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What books I am looking forward to in 2018

A new year has dawned upon us and I, for one, am eager to see what books are coming out in 2018 to enjoy. Now mind you these 10 picks are not all of my picks just ones I am super excited about. In the comments, let meknow which ones you are looking forward to and younever know, I might gift you a kindle copy if the cards are played right. :-)

Now onto my top 10 books I am eager to check out:

10: JD Robb' Dark In Death
Release date: January 30th, 2018
St. Martin's Press

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Lieutenant Eve Dallas returns in Dark in Death, by J.D. Robb, the #1 New York Times bestselling master of suspense, and takes on a case of death imitating art…

All I can say is this series has gotten sooooo good and frankly with it being #46 in the series, I would expect it to become tired and cliched, but it hasn't which makes this reader so ecstatic.

9: Amanda Bouchet's Heart On Fire
Book 3 in Kingmaker Chrinicles
Release date: January 2nd, 2018
Sourcebook Casablanca

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One of Entertainment Weekly's 27 Female Authors Who Rule Sci-Fi and Fantasy Right Now and the riveting conclusion to the Kingmaker Chronicles!
Without Griffin—and apparently a few meddling Gods—to push me along, I'd still be telling fortunes at the circus, lying about my past, ignoring my future, and living as far away from my tyrant mother as humanly possible.
True understanding thuds into place. Hope isn't just an abstract concept; it's me. Flesh and blood me. Griffin knew it all along. Probably everyone did. I'm an idea in human form.
I have the power of the Gods at my fingertips.
The only thing ever stopping me has been me.

I have been waiting it seems like forever for the final book in the trilogy and I can not wait to delve back into this fascinating world the author created, filled with captivating characters and more. 

8: Catherine Coulter and JT Ellison's The Sixth Day
A Brit in the FBI Series Book 5
Release date: April 10th, 2018

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Special agents Nicholas Drummond and Michaela Caine take on a ruthless mastermind in the fifth highly anticipated thriller in the New York Times bestselling A Brit in the FBI series.

When several major political figures die mysteriously, officials declare the deaths are from natural causes. Then the German Vice-Chancellor dies on the steps of 10 Downing Street, and a drone is spotted hovering over the scene. The truth becomes clear—these high-profile deaths are well-constructed assassinations, and the Covert Eyes team is tasked to investigate.

With the help of Dr. Isabella Marin, a young expert in the enigmatic Voynich Manuscript and cryptophasia (twin language), Nicholas and Michaela home in on Roman Ardelean, a wealthy cybersecurity genius and a descendant of fifteenth century Romanian Vlad the Impaler—often romanticized as Dracula. Ardelean believes the Voynich Manuscript will unlock the secret to curing his severely ill twin brother’s blood disorder and is willing to murder anyone who gets in his way, including Nicholas and Michaela.

Along with MI5, the Covert Eyes team must race against the clock to find Ardelean before he unleashes a devastating attack on London intended to destroy those he believes betrayed him.

I absolutely adore this series. It has wit, mystery, action and some of the best damn writing imaginable. 

7: Allison Brennan's Breaking Point
Lucky Kincaid Sereis 
Release date: January 30th, 2018

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Bella Caruso survived a nightmare of abuse and betrayal. Today, she has dedicated her life to saving other young women from the hell that almost killed her—first as an officer of the law, then by stepping outside the law and into the darkness where true evil dwells. Now, it appears that the darkness has taken her once again.
JT Caruso often worries about his sister, given her line of work. This time, when he learns that Bella is working undercover to find a missing girl involved in a dangerous prostitution ring, JT asks FBI Special Agent Lucy Kincaid for help.
Even with Lucy’s extensive experience in running down human traffickers, finding Bella will not be easy. Not only because she is in too deep. But because Bella, who will not rest until she saves the girl, doesn’t want to be found…

With this series, it only gets better. Intriguing and complex cases, characters that continue to grow and evolve and a writer that is one heck of a storyteller. 
6: Marie Force's Fatal Chaos
Fatal Series 
Release date: February 27th, 2018

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First the calm. Then the storm…

Escaping DC during the dog days of summer is one of the smartest moves Washington metro police lieutenant Samantha Holland ever made. Beach walks aren’t quite as romantic with the Secret Service in tow, but Sam and her husband, Vice President Nick Cappuano, cherish the chance to recharge and reconnect—especially with a scandal swirling around the administration.

No sooner are they back home than a fatal drive-by shooting sets the city on edge. The teenage victim is barely older than Sam and Nick’s son, Scotty. As more deaths follow, Sam and her team play beat the clock to stop the ruthless killers. With Nick facing his greatest challenge—one that could drastically change all their lives and even end Sam’s career—will the mounting pressure deepen or damage their bond?

The story in Fatal Threat continues int his explosive continuation in Fatal Chaos and I am so eager to see where this tour de force author goes with one of my favorite couples of all time, Sam and Nick. I am counting down the days till I get my pre-ordered copy from Amazon.

5: Cottage By The Sea by Debbie Macomber
Release date: July 17th, 2018

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A seaside town and its eclectic community help one young woman reclaim the light after darkness in a brand-new novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber.

Annie Marlow has been through the worst. Rocked by tragedy , she heads to the one place that makes her happy: Oceanside in the Pacific Northwest, the destination of many family vacations when Annie was a teenager.
Once there, Annie begins to restore her broken spirit, thanks, in part, to the folks she meets: a local painter, Keaton, whose large frame is equal to his big heart—and who helps Annie fix up her rental cottage by the sea; Mellie, the reclusive, prickly landlord Annie is determined to befriend; and Britt, a teenager with a terrible secret. But it is Keaton to whom Annie feels most drawn. His quiet, peaceful nature offers her both comfort and reprieve from her grief, and the two begin to grow closer.

Then events threaten to undo the idyll Annie has longed for. And when the opportunity of a lifetime lands in her lap, she is torn between the excitement of a new journey toward success and the safe and secure arms of the haven—and the man—she’s come to call home.

In this heartwarming tale, Annie finds that the surest way to fix what is damaged within is to help others rise above their pain and find a way to heal.

This is an author I go to whenever I need a pick me up or something that doesn't include murder,sex and more. Its all about the characters and their stories. 

4: Lake Silence by Anne Bishop
World of the Others
Release Date: March 7th, 2018

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In this thrilling and suspenseful fantasy set in the world of the New York Timesbestselling Others series, an inn owner and her shape-shifting lodger find themselves enmeshed in danger and dark secrets.

Human laws do not apply in the territory controlled by the Others--vampires, shape-shifters, and even deadlier paranormal beings. And this is a fact that humans should never, ever forget....

After her divorce, Vicki DeVine took over a rustic resort near Lake Silence, in a human town that is not human controlled. Towns such as Vicki's don't have any distance from the Others, the dominant predators who rule most of the land and all of the water throughout the world. And when a place has no boundaries, you never really know what is out there watching you.

Vicki was hoping to find a new career and a new life. But when her lodger, Aggie Crowe--one of the shape-shifting Others--discovers a murdered man, Vicki finds trouble instead. The detectives want to pin the death on her, despite the evidence that nothing human could have killed the victim. As Vicki and her friends search for answers, ancient forces are roused by the disturbance in their domain. They have rules that must not be broken--and all the destructive powers of nature at their command.

I fell in love with Meg, Simon and the other characters in this intriguing new series from Anne Bishop and can not wait to see where she expands this fascinating world she created. 

3: The Silver Stag by Yasmine Galenorn
Book 1 in The Wild Hunt
Release date: March 5th, 2018

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Ember Kearney was born with the mark of the Silver Stag. A water witch pledged to Morgana, she is recruited for Herne's squad of elite bounty hunters to preserve the balance between the Fae Courts, so the chaos doesn't spill out into the mortal realm.

I absolutely adore this author's books and anything she puts out I auto-buy. This is her new series she is kicking off and I am so eager to see what its all about. 

2: Knight Magic by Yasmine Galenorn
An Otherworld Novella
Release date: January 23rd, 2018

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Camille journeys to Otherworld on a quest to find the last member of the Keraastar Knights. There, she must face one of the ancient Fae Lords who stands between her and the key to fulfilling her destiny. And there, she also discovers that her past has come full circle to meet her future.

This series was the first I read of this author and I just fell in love with the author's writing, her world building and characters. The Otherworld series is a definite auto buy for me and I try to get all of them in print when available to go with the whole collection I have for the series. If you enjoy fae, shifters, good vs evil, sexy heroes and heroines who kick ass then this is the series for you!

And Number One is......

The Last Wolf by Maria Vale
The Legend of All Wolves Book 1
Release Date: February 6th, 2018

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For three days out of thirty, when the moon is full and her law is iron, the Great North Pack must be wild.
If she returns to her Pack, the stranger will die.
But if she stays…
Silver Nilsdottir is at the bottom of her Pack's social order, with little chance for a decent mate and a better life. Until the day a stranger stumbles into their territory, wounded and beaten, and Silver decides to risk everything on Tiberius Leveraux. But Tiberius isn't all he seems, and in the fragile balance of the Pack and wild, he may tip the destiny of all wolves…
The Legend of All Wolves series:The Last Wolf (Book 1)
A Wolf Apart (Book 2)

A new take on wolf shifters that sounds just so different and unique. Looking forward to seeing just where the author goes with this one.


So there it is, some of my top books I am looking forward to int his new year. If you have any you want to mention, please do so. I love finding more books to add to my TBR list. :-) 

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I share your same views on Yasmine Galenorn’s Books. And I preordered The Last Wolf

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