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Guest Author Day with Mia Epsilon

Please give a warm welcome to author Mia Epsilon as we chat about their latest release, Let Me Know and more here on the Reading Nook.

How did you start writing Let Me Know?
I wrote a story about women kidnapped from Earth who fall in love with Venus men when I was in the fourth grade. So, a whole lot of years.

Plotter or pantster?
A bit of both really. I painstakingly plot out characters, scenes, chapters, plot line. And then the characters moan, scream, cry, and finagle to go and change everything however they want and make me become a pantster.

What are three things you have on your writing desk?
  1. A cup of coffee, usually gone cold because I’ve forgotten it in the rush to get all the words in my head down on paper before they float off into the universe.
  2. A bottle of water, since I’m supposed to hydrate and once ‘in the mode’ I don’t want to stop, get up and walk ten steps to the kitchen to get more.
  3. A small clay dish decorated with Celtic words given to me by my Father, who loved to weave a good story and inspired me to write the tales in my head. Inside the dish are Tardis earrings given to me by a very dear friend, a ring from a fellow cancer survivor who died last year, and a necklace my now deceased husband gave me on our first anniversary.

Tell us a little about your new release. What character in the book really spoke to you?
I love this story. It’s part of my ‘Weddings by C & C’ series, Book 5 (wow! Already 5!) so there’s several familiar characters readers have met before. It was scheduled to release last year (2018) but the real Pele decide to erupt Mount Kilaeua (a plot line in my ‘fictional’ story) a week before, so I pushed the release back.
It’s set in Hawaii, between two native Islanders. One is quite happy to be ‘stuck’ at home. The other can’t wait to fly off and see the world. What I love most is both the Hero and Heroine are true to who he/she is, know exactly who he/she is and what he/she wants from life, and yet longs to make the other happy. They are more mature, in their late forties. They’ve experienced life and don’t have the bright-eyed innocence of youth.
There’s a flashy red convertible named Elvis which is like my first I-bought-it-myself candy apple red corvette. (I think I definitely just told my age, lol) And a very angry ancient Volcano Goddess determined to punish the mortals for destroying her ‘children’ (her islands).

There’s a bit of me in each one. I’m happiest at home yet I get the urge and longing to fly to Ireland or Paris or Australia. There’s so much out there to see! It’s quite the problem at times. I’m more mature, around the age of my characters (not as old as Pele!), so I tend to see their way of thinking and how they view the world and ‘next generation’.
I also identify with Pele, the Goddess, who hasn’t been very successful at personal relationships (except with her beloved dog) and truly does consider the islands her children.

Finish this sentence: I write because ____...
I can’t NOT write. It’s a calling. It’s in my blood. It screams from my head and haunts my dreams. And I love it.

What is your favorite type of character to write about?
Characters who change and grow. It’s real life. No one should stay the same. Life’s too short to be stuck in a runt and not grow beyond what’s comfortable. One can always be ‘better’ or learn more, do something new. It’s all about more and never giving up that desire. I believe when a person loses that need, that desire, and that longing to grow is when ‘death’ occurs.

What is the sexiest scene you ever wrote?
I have to say the Elvis scene in this book. It’s fast, hard, frantic, hot and damn! It’s everything two people who long denied an attraction finally admit and give in to, and it’s a steamy whirlwind. More I think, because it IS so fast and that makes it so hot.

What is next on your writerly horizon?
A change of scenery with Book 6 of the ‘Weddings’ series. ‘When You Believe’ is set in Anna and Robin’s home, a small town in NC. It’s modeled directly on people from my own small hometown growing up, and the place I live now. There’s this cast of zany characters, all based on someone real life, and all with a story to tell.
At the heart of it, of course, a love story between a woman with roots so deep they reach the core of the earth and a man without family, history, or past. Plus, a stunning secret which will shake every character in the “Weddings’ universe, from Anna and Robin, to Adam and Emily, to especially Christine and Charlie, who have to fight ghosts of the past to help this couple find a future. There are deaths, births, dangers, and certainly, a wedding!

Let Me Know
Weddings by C&C Series Book 5
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It always starts with a woman, doesn't it? Except this time it starts with two women. And Elvis.

I'm Harry-the-Homebody, ultimate geek married to my job. Really, I love two women: my gorgeous Hawaiian Island and my Lyssa. Or I wish she was mine. She travels the world, can't wait to be off on the next adventure. I can't imagine ever leaving. Sure, she loves me. Like she loves her brother, my best friend. Until one hour in Elvis changes everything.

I'm too damned old for this! Wtf? Seriously? I'm Alyssa the Wanderer. Flying is my life! So why am I giving up everything to marry Harry Kanae, a guy I've known forever? Does being pregnant make you lose your mind? Because I can't seem to get enough of him. When did he get so damned sexy? And when can I leave this Island? There's a whole world to see! And can I leave Harry?

I'm through being patient. Or tolerant. Do they believe they control my creations? My children? I am above them all! Mightier and ageless. How dare they consider themselves above me. Let the foolish mortals burn!

Sparks fly hotter than Mount Kilauea's lava when one long-awaited night of passion becomes a full-time commitment. Will these polar opposite life-long buddies discover something more than friendship love? An ancient (and totally pissed) Volcano Goddess Pele and a red convertible called Elvis might just have to assist.


A soft breeze ruffled the paper table cloth. Harry leaned on the base of a palm tree, pretended to listen to Charlie and Adam discuss native flowers. His attention focused on Lyssa.
 Long, tanned legs on full gorgeous display thanks to a short fire red dress. Deep throaty laughter. Her only Lyssa scent. She'd sat across me during dinner. More than once her bare foot brushed my calf, rubbed, slid up, down, up. She swept her glowing black mane over her shoulders, called attention to full, free-me-stroke-me breasts. The glint in those depthless blue eyes dared.
Fuck me, I want her.
This woman ties me in knots. Men fall like proverbial dominoes around her. Even as a small child Lyssa need only bat those long black lashes. As a woman, she’s unforgettable.
I fell for her at age twelve.
Harry sighed and twirled a blade of grass. All my friends are married, engaged, in a committed relationship. I want a wife, family. Expected to continue the Kanae name, being the last. I failed my folks and Grandfather before they died.
He glanced over at his best friend, watched him throw back his head and chuckle. Love changes a man. He’s damned happy while I’m. . .
I’m too damned old for this bullshit. He pushed up his glasses. I best stop mooning over the impossible and find someone else.
Lyssa rose, strolled to the fire pit with a swish of dress and hips. She leaned over to gather a few logs. Harry's mouth went dry. Upper thigh and almost the naked curve of her ass. She wears a thong? Gods, I hope so.
There’s this tiny, red purple, heart shaped birthmark at the curve of her leg right before her sweet ass. I’ve peered at it a hundred times when we all swam or snorkeled. I want to lick it. I want to savor inch by inch.
She returned to her chair beside Christine and crossed those endless legs. Tossed her hair, gazed full at him, and smiled. While her tongue smoothed over full red lips.
She’s fucking aware what her smile does. I’ve no clue whether to fuck the hell out of her or—
"Care for a game?" Harry called out, interrupted his own thoughts.
"Thought you'd never ask." Robin jumped up to tap Adam's shoulder. “Let's play."
Adam snorted. "You want to lose?"
"You’re the loser, rose boy." Robin winked at Charlie. "I'll clear a spot."
"Prepare to be buried." Adam cracked his knuckles. "Got any more beers?"
The wives arrived, gave kisses and encouragement for luck. Jealousy clawed deep within Harry. What is it to possess love and security?
"Poor Harry. All left out." Lyssa bent, kissed him.
She tasted of sweet tea, pineapple, and pure sin. Fuck me blind. I want her.
When she lifted, navy eyes sparkled all female smug into his. "For luck."
That tears it. Harry grabbed her, spun. Ignored her gasp. Pulled her into his lap. His hands drove under thin cotton to find silky skin. He devoured with all the frustration of the last few hours. Years. Give me you. Now. This minute. Tonight. Give, damn it.
Lyssa's surprised squeak became a moan. Her fisted hands clenched his shoulders. Her nails dug deep. He wedged her body between the table and him. She melted, liquid heat. Her mouth opened, sweet surrender.
Holy fucking hell. Harry ripped his lips up, shoved her off. What did I do?
When can I do it again?
Her body swayed as if in typhoon winds. Those twinkling eyes glazed. Her pretty breasts jerked as she panted.
"Thanks. I'm sure I'll win." With inhuman effort Harry pushed his glasses straight, cleared his throat. Thank God for the picnic table. Otherwise I'd never hide this raging hard on.
“No women allowed while the card sharks swim.” Harry took the pile from the center of the table, shuffled. "Gentlemen. Aces high and wild?"
“Yeah. Sure.” Robin whistled. "Wow."
“You need something?” Harry gazed up at Lyssa. Say you want me. Let me fucking hear it from your sweet lips.
Her eyes cleared, narrowed. "You aren't the one to give it to me." She flounced inside the house.
Harry grinned and dealt the cards. "Anty up. Lady Luck is mine tonight."

About the Author and Where to Find them Online:

Writing is a passion. Reading is a bigger one. When I’m MIA or can't be found, search a cozy nook, a quiet green garden hideaway, or a closet lit by flashlight to find me. When the Zombie Apocalypse rages, I’m holing up at Barnes and Noble. Everything I need is there: coffee, scones, comfy chairs, and most of all, lots and lots of books.

I’m hopeless, helplessly, addicted to coffee and chocolate. I haunt a local shop, The Chocolate Fetish. I’ve been known to share, grudgingly, with a new book boyfriend. If the Tardis ever appears, and I have great faith one day it will, I’ve plenty of jammy dodgers and tea.

"We're all stories so make yours a good one."

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