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Excerpt Tour for Phoenix's Ascent by Winter Austin and Enter the Tour Wide Giveaway


Discover the new book by author Winter Austin in Phoenix's Ascent and make sure to enter the tour wide giveaway for a chance to win a $10 Amazon/BN gift card fromthe author. The excerpt tour is sponsored by Goddess Fish Promotions and you can find all the tour stops HERE.

GENRE: Romantic Suspense/Thriller






A maniac developing a fantastical drug wants one more thing to finalize the project—a test subject who fits all the parameters. But that test subject is as elusive as her namesake.


Ex-SAS operative Mitch Edwards has been on the run since the moment he was framed for treason by someone in the British government. But he’s never forgotten the flamboyant and seductive CIA operative with the tongue of a thousand languages. In a bar in Cancun, Mexico, Mitch comes face to face with her once more, and with her comes the full force of her enemies.


Reinstated Hera Force linguist and assassin, Nadia Roth, code named Phoenix, has no memory of Mitch Edwards, or of their affair before her team’s disastrous mission. Her traumatic brain injury is tricky that way. But something about this man sets her on fire and tickles the back of her mind. Her Hera teammates remember him, so why can’t she?


Mitch partners up with Hera, with the sole intent of locating those hell-bent on killing him and all who are associated with him. Yet more is at stake than their lives. A traitor hides among their ranks, one who has been revealing all their secrets to an enemy determined to procure this special drug and Nadia for his scheme.


Hera goes into operation mode, doing what they were created to do, but someone is watching, and the team finds themselves trapped behind enemy lines with no way out.


Will Nadia ever remember the man she once loved, or will they perish with the secret between them?


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“Where are we?”


Nadia eased the huge SUV around the tight corner and pulled into the abandoned lot. She spotted the tiny white box. Easing the beast’s nose under the laser eye activated the door on an old garage. As it rolled up, she drove the SUV forward and inside the garage. She parked as the door came down. Shrouded in the dark, she killed the engine and relaxed.




“Shush, Mitchell. I need to let my brain rest.”


The Ramírez family shifted in the back, the kids having wrung themselves dry of crying hours ago. Nadia had driven all night, taking the longest and most open path she could to get to this old safehouse in Chetumal. They were not far from the Mexico/Belize border. If the old papers were still in the house, she might be able to get the family across the border and to safety. Then she and Mitch would have to figure out their next steps.


“I’m hungry,” Diego whispered.


Nadia deflated. There would be no food in the house. It wasn’t safe for any of them to go out and buy something. She lifted her head from the head rest. She needed to amend that thought. It wasn’t safe for the family, but she could do it.


“Camila, take the kids into the house. There should be beds and blankets.” Nadia exited the SUV, and stretched battered and sore muscles.


Everyone piled out into the tiny garage and Matías led them to the house.


Mitch circled the SUV, blocking Nadia’s escape. “Is this an old CIA safehouse?”


“A really old one, but yes.”


“If they know who you are, wouldn’t you think they’d come looking here?”


“Mitch, they don’t know a damn thing about this place. The CIA quit using it years ago and conveniently forgot about it. So, no, no one is going to come looking for us here.”


“And yet they found you at Ramírez’s home. Explain that one.”


“Maybe it was you and your connection to the family that brought them there. Did you think about that?” She pushed past him.


“Nadia, what are you going to do?”


With a hand on the door frame to steady her wobbly body, she drew in a breath. “I’m getting some money. Then I’m going to go out and find us some food. Once I’m done, I’m going to take a long nap.Then we’ll discuss our options.”


“And if you wake up the other Nadia, then what?”


What did he mean by “the other Nadia?” Better to roll with it.


“Then you explain to her what happened and hope she doesn’t gut you.” To punctuate her answer she rapped the wood as she stepped inside.


Camila and the kids were bunked down in the only room with a bed. Their tragic faces broke a piece of her heart. God, if only this hadn’t happened to them. Nadia tucked her compassion into a corner and slammed a lid on it.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:


Winter Austin perpetually answers the question: “were you born in the winter?” with a

flat “nope,” but believe her, there is a story behind her name.


A lifelong Mid-West gal with strong ties to the agriculture world, Winter grew up

listening to the captivating stories told by relatives around a table or a campfire. As a

published author, she learned her glass half-empty personality makes for a perfect

suspense/thriller writer. Taking her ability to verbally spin a vivid and detailed story,

Winter translated that into writing deadly romantic suspense, mysteries, and thrillers.

When she’s not slaving away at the computer, you can find Winter supporting her

daughter in cattle shows, seeing her three sons off into the wide-wide world, loving

on her fur babies, prodding her teacher husband, and nagging at her flock of hens to

stay in the coop or the dogs will get them.


She is the author of ten novels, with more on the way.


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