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My Personal Review for The Lion's Den by DN Simons

D. N. Simmons is one of my favorite authors and a wonderful person as well. She has a thrilling series that I think, if you enjoy vampires, shifters of all kinds, mystery and hot steamy sex, you will enjoy. Her latest is book five in the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles series and involves Lion shifters, murder, mystery and more. Hang on to your hats, guys.....Chicago is about to get wild.

Darian, Elise and Xander have weathered tough times as they dealt with supernatural serial killers, territory challenges and more. This time what they are facing will take them far beyond what they anticipate. For this time, Chicago is at the center of a battle they may not survive. The cat and mouse game has begun. Only time will tell who is the hunter and who is the prey.

The Lion's Den continues two years after Hostile Territory ended and is an edge of your seat ride. First I want to say you really should read this series from the beginning. All the books capitalize on one another and mention things that have happened in past books. That said, D. N. Simmons packs quite a punch in her latest story set in the supernatural world of Chicago. With returning beloved characters, a cat and mouse mystery that will leave you gasping and a storyline that is full of twists, it's a wonder I wasn't passed out cold from it all. 

Ms. Simmons delivers in her eagerly awaited fifth book in the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles with bated breath. The minute I started reading The Lion's Den, I found myself transported to a world I missed. It was full of vampires, shifters and other supernatural beings that thrilled me in the last books. This was like I was coming home after a long vacation away. I enjoyed seeing what happened in the last two years with all my favorite characters and meeting some new ones had me hoping they may be in future books. The cat and mouse mystery in this book was quite an adventure. The sex scenes were primarily M/M so they may not appeal to some but it doesn't take away from the story at all.But I have to caution, the ending alone will leave you scrambling to the author's website seeing when book six comes out as it will leave you breathless.

The Lion's Den delivers a story so complex, wild and action packed, I suggest you install speed bumps to slow you down. I can attest that you may be up late reading this just to see what happens next. Ms. Simmons is a talented author who is going places. I anticipate seeing her work right along side Sherrilyn Kenyon and L. A. Banks one of these days. If you enjoy a high octane paranormal/urban fantasy adventure, then I highly recommend Ms. Simmons Knights of the Darkness Chronicles.

My Rating for The Lion's Den is: 5 Stars

Books in the Knights of the Darkness Chronicles Series are:

1) Desires Unleahed
2) The Guilty Innocent
3) Royal Flush
4) Hostile Territory

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