading that it occurred to me, and not for the first time, that I lean towards writing a series rather than stand alone books. For me, it’s really hard not to write the other characters that jump out at me. And I’m finding the characters that I love aren’t getting much love but characters that I think I’m done with are, which surprises me and makes me sad. It makes me wonder if the series that I love to write have failed somehow, that perhaps certain characters just don’t appeal. But at the same time while I’m taking that quote from Steven Speilberg, it also puts writing in a new perspective. It makes me wonder if I should really write any books as a standalone rather than a fluid timeline. Sort of like Veronica Mars, you have the mystery of the week and then you have the one over arcing story. 

This makes me look at how I’m approaching writing my next few books, especially my Ringed City Tales books. I know what I want and I know what the mystery should be but should I put it in there? Should I really make it a series, or just take it one book at a time? How do I quell the characters that want their own story? Do I wait for the demand or just go for it? I can see the advantages for both, but should I write for myself or wait for the readers to follow? If I had approached things the way Speilberg does and go for a standalone rather than a series, would certain series have been better or would that put undue pressure on me? The questions roll around and don’t seem to have a definitive answer. So here’s my question to be readers and authors:

Do you approach a book as a standalone and wait for the reader feedback or just go for it with your chips all in?

Do you prefer the standalone or do you want the series so you know that the characters you love could possibly get their own book?

 Fallen Lovers 1: Roman!
Genre: Paranormal, Interracial
ISBN: 9781936751099
Can a mere woman heal a fallen angel’s wounds?
Author Tristina Deveroux has been dreaming of a man—a tall, dark, sexy man whose nightly visits bring her to a fever pitch. But come morning, she always awakens agitated and unsatisfied—and alone. When her agent suggests a writer’s getaway in Scotland, Tristina can’t resist the chance to gain a little distance, hoping a change of scene will help her escape the dreams...

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Blood Claim: Trapped
Excerpt (R), Feeding
Genre: Paranormal, Interracial
ISBN: 978-1-59632-851-8
Kit has never forgotten the cruel way Rysen rejected her as a possible consort over a hundred years ago. She's striven to get stronger, pushing her attraction to him down and using her anger as fuel.

Rysen has always regretted the way he rejected Kit. As much as he loved her, Rysen despised the way her clan tried to use her as a political gambit for power and protection. But he never stopped wanting Kit, trying to make her his in every way possible.

When enemies attack, they use old magic to seal themselves off and stay safe. But now they find themselves trapped with a century of hunger rising between them....

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, domination.
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Out Now!
Strange Hollow: Seducing a Wallflower
Excerpt Rating (PG-13): The Big Three-Oh
Genre: Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59578-681-4
All Nia Reynolds has known is being seen and not heard. Being the only one in her family to not have magical ability is hard. On her thirtieth birthday, all Nia wants is to do something different. When she enters Sensual Were on a dare from Jacinda, she doesn't expect the instant attraction to sexy store manager Bishop Steward.
Bishop has had his eye on the sweet and innocent Nia since he first came to Strange Hollow. After being publicly shunned by his pack and his mate, he came to Strange Hollow to recuperate and be among outcasts like himself. Now that his heart is mended, he wants to go after love again and has Nia in his sights. This wallflower doesn’t stand a chance against his onslaught. So what if he insists of public displays of a sexual nature, can’t stop whispering sweet, dirty nothings in her ear, and gives her a birthday to remember? It’s only for a night, right? A sexy werewolf like him wouldn’t want a shy girl like her? Right? Wrong--and he's got a lot of tricks up his sleeve to convince her she’s just what he wants.
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Selena Illyria

Interracial author Selena Illyria was born with an overactive imagination. With great curiosity and a love of writing that pushes her imagination there are many worlds she'd love to explore, from paranormal to sci-fi from cyberpunk and beyond.
Are you willing, dear reader, to step into her worlds? If you do feel free to poke around. Mind the pixies. They can be very um... excitable by newcomers. *wink*


Tilly Greene said...

Hiya darlin'!

Ok, to answer your question, I approach each as a standalone, however, there is usually someone or something left hanging that can be picked up and taken for a ride.

Hugs :-)


Liz said...

I tend to think in "epic" so all my stories are open to continuation. great post!

Amber Skyze said...

Mine start off as standalone, but there are just those characters that demand their own story.
I love reading series, so you'd think I'd write more. :)

Selena Illyria said...

Thank You everyone for commenting. Great answers. :-)

Diana Castilleja said...

I'm in the same writing boat as Tilly and Amber. I usually start as a single story, then they just kind of get a life of their own.

The only books that I've intended to be series are series for a reason and have a generalized "end date" or last book or storyline that will close it all up. But often the books that I begin have spinoffs that I just can't leave hanging in mid-air. :)

Dawn Roberto said...

Hi Se and thanks for dropping by. For myself....I love reading Series books (in order as I am anal that way LOL) and sometimes if a standalone book is really good, I ask on a sequel if a particular character catches my eye.

Raine Delight said...

I have had stories start out as stand alone and then I get characters who jump at me demanding I tell their stories. I agree with Tilly, Amber and the rest of y'all.

I know with my one series I have a specific end book that the series is leading up to and then I plan to work on something else. :)

Tara Lain said...

I've written one series so far and it was taken one book at a time, but i submitted a book that i'm hoping will be the first of a series. I even set it up that way. So, i guess i do both. Great interview, Se. : )

Nay Nay said...

As a reader (I'm not a writer), I like it when an author writes a series. I fall in love with some of the secondary characters in the Main story and always hope to get their story. I have written to authors inquiring about some of the characters getting their own story. They always reply. Not always are they going to give my favorite character their own story, but they will let me know if it is a possibility and that is good enough for me. However, If I know my favorite character is going to get a book, then I get real antsy waiting for the book to come out.

Thank you for your books. I like them a lot. As readers, we often put pressure on an author to write more, faster, about our characters,etc. We don't mean to, but it shows how much we like your style and your books.

Just keep doing what you all do so well and we readers will keep buying your books.



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