Thursday, June 28, 2018


 A: I am soooo excited!

Z: You found a new candy store?

A: Well, as a matter-of-fact...but is sweet but not about candy.  We are about to interview Ute Carbone, author of -THE P-TOWN QUEEN coming out this June from Champagne Books.

Z:  I hear the book is a humorous hoot!
A:  It isn't even out and I already have it on me TBR pile!
Z:  (Offers a gentlemanly bow as Ute enters)
A:  (Presents coffee, tea and, of course, chocolate)
A/Z:  Welcome to CBG's blog, Ute! We are tickled to have you here, and can't wait to discuss your upcoming release.  Sooo, let's begin!
Thanks for having me. And bringing chocolate. I love chocolate!
A/Z:  Who do you like to write about best, your heroes/she-roes or your villains? 
I think I like the heroes best. I always fall in love with them just a little bit.
A/Z:   Which of the following universes would the characters fit into better, Twilight Zone, SpongeBob Square Pants, or the Big Bang Theory and why? 
Well, the heroine is an oceanographer, so I could see an underwater Sponge Bob version. But I’d have to say Big Bang. It’s one of my favorite shows and the guys are scientists. They are a bit geekier than main character Nikki. I started out making her a geek, but as she took over (she likes to take over) it turned out she wasn’t really very geeky at all. And things blow up in the book. A lot. So there’s lots of big bangs.
A/Z:  If Hollywood made a movie about you, who would you like to see playing the lead role?  Is your answered based on looks or personality?
 Scarlett Johansson. She looks just like me! *Grins and grabs another piece of chocolate.* Okay, maybe not. Maybe Angelina Jolie. Because…She’s Angelina and the movie would be a box office smash.
A/Z:  If you were a superhero, what would be your name and superpower?
Stiletto.  She’s got six inch heels and she knows how to use them.  She’s my alter ego: my real life self falls off any heel higher than an inch.
A/Z:  What is the inspiration behind THE P-TOWN QUEEN? 
Like most stories I write, P-Town was a bunch of ideas come together to have a party (or a funeral in some cases J ) I began with an idea of guy running from trouble. He applies for a job he’s not at all qualified for and calls himself “Parker Bench” because he’s homeless and was recently sitting on a park bench. I knew the person with the job offer would be a woman, because I wanted a romance.  I had recently been to the cape, in Provincetown, and wanted to set a story there. So I made her an oceanographer because it’s a field I’ve long been interested in and also because it’s something Parker (and me) knew nothing about. Then I saw a greeting card with a very gay looking man posing in front of a boat called “The P-Town Queen” and I knew I had the missing ingredient!  
A/Z:  How would you describe your book to a four year old?
A boy and a girl meet in a little town. Lots of things go boom!
A/Z :  If one of your characters could come to life and live next door to you, which one would it be and why? 
Next door? They’re moving in? Oh dear God, I better hide the good china. Actually, they don’t have to move in next door. They live in my house. They disturb me at the most inappropriate times. Always demanding I give them a better story line, or stop causing them trouble. Yada yada yada. They are so annoying! But I love them anyway. As Marco Parker  would say, whadya gonna do?
A/Z :  What is your favorite drink and /or snack when writing?
I’m a coffee addict and I consume gallons while I write. Chocolate is a great reward for finishing a scene or a chapter. And wine, but not while writing. Wine writing looks great whilst being written but just dreadful on the morning after.
A/Z :  Would you like to add anything?
Just thanks for having me! And thanks for the chocolate!

A/Z :  Thank you so much for indulging us, Ute.  It has been a blast, and we look forward to the release of THE P-TOWN QUEEN.
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