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"Are you ready?" Tattle inquires as she enters the office, preening prettily in her Easter finery.

"For the Easter Champagne Books Hunt?" Wrye grabs his cane and top hat.

"Better than a hunt for eggs."

 The dashing duo immediately dive into their Love of Literature Leap."

 STORM CHILD by K. M. Tolan - A sci-fi fantasy Novel

Wrye peers into the story, grinning as he plops into a red velvet train seat.  "Whoo hoo, trains are where it's at, and this book is the place to read." He clears his throats and revelas, "Red rides the living rails in Hobohemia with her trusted friend, Glory.  Is she an elderly hobo, a deranged eccentric, a bombastic traveler or a weary sales person?  Nooooo. Red is a steam child, a whisper of smoke, a puff of fog, a swirling mist, who only on a whim will nearly solidifie. Her red stockings being the first thing that immediately catches the attention of all.  Red and those like her keep the living rails alive, fueling locomotives with their energy.  

Tattle adjusts her bonnet and winks at the steam child rushing past her train window. "Red was once a mortal child, whose severely ill mother sent her to an orphanage." Pouting and patting tear-filled eyes, she continues. "Rage suppresses the raw pain of what she believed a betrayal. While physically being transported with other orphans on a train, Red fled the orphans' heartless and cruel keepers.  She soon became one of the living spirit children under the protection and tutelage of Midtown, her steam mother."  

"Red's young little life had held too much pain, and rather than experiencing the fun-seeking joy of most steam children, fury roils within Red, altering what should have been a carefree existence." Wrye sighs at the injustice of it all. "She persuades Glory to accompany her on a quest to find a bell, made from what was left of a famous trumpet player's (Satchmo) horn. Flapjack told her the story of how the bell rings such a beautiful chime it makes all the bad things go away. Red so wants all her troubles to flee, and sets off to find that bell." 

"Along the way, Red and Glory meet an menagerie of unique characters. Some good... some oooohhh evil... some... well, just strange.  A few try to help, but regarrrrdless, they all seem to provoke either challenges or hindrances. To complicate everything..." Tattle offers a heavenly eye roll. "...a Gypsy blessing, that seems more the curse, empowers Red to a tumultuous degree. As she continues to seek the bell, her very existence is held in the balance."  

Tipping his top hand back off his forehead, Wrye, praises K. M. Tolan. "Tolan wrote another winner! He has recreated the universe of TRACKS in a unique and wonderful way. The land of Hobohemia is captivating and intriguing. You find yourself being seeped in the uniqueness of the land. Each character is memorable and there is a layering of personality that makes them all memorable. Yoweeee! I read TRACKS more than once, and I know I'll be reading STORM CHILD yet again."  

"The energy of the story hits full force from page one." Tattle jumps up with enthusiasm as if to demonstrate her wording. "Tolan has written a fascinating, complex and delightfully magical tale. I adore the connection between the characters and they way they interact.  They are well-rounded and dynamic. The world building is incredibly awesome. The writing, as usual, was smooth, clean and laced with action. The plot flowed with just enough complications to keep the pages turning.  It is definitely worth not just one read, but as Wrye said, at least two. Get it! Own it! Enjoy it!" 

Hope you took pleasure in this month’s review. 

Happy Spring!

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash

of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

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