Saturday, March 20, 2010

Meet "New to Me" Author Kiki Howell

Excerpt From A Questionable Hero Available Now at
A divine proclivity to perceive imminent danger made Shaebiel turn in time to glimpse the glinting silver of a demon’s sword inches from slashing into her flesh. As her body tensed for the pain, a sharp metallic clash rang in her ears followed by the shrill grate of metal against metal. Two long daggers crossed beside her, and moments later a human form was reduced to smoky ash on the blacktop. To her utter confusion and dismay, when she followed the length of the sword that had saved her, it was held by a demon—a devilish being with magnetic silver eyes.
These eyes, lighter than the inky black of most of his kind, bore into hers, searched hers. As an angel warrior gifted with empathic abilities she could feel lust burning over the rush of his more erratic feelings of fear, confusion and shame. It could have been a minute or an hour they stood there, because time seemed to stand still wrapped in the embrace of this man’s stare. Her angel’s sword of light remained down at her side instead of being jabbed into the cavity of his chest to kill him. At the same time, he slowly returned his weapon to his side rather than coming for her. They were opposing sides of the war in a shocked stalemate, entranced by each other, out of sync with the natural order of events.
Before she could figure out a plan of action, a sword of light wielded by another Angel warrior seared through the demon’s hip. His cry cut through the background noise of the fighting, causing her rapid breathing to pause. He grabbed at the burning flesh and his sooty hair fell over his face. Another angel, seeing the demon who had saved her as an obvious threat given his proximity, had come to her rescue as well.  She stood there frozen as if she had never been trained for such a battle.
The attacking angel warrior to her right was still in a duel with his own demon. His one light sword had stopped a metal dagger in mid-air. Metal forged with evil intent could not cut through the light produced by heavenly beings. At the same time, his other sword stabbed a second time at the demon before her. It seared his thigh. His cry was cut off to a mere rush of air as if he had been punched in the stomach. Then, her questionable hero fell between two trash cans adorning the asphalt land. She had to hand it to the other angel for trying to fight two demons at once. The angel warrior’s aim may have been off, but his mission had been successful. He had unknowingly saved her from her savior. The warring emotions of this evil incarnation now at her feet struck her with the impact of a bludgeon.

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